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SUMMARIES OF ARTICLES № 5 (60) 2013 -1

Shuvanov S.A.
World geopolitics and Eurasian integration
This article deals with the problems and prospects of building a multi-polar world, the role of geopolitical strategies and approaches of the leading subjects of international law. The main feature of the modern world is transitory nature of its geopolitical status. Today the establishment of a global association of states, which have huge resources and capabilities is taking place. This association is based on a grate civilizational, cultural, ideological potential that exceeds the Anglo-Saxon world and is capable to generate a powerful new energy development. The unique experience of the Soviet Union was an invaluable contribution to the development and implementation of a multi-polar and therefore more just and stable world order in the second half of the latest century. Creation of a new integration framework – the Eurasian Union – on the basis of voluntary equal participation will contribute to the successful protection of the interests of the participating countries in cooperation with key countries in the Eurasian space. Russia faces the need for the integration of the Eurasian space arrangement ultimately aimed on creating a multi-polar world.
Keywords: geopolitics, the Eurasian space, multi-polar model, the unipolar world, the Eurasian integration, BRICS, civilizational potential.

Auanasova A.M.
Suleimenov А.М.
Auanasova A.M., Suleimenov
Eurasian integration initiatives of Nursultan Nazarbayev
The article deals with one of the directions of foreign policy of the Republic of Kazakhstan, namely integration processes in the post-Soviet space and Eurasia. With independence Kazakhstan identified basic principles is a multi-vector foreign policy, international security, trust and cooperation. A huge role in the development of Kazakhstan in the world played the credibility of N. Nazarbayev. Development of the Kazakhstan diplomacy resulted in the formation of the image of the country as a reliable and stable partner for which peace and stability is more important than short-term profit.
Keywords: the foreign policy of the Republic of Kazakhstan, N.A. Nazarbayev, Conference on cooperation and measures of trust in Asia, Shanghai organization of collaboration, Customs union, Single economic space, Eurasian Union.
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Ispolinov A.S.
Decision of the Grand Chamber of the Court of the Eurasian Economic Community in the case of Yuzhniy KUZBASS: to what extent justified activism is justified?
The article examines the effects of one of the first judgments made by the Court of the Eurasian
Economic Community in the case of Yuzhniy Kuzbass, the position and reasoning of the Court, as well as lessons which should be taken by all interested parties (private individuals and companies, national courts of the member states of the Eurasian Economic Community and the Court of the Eurasian Economic Community itself).
Keywords: Court of the Eurasian Economic Community, effects of decisions of the Court of the Eurasian Economic Community, Customs Union, judicial activism.
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Kamyshevsky V.I.
Kyrgyzstan and Customs Union of the EURASEC : peculiarities of joining and possible consequences
The article is devoted to the analysis of Kyrgyzstan joining Customs union of the EurAsEC . The author on the bases of systematic analysis of contractual and legal framework of the Customs union and Single Economic space discloses peculiarities of excess of the third parties to the Customs Union, Kyrgyz commitments to WTO in comparison with obligations of the Customs Union. Finally, some problems of Kyrgyzstan's accession to the Customs Union are explored.
Keywords: Kyrgyz Republic, Customs union and Single economic space, attach batch principle of excession, international legal framework of Customs union and Single economic space, commitments made to the WTO, Single customs tariff, Eurasian Economic Commission, Eurasian Economic Union.
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Magomedov M.
Deoffshorization in the Eurasian space, or why not every foreign jurisdiction is equally usefull
The discussion on «deoffshorization» in Russia engenders to some extent instability for business
activities. Nevertheless, foreign jurisdictions are often necessary and even unavoidable. In this context, entrepreneurs are required to scrutinize the operating jurisdiction more accurately than ever. The present article compares Switzerland with Singapore, Hong-Kong and Dubai in the light of the following criteria: political regime, legal system, exchange of tax data and international pressure on the jurisdiction.
Key words: deoffshorization, Switzerland, Singapore, Hong-Kong, Dubai, foreign Jurisdictions.
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Novikov O.A.
Is the Eurasian Union the past or future of the «Russian World»?
The article examines the prospects of an emerging integration entity in post-Soviet space – the Eurasian Union. The focus is made on the value foundation of the future union of states. A characteristic of the political formula of S.S. Uvarov: «orthodoxy, autocracy, nationality» is given. The relationship between the ideas of human rights and moral responsibility is analyzed.
Keywords: Eurasian Union, values, idea, religion, orthodoxy, Russia, the state, the ideal, power, ideology, the constants.
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Kopylov M.N.

Merkulova K.A.
Kopylov M.N., Merkulova K.A.
On the anniversary of the 1973 Washington Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora
The article deals with the least known for russian readers provisions of the Washington Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora, which in 2013 became 40 years old. In particular, provisions of the Convention relating to the issuance of permits and licenses, as well as the security of documents are disclosed. Specific examples of the implementation of the requirements of the Washington Convention into national law are taken from the practice of the ASEAN , where the Center for Biodiversity operates and a network of law enforcement agencies of ASEAN Member States to protect wildlife (ASEN -WEN ) is established.
Key words: CITES, license, permit, international trade, endangered species, ASEAN , ASEAN -WEN , biodiversity.
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Solntsev A.M.

Samake A.
Solntsev A.M., Samake A.
Contribution of interregional and subregional international organizations for protection of women's rights in Africa
UN and African Union are actively engaged in combating violations of the rights of women in Africa. Different subregional mechanisms of women’s rights protection are acting today: SADC,
ECO WAS, UEMOA , EAC , and in the north of Africa interregional organizations also have much importance (OIC and the Arab League). The article concludes that the activities of these international organizations, on the one hand, makes a significant contribution to the protection and promotion the rights of women in Africa, but, on the other hand, there is a lack of uniformity in approaches to the protection of the rights of women in the different subregions of Africa.
Keywords: international law, human rights, the African system of human rights protection, regionalism, subregional organizations, interregional organizations, OIC, LA S, SADC , ECO WAS, WAE MU, EAC .
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Golubev V.V.
Regional integration courts in Africa: issues of jurisdiction
Over the past few decades regional integration within Africa has achieved some remarkable results. One of the key factors that influenced the sustainable and effective development of integration processes is a practical work of the regional courts. The current article deals with general issues of functioning and jurisdiction of the courts of different integration communities.
Keywords: Africa, CO MESA, ECO WAS, EAC , court, regional integration, integration communities.
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Volovik O.A.
Economic activities as the economic-legal phenomenon: from doctrinalism to realism
In the article the relation of the legal doctrine to base economic-legal concepts «economic activities» and «business» is considered. The isolation of ideal legalized canons from an actual economic essence of the given phenomena is established, which strengthens positions of doctrinalism (legism) in jurisprudence. The strengthening of realistic (externally, interdisciplinary) approaches in a legal science is suggested.
Keywords: economic activities, business, doctrinalism, realism.
Kurbatova Ya.M.
Legal economic responsibility and its specifics in the Ukrainian railway freight legislation
In this article the analysis of one of the types of legal responsibility (the form of state-compulsory influence on lawbreakers) – economic- legal responsibility of participants of cargoes transportation process by railway of Ukraine is given. The legislative consolidation of economic and legal responsibility was made in 2004 in the economic Code of Ukraine. The purpose of this work is to research the economic-legal responsibility from the point of view of harmonization of private-law and public measures of influence on lawbreakers. To our mind, in the market of railway services economic-legal responsibility is the most effective as a preventive measure, as well as punishment function. During the reform of the railway transport of Ukraine the principles and bases of economic and legal responsibility need to be improved essentially: firstly, because of narrow departmental character of legal rules, which do not correspond to the market relations, secondly, because of appearance of a new participant of transportation process – the owner of infrastructure and the delimitation procedure in system of a railway transportation of natural-monopolistic and competitive sectors; thirdly, because of necessity to review norms of railway legislation of Ukraine from the point of view to form the market competitive environment on the contractual basis, without application of a principle of limited liability of a carrier for the purpose of performance of one of the main tasks of structural reforming of a railway transport – development of legal base for improvement of quality of cargo transportation.
Keywords: legal economic responsibility, railway transport, rail freight legislation.
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The article deals with the possibility of the use in economic process in Ukraine of the experience
of cases by summary procedure under the arbitration Procedural Code of the Russian federation.
The way in which the application is simplification and characterization of the categories of economic disputes, which should be viewed in a summary procedure are examined. Proposals how to optimize the order of summary proceedings are made.
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Conditions of adoption in the Ukraine: the modern status of legal regulation
The article deals with the established by operating family legislation of Ukraine conditions compliance with which is necessary for realization of the legal act of adoption.
Keywords: terms of adoption, adoption, usynovitel'.
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The article deals with the problem questions of application to the parents evading from performance assigned on them by the law of duties on education and progress of the child, a measure of the responsibility in the form of deprivation of the parental rights. The author proposes a number of suggestions on perfection of the active legislation establishing the responsibility of parents for default or inadequate performance of the parental obligations.
Keywords: responsibility of parents, privation of paternal rights.
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