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CONTENT OF NUMBER № 3 (106) 2017

E.L. Morozova:
Space and the law

Interview with Head of International and Legal Service of the INTERSPUTNIK International Organization of Space Communications Morozova Elina Leonidovna

Mehdiev E.T.,Sodikov Sh.D.

Perspective of the development of a comprehensive Eurasian partnership
Nutsalhanov G.N.
On the question of nuclear tests and environmental safety of the states of Central Asia within the framework of the zone status free of nuclear weapons
Tumanyan A.E.
Defining the applicable law by the Court of the EAEU:questions of limits of judicial discretion

Ponomareva D.V.

The European court of justice and the European atomic energy Agency
Lazutin L.A.
Institute of confidence building measures in conference on interaction and confidence-building measures in Asia (CICA) acts
Silantyeva N.A.
To the question about the system of international and national institutions for promotion and protection of the rights of indigenous peoples of the north
Shmakov R.V.
The features of legal support and legal regulation of the activity of integration type international organizations

Stepanyan M.L.

General characteristics and activities of the Institute of Financial Commissioner in foreign legal systems and the perspectives for its use in the Russian Federation
Shlyakhtin I.S.
Consumer protection from unfair contract terms: the approach of the European Union
Chernovol K.A.
Economic activity, property as objects of protection by the European Court of human rights

Salygin V.I.,Guliyev I.A.,Mustafinov R.K.

EU program “Horizon 2020” in the context of energy and R & D

Vorobjev P.S.

Reports of the Kyrgyz Republic to the Committee on economic, social and cultural human rights

Gashina N.N.,Ibragimova Z.N.

The appeal of citizens of the Russian Federation to the European Court of Human rights as an practical element of legal culture

Ryabchenko O.N.

On the question of competent investigations of crimes against the order of management in the CIS countries

Abakarov A.A.

Theoretical-legal bases of fight against organized crime
Aznagulova G.M.
Issues of the correlation of legal ideology and legal psychology in the legal system
Minyasheva G.I.
Stage of enforcement
Davydova A.V.,Protopopova T.V.,Orlova S.V.
Some legal aspects in comparative law as a method of studying the theory of law and state
Yagiyaev S.L.
Legal progress: positive examples of innovations in the russian law
Ponkina E.S.,Andreeva L.M.
Urgent aspects of public-private partnership and its main forms in the sphere of culture
Tovmasyan H.V.,Poghosyan V.G.
Does semi-presidential form of government eliminate the disadvantages of presidential and parliamentartian forms of government?

Aibatov M.M.

Administrative justice and military reform in the North Caucasus in the second half of XIX century
Burukin V.V.,Arkhipov S.V.
Political processes in Russia during 1730-s
Bulgakova L.F.,Sultanov A.Kh.
The First World War and the problems of the postwar system(theory and practice)
Evseev I.V.
The issue of use elected representatives society for performance of police operation in the Ural XVIII-XIX
Kopytova M.V.,Protopopova T.V.,Orlova S.V.
Historical and legal analyzes of fraud
Ryabchenko A.G.
The criminal case and inquisitive-investigation of the acts containing signs of crimes before the publication of the laws of the Russian Empire 1832
Khasanova A.G.,Sharipov A.R.
About some aspects of state-confessional relations in the years of the great patriotic war on materials of the Bashkir ASSR
Ternovaya Yu.E.,Toporin V.S.
The historical analysis of standard regulation of the servitude relations in roman law
Khasanova A.G.,Sharipov A.R.
On some aspects of state-religious relations in the Republic of Bashkortostan in 1990-2005
Andreeva L.M.,Ponkina E.S.
The formation and development of sunday schools: historical and legal aspect

Belgisova K.V.

To the question about the concepts of “nonprofit organization” and “noncommercial activity”
Liseenko V.I.
Driving school as a subject engaged in a process of preparing a traffic
Khalikov I.Kh.
The analysis of the subjective side object of causing property damage by fraud and breach of trust in the illegal use of electric energy

Grigoryan V.S.

Analysis of effectiveness of mergers and acquisitions

Arbuzova S.A.,Azarkhin A.V.

To the question of the legal concept and target setting of entrepreneurial activity
Petrov I.V.,Dementeeva I.I.
Distribution agreement in russian business practice

Zueva Yu.A.,Kurilkina O.A.,Samoilova I.N.

Local government in the national state legal space:theoretical aspects

Golubeva E.R.

The special and criminological factors promoting the organization of illegal migration
Glebova E.V.
The new in «thing» in modern civil law
Evstafjev I.V.,Rodionov L.A.
To the question of civil legal regulation of neighbourly relations
Kurbanov D.A.
Some of the ways and means of consumer protection
Malkerov V.B.
Systematization of the concept of “transaction” in the civil law of the Russian Federation
Mogilevskiy G.A.,Sanin E.P.
Implementation of the principle of procedural economy in proceedings for reimbursement of money spent on the military and trained citizens
Filuschenko L.I.
Legal framework for independent assessment of qualification
Vilenskiy N.M.,Sayfulova L.G.
Legal structure of institute of acquisitive prescription:problems of interpretation and law enforcement

Agamirov K.V.

Right to work: myths and reality

Bystrova Yu. V.

The problem of classifying fraud schemes in the housing sector
Gazizov R. M., Eliseev D. V.
Contractual relations in the field of regional operator overhaul in the formation of the fund major repair
Kudina S. A.
Features of the contract of management of an apartment house
Sizonenko Z. L., Pyatikop V. I.
Problems of antimonopoly regulation in the sphere of housing and communal services in the Republic of Bashkortostan
Bashirina E. N., Firsova N. V.
Recognition of the mortgage contract invalid: controversies of legal practice

Pavlova K. G.

Investment contract and the lease contract of the land plot on investment conditions, as a form of cooperation with public authorities in building industry in St. Petersburg

Rusanov Yu. Yu., Eyubov Z. V., Bekteneva G. S., Mehdiev E. T.

Features of the implementation of projects in the project finance market
Gubarkov E. O.
The issue of contemporary forms of leasing

Shirokov I. V.

Realization of legal status of the crime victim in criminal case, where the pre-judicial cooperation is concluded
Kapitsa T. A., Toporin V. S.
Question of certificates on murder of the mother of a newborn child
Magomedov D. B., Muskhadzhiev Z. A.
Criteria and limits limited sanity
Bakhmetjev A. I.
Problematic issues of the organization of the investigation of the investigating authorities of territorial bodies of the Russian Interior Ministry at district level criminal cases involving the manufacture, storage, transportation or sale of counterfeit money or securities and their solutions
Garifullina R. F.
Some questions of qualification of extortion (Article 163 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation)
Abdullaev M. M.
Powers of the prosecutor in exercising supervision over observance of the law during registration and resolution of reports on crimes and initiation of criminal proceedings
Guseynov M. A.
Mistakes made by the investigator when making the decision about calling in as the accused
Rizaeva D. E.
General characteristics of the circumstances precluding criminality in England and the United States: the concept and appearance

Glukhova E. V., Sergeev A. B.

The european legal standard of conduct search and investigation for proving the guilt of the perpetrator of the crime in comparison with the russian criminal-procedural legislation
Minkova E. A., Gorkina S. A.
Organizational and management factors determining enforced crime in corrective colonies
Оkhlopkova A. S.
Law of criminal procedure of Russia in the conditions of legal globalization
Fatkullina I. N.
Use of special knowledge in criminal proceedings

Asmandiyarova N. R.

The prevention of the narcotization among young people
Zubatiy P. P.
To the question of the concept of a crime of economic orientation
Poziy V. S.
Application of non-verbal interrogation technique as a method of establishing a communicative contact between the investigator (interrogator) and the suspect (accused) at the interrogation (on the results of the social research)
Sarkisyan V. G.
The concept of provocation of a crime and its significance under russian law

Gaynelzyanova V. R.

The problem of calling in of expert in the investigation of crimes
Gadzhialieva N. Sh., Dzhankurov Sh. M.
Some questions to consider cases involving the adoption of a child in a special production
Gareeva E. V., Gabdullin T. R.
The mechanism of road traffic offences committed by drivers in a state of intoxication, in the system of elements of criminalistic characteristics of crimes
Kiselev N. N.
The organisation divisions by divisions of Economic security and combating corruption department of operatively-search measures on struggle against economic crimes in sphere of trade
Davletov A. I.
Some questions of use of special knowledge in the investigation of extremist crimes

Glyanko O. A.

Concerning the structure of the procedural status of the investigating judge in the Russian criminal trial
Belyaev R. V.
Conditions of conclusion of pre-trial cooperation agreement guaranteeing the rights of the accused (based on a review of the jurisprudence of the Moscow region)
Enikeev O. A.
To the question about the possibility of solving problems of enforcement of the Federal law “On jurisdictional immunities of a foreign state and the property of a foreign state in the Russian Federation”
Kusharova M. P.
Judicial reform: trends and prospects
Minasyan G. M.
Judicial practice as the basis of judicial decisions in civil proceedings
Dzhabrailova S. A.
Features of court trial in court by jury

Mikhaleva A. B.

Features of child rights protection abroad
Romanovskaya I. V.
Psychological and personality of modern criminological characteristics of juvenile offenders

Bagavudinov Sh. G.

Confiscation of property in the fight against corruption
Chattaev A. R.
Corruption track of economic crime in the corporate world

Grechin A. V.

The relationship between the concepts of public Prosecutor’s supervision and Prosecutor’s activity on compliance with and enforcement of laws in places of detention of the Federal Penal Servise of the Russia

Ragulin A. V.

Some strategic aspects of participation of the lawyer in criminal cases production about the road accidents
Klimenko R. A.
The role of the lawyer in the mechanism of protection of human rights in civil proceedings

Gontar L. O.

The conception and types of international cyber (information) crime
Kapitsa V. S.
Trends of the growth of drug in the Russian Federation and their consequences
Morozova O. G., Ustrizhitskaya D. O.
International terrorism and legal measures against him
Taova L. Yu.
The exercise of the right of adaptation to peaceful life of persons involved in extremist and terrorist activities
Kharaev A. A.
To some problems of counteraction to extremism in the new constituent entities of the Russian Federation: Republic of Crimea and city of Federal importance Sevastopol

Islamova V. R.

Topical issues of reimbursement of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia for training costs
Zharova V. V.
The question of the interpretation of «extraordinary circumstances»
Kizilov A. P
To the question about the factors contributing to the interaction of operational units of internal Affairs bodies
Koshevets G. V.
The organization of ensuring protection of staff of department of internal affairs and their relatives at emergence of the threats connected with execution of official duties
Milovanov A. V.
To the question about principles of planning of actions of territorial bodies of the MIA of Russia in emergencies
Omarova M. U., Samorukova I. A.
Issues of interaction between the tax authorities and the bodies responsible for internal affairs
Fakhrislamov T. R.
Priority directions of increase of level of general physical preparation of students of the MIA of Russia

Dautova T. A.

Additional education as a factor of expanding the professional competence of a specialist

Nefedov B. I.

Triptych. Human rights: evolution of legal regulation. Part 2: Legal formalization of the standards of human rights and fundamental freedoms

Abramova S. R.

Language policy in national republics the Ural-Volga region at the turn XX- XXI centuries

Romanovskaya L. R., Nazarova N. L., Serua V. S.

The Constitution, ideology, education
Sharafutdinova D. G.
Some aspects of migration policy of the Republic of Bashkortostan

Soloveva I. A., Avdeeva L. A.

Modern problems of market pricing on oil
Bikmetova Z. M.
The formation of the depreciation policy of the enterprises at regional level
Burenina I. V., Zakharov I. M., Nigmatullina, A. N.
Modern problems of evaluation of efficiency of oil and gas projects
Galushkin A. A.
The concept and essence of competitiveness of enterprises in management theory and practice
Kadesnikova O. V., Gareeva Z. A., Ishmuchametova L. V.
Formation of tax registers in the system of tax controlling and accounting
Marchenkova L. M., Samorodova E. M., Kuznetsova L. M.
Legal regulation of leasing activity
Rameev R. A., Yuldasheva O. N.
Application of the method of selection of personnel in state institutions of social sphere on the basis of complex HRScanner
Solovjeva I. A., Avdeeva L. A.
To the question of state regulation of sales prices of oil products in the domestic market of Russia
Khasanov I. I.
Modern directions of regulation of regional employment of the population
Khan K. A.
Legal regulation of relations arising from leases of hazardous production facilities

Utyasheva I. B., Khilazheva G. F., Shamsutdinova N. K.

Demographic trends and policy responses to low fertility in the Republic of Bashkortostan

Galimov B. S., Salikhov G. G., Abrarova Z. F.

Synergetic paradigm of transition from economic to spiritual civilization
Valeeva Z. R., Gluhovtsev V. O., Rassolova I. Yu.
Moral and mental condition of mankind in global process
Bondarenko V. N.
The pitfalls of the ego as a problem of philosophy of psychology
Kuzmina G. P.
At the origin of organicism
Popov V. V., Maksimova S. I.
Social subject in alternatives of social development
Yanguzin A. R.
Aspects of the dynamics of spiritual values
Demchenko P. N.
«Movement – immobility» and «the top – the bottom» as the symbols and semantic oppositions of Maslenitsa rituals
Zharkimbayeva D. B.
Civil rights and gender equality as philosophical problem of human existence
Karamova E. I., Fomin S. M.
Some aspects of the impact of illegal Internet communities on minors
Konopleva A. A.
Impact on development intercultural interaction on anthropological processes
Lyashchenko M. N.
Social determination of loneliness
Matsyna A. I.
Cultural overcoming the dichotomy of life and death:Criticism of Syncretic Models
Lyashchenko M. N.
Loneliness as way of human life
Rugal A. N.
Game and information subject: notes and solutions
Panasenko Yu. A.
Military service as a social phenomenon of public life
Sofienko M. B.
The society and the sovereignty of the individual
Khalikov A. A.
Myths in mass consciousness of citizens Russia
Gavrilova N. G.
Features of the organic worldview
Ilyasov R. A.
Social progress as a value of the liberal model of development and its failure in the conditions of postmodern society
Slock V. I.
Social management and self-realization of personality in the risk society

Korbut L. V.

Review of the meeting of the commission on the legal position of the family on «The right to the family in comments of the general order of the United Nations committee on the rights of the child»

Solntzev A. M., Bondarenko A. V.

Review of the textbook “International integration and integration law” under the general editorship of Ph.D. in Economy, professor V. A. Shamakhov, Ph.D. in Law, professor V. P. Kirilenko, Ph.D. in Law, professor S. Yu. Kashkin, Ph.D. in Law, Ph.D. in Economy, professor Yu. V. Mishalchenko (Spb.: IPTS SSIU – phil. RANEPA. - 880 p.)





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