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SUMMARIES OF ARTICLES № 1 (68) 2014 -1

Musin M.M.
The «Arab spring» and Russia
In present article the author examines the origins, course, and the possible consequences of global political developments in a number of countries in the Middle East in 2011–2013 that received generic name «Arab Spring». Particular attention is drawn to the events taking place at a specified time in two countries – Libya and Syria.
Key words: Middle East, revolution, Syria, Libya, the Arabs, Islam, politics, religion, conflict.


Tyrtyshny A.A.

Muslov B.V.

Pomazkova S.I.
Tyrtyshny A.A., Muslov B.V., Pomazkova S.I.
Integration of medical and juridical professional societies as collateral protection of patients’ rights in national legal systems of EurAsEC countries
In the article the integrative analysis of the interaction of post-Soviet area is carried out, new forms of cooperation in the health care in the countries of EurAsEC are considered, new directions of cooperation in protection of patients’ and health care workers’ rights are proposed.
Key words: integration processes, forms of cooperation in the health care, harmonization and unification of law in the countries – former Soviet republics, legal bases of protection of patient and doctor.
Bekyashev K.A.
Globalism and international law
The article touches upon definition of «globalism» and «supremacy» on International Law in international relations. Characters of supremacy of International Law are also stated. A number of new issues of International Law, generated by globalism, are considered: international defense of human rights, responsibility to protect, international legal prohibition of cyberattacks, conception of imminent armed attacks etc.
Key words: globalism, law of rule, international law, new problems of international law.
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Dzhantaev Kh.M.
Towards the question of imaginary equality of the statuses of multinational corporation and NGO in international law
In this article the author on the basis of the analysis of practical activities of NGO and multinational corporation comes to a valid conclusion that attempts of certain lawyers to rank multinational corporations as subjects of international law (as «actors of the international relations»), pulling together them with NGO as non-state actors of this right, have no basіs, it is an artificial problem. Multinational corporation is the subject of the international private law, a main objective of its establishment is profit and excess profit extraction.
Key words: non-governmental organizations, multinational corporations, international right subjectivity, Charter of the UN, EKOSOS, DOI of the Secretariat of the UN.

Vorobyev D.V.
Solntsev A.M., Vorobyev D.V.
Indigenous peoples rights’ protection in African regional system of human rights protection
Destroying of the indigenous structure of people’s society demonstrates a significant threat for contemporary variety of cultures existed today, especially on African continent as a home for more than several thousands of various nationalities and peoples. During the ages indigenous peoples were suffered from forced displacement, dispossession of their lands, discrimination or simply annihilated. Nowadays many of surviving peoples would like to preserve their unique culture, ethnical identity and control under their ancestral lands or at least the part of it. Contemporary international law and existing mechanisms within the framework of African system of human rights protection based on it help to achieve this goal in many respects.
Key words: human rights, indigenous peoples rights, mechanisms of indigenous peoples rights protection, African Charter of Human and Peoples Rights, African Commission on Human and Peoples
Rights, African Court on Human and Peoples Rights.
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Tarasevich N.P.
Trade secret protection in intergovernmental integration associations
In this article the expediency of the complex legal regulation of the trade secret protection in intergovernmental integration associations is grounded, and the solution algorithm is also proposed.
Key words: intergovernmental integration associations, international treaties, trade secret, data list, supranational legislation act.

Bikmametova R.R.
Overview of general exceptions on international trade of goods set out in GATT/WTO
This article is dealing with the following issues: overview of general exceptions on international trade under the provisions of General Exceptions of The General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT), pursuant to Article XX of the GATT; and problems of invoking the provision of General exceptions in practice.
Key words: WTO, article XX GATT, general exceptions on trade of goods, General Exception.
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Oziumenko M.V.
Markets in financial instruments directive (MiFID) reform and its impact on EU financial markets
This article describes current EU regulatory reform concerning financial instruments trading and financial firm’s activities. Main trend of ongoing reforms is strengthening transparency of operations with financial instruments and investors protection. Major document implementing new rules is revised Markets in Financial Instruments Directive and proposed by European Commission in 2011 and implementing it Markets in Financial Instruments Regulation. Together, both legal instruments should form the legal framework governing the requirements applicable to investment firms, regulated markets, data reporting services providers and third country firms providing investment services or activities in the Union.
Key words: financial market, European Union, investment firm, investment service, reporting, regulatory reform.
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Shabanov H.M., Aliyev A.R.
Features of constitutional and legal status of the CIS parliaments
The article analysis the constitutional and legal status and competence of the CIS parliaments, as
well as addresses issues of integration.
Key words: parliamentarism, the constitutional and legal status, competence, CIS Interparliamentary Assembly.
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Zavalnuk V.V.
Anthropocentric law understanding: the realities of modern Ukrainian law
The article explains the current state of Ukrainian jurisprudence through the prism of anthropological approach. The author argues that the current stage of development of the Ukrainian legal system is marked by the dramatic changes under the influence of the institutionalization of civil society in Ukraine, the structure of which requires new principles of interaction between man and the state. Change of ideology has led to the need for the national legal culture of new values and ideals, which cause a reform of domestic legislation. In this regard, the role of legal anthropology, through which anthropological understanding of the essence of law becomes possible, is growing. After all, according to the anthropological principle, it is man who is the source of development of rights. Inability to study law separate from the person, the need to «humanize» the legal system determine the causes of the anthropological turn in science, jurisprudence, law enforcement. Increasingly the questions are raised about the legal entity and the nature of the «legal person», the origins of legal concepts in human mind. Relevance of the topic of the article is determined by the fact that the domestic legal science is in the process of «law anthropologization», that is the return of the law to his true democratic foundations, humanization of legal ways of resolving social conflicts.
Key words: legal anthropology, law, jurisprudence, anthropocentric principle.
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Tretyakov K.V.
Qualification of several crimes in U.S. criminal law
In the article U.S. criminal legislation is investigated for the purpose of detection of features of several crimes qualification, and also the comparative analysis is carried out taking into account provisions of the Russian criminal law.
Key words: criminal law of the USA, felony, misdemeanor, lesser offenses, included offenses, merger doctrine, plurality of crimes, the competition of norms.
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Zhang Jue
Problems of participation of the prosecution in civil proceedings in the People's Republic of China
In accordance with the laws of the PRC in the case of actions causing harm to the public interest,
prosecution authorities have the right to sue in court. In China Civil Procedure Code clear indications on the prosecutor’s participation in the proceedings are not given. A large number of trials, brought in action by prosecutors in practice, cause lively debate.
Key words: bodies of prosecutor’s supervision, civil litigation, public interest.
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Kresin A.V.
The participation of Ukrainian and other Eastern European scientists in the activities of International academy of comparative law (towards the 90th anniversary of IACL)
The article reviews the principles of organizational structure and activities of the International Academy of Comparative Law. The circumstances of involvement to the activities of IACL of scientists from European socialist countries and the Soviet Union that became the factor of transformation of theoretical and methodological foundations of Marxist and Western comparative jurisprudence are analyzed. The features of participation of Ukrainian scientists in the IACL activities in terms of non-sovereign and modern independent development of Ukraine are highlighted. Biographies of several little-known Ukrainian legal scientists are reconstructed and put into scientific circulation.
Key words: science institutionalization, institutionalization of comparative jurisprudence, history of science.
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Wystorobets E.A.

Khassenova M.N.
Wystorobets E.A., Khassenova M.N.
Interecolaw and neo-legislation
This article is an expanded version of the co-authors’ report on the environmental law section «Constitutional Rights in the Field of Environmental Management and Protection: Problems of Realization and Protection», being held in the building of the Faculty of Law of the M.V. Lomonosov Moscow State University on the 28th of November 2013 at the joint every-year International scientific and practical conference of the Faculty of Law of the M.V. Lomonosov Moscow State University and Kutafin readings of the O.E. Kutafin Moscow State Law University (MSLA) in the framework of the IIIrd Moscow Week of Law of the Association of Lawyers of Russia.
Key words: interecolaw, neolegislation, complex legal institute of public relations ecologisation (greening), England, Japan, Republic of Korea, the Kyoto Protocol.
Work bibliographic list
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