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SUMMARIES OF ARTICLES № 7 (86) 2015 - 8

Zhuravlenko N. I.
Mikhailova Ya. S.
Zhuravlenko N. I., Mikhailova Ya. S.
Methods of constructing hypotheses in the exercise of investigative forecasting of economic crimes
The relevance of the chosen study area is urgent necessity to resolve the problem of maintaining
a sufficient degree of economic security of business entities. One of the main problems in the field of economic security is the search for methods of identification, prevention and investigation of economic crimes. This problem manifests itself the most urgently in the implementation of operative-search activity in the sphere of fight against economic crimes. Well-built hypothesis in the exercise of investigative predict may faithfully reflect modern criminal schemes, and timely detect and prevent the execution of economic crimes.
Keywords: operational search forecasting, economic crimes.
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Pravovoe, tehnicheskoe i analiticheskoe obespechenie operativno-rozysknoj dejatel'nosti po bor'be s korrupcionnymi prestuplenijami: monografija. V 4 t. T.4. Analiticheskoe obespechenie operativno-rozysknoj dejatel'nosti. / Daukaev I. M., Zhuravlenko N. I.,
5.Halikov A. N., Jakovec E. N. – Ufa: RIC BashGU, 2013. – 490 s.

Lavrenuk N. M.
Education resources as a basis for the development of potential of the Republic of Bashkortostan population
The article examines the current state of education in the region, analyzes the dynamics of its resources by types in comparison with 2005. Characteriitic is given to the placement of tangible, intangible and human resources for the municipalities on the basis of sectoral, regional and municipal statistics. Conclusions are made about the nature of the allocation of resources and prospects of their utilization for socio-economic development of Bashkortostan.
Keywords: resources of the education sector, the development potential of the population of the Republic.
Work bibliographic list
1. Koncepcija razvitija obrazovanija v Rossijskoj Federacii do 2020 goda.
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4. Uroven' obrazovanija naselenija Respubliki Bashkortostan po dannym VPN-2010: Statisticheskij sbornik. V 2-h ch. Ch.1. - Ufa: Bashkortostanstat, 2013. - S. 52-53

Noskova Yu. B.
About positive experience of the organization of educational process with use of a “Legal clinic” innovative technique when carrying out seminar and practical trainings
In article the educational technique of "Legal clinic" seminar and practical training is considered. The "Legal clinic" technique is one of the most important complex innovative instruments of realization of an educational program of training of the practice-oriented specialists of the law-enforcement bodies allowing to provide trainees with the professional skills and competences conforming to modern requirements to their professional activity. The educational technique "Legal clinic" includes the interactive methods of training allowing trainees to get practical skills which are necessary for them to become competent experts.
Keywords: educational technique "Legal clinic", educational process, professional skills, competence-based approach, interactive methods of training.
Work bibliographic list
1. Sovremennye obrazovatel'nye tehnologii: Ucheb. posobie / Pod red. N. V. Bordovskogo. – M., 2010.
2. Narutto S. V. Obrazovatel'nye tehnologii v juridicheskoj klinike // Aktual'nye problemy rossijskogo prava. – 2013. – # 7.

Bondarenko A. V.

Lukiyanov M. Yu.
Bondarenko A. V., Lukiyanov M. Yu.
The problem of socialization of children-orphans and children left without parental care, boarding period (socio-legal aspect)
The article, based on studies aimed at identifying the socio-psychological problems of childrenorphans and children left without parental care, boarding period in the Republic of Bashkortostan, the basic problem of socialization of this category of young people and presents solutions to these problems.
Keywords: socialization; children-orphans and children left without parental care.
Work bibliographic list
1. Federal'nyj zakon ot 21.12.1996 # 159-FZ (red. ot 31.12.2014) «O dopolnitel'nyh garantijah po social'noj podderzhke detej-sirot i detej, ostavshihsja bez popechenija roditelej».
2. Gosudarstvennyj komitet po statistike. [Jelektronnyj resurs]. – Rezhim dostupa: http://www.gks.ru/free_doc/new_site/population/obraz/i-obr2.htm

Alieva A. B.
Protection of social right regulations
The article is devoted to the topical problem of modern society – the protection of social rights norms. After all, for many centuries, to live in society, people have developed certain rules. These rules were different: they were concerned with issues of relationships in the family, circle of friends and acquaintances, behaviour in a public place, at work, etc. Recent standards have a particularly large impact on society.
Keywords: protection of social rights norms, rules, mechanism, function, measure, means, mode.
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1. Grazhdanskij kodeks Rossijskoj Federacii (chast' pervaja) ot 30.11.1994 # 51-FZ / Sobranie zakonodatel'stva RF. 14.02.2011. # 7.
2. Grazhdanskij processual'nyj kodeks Rossijskoj Federacii ot 14.11.2002 # 138-FZ / Sobranie zakonodatel'stva RF. 13.12.2010. # 504.
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4. Kosarev A. I. Teorija gosudarstva i prava. M., 2000.

Pavlenko E. M.
Human rights culture and constitutional consciousness: peculiarities of relationship
The article is to comment on material “The peculiarities of correlation of culture of the human rights and constitutional feeling for law and order” by Yu. V. Mazeina published in Eurasian Law Journal (No. 4 (23), 2010), which is plagiarism of dissertation research of E. M. Pavlenko titled “Creating a human rights culture and constitutional consciousness in modern Russia” (Moscow, 2006). The author considers and defines a human rights culture and constitutional consciousness as major categories of science and social phenomena, and analyses aspects of their relationship.
Keywords: culture of human rights, constitutional consciousness, human rights, legal consciousness, legal culture.
Work bibliographic list
1. Bajnijazov R. S. Problemy pravosoznanija v sovremennom rossijskom obshhestve: Avtoref. diss. …kand. jurid. nauk. – Saratov, 1999.
2. Sa"dizoda Dzh. Kul'tura prav cheloveka kak sostavnaja chast' pravovoj kul'tury // Zakon i pravo. – 2014. – # 10.

Salykina A.
International protection of human rights in cyberspace
Present article is devoted to the problematic issue of human rights existence in cyberspace. The author examines core international documents which guarantee protection of human rights and freedoms in the scope of their applicability in the digital environment. The article proves the importance of human rights protection not only offline but also online, in particular such rights as the right to freedom of expression, intellectual property rights and the right to privacy. The article also addresses issues regarding discriminatory practices in cyberspace against such vulnerable groups as women and children.
In light of the rapid development of information technology and the spread of crime in the digital space, the author pays attention to the development of international regulatory instruments. Potential questions of creation of an international tribunal on the cyberspace are disclosed, as well as the need to create a legally binding instrument to regulate legal relations on the Internet is stressed. This scientific work won first place in the competition of works on international law among the undergraduate and graduate students under the "Student Symposium 2015", held by the International Law Faculty of the Diplomatic Academy of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia and the sub-faculty of International Law of the Law Institute of the Peoples' Friendship University of Russia (PFUR). Among the judges of the competition was the editor-in-chief of the Eurasian Law Journal PH.D. I. Z. Farkhutdinov. More than 200 participants from 9 countries and 24 cities have registered to participate in the symposium. The topics of the "Student Symposium 2015" was devoted to the significance and role of international law in diplomacy, international relations and the world economy, and the subject of the essay is the challenges of the XXI century and international law. As the winner of the students' works competition, the author of this article was awarded a diploma at the plenary session of the XIII International Congress "Blischenko readings", held on April 11, 2015.
Keywords: human rights, cyberspace, Internet, international law, challenges, international protection of human rights.
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Khanmurzaev R. B.
The problems of social protection of the child population in Russia
In the article the questions connected with social protection of the child population. What is happening in the country, the radical transformation of the economic and social life has led to emergency of mainstreaming social protection of children.
Keywords: Russia, childhood, the state, social policy, human rights.
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Elov Z. S.
Researches of the reasons, conditions, factors of suicide risk
The problem of suicide as extreme manifestation of an autoaggression existed during all history
of development of society. But so far it isn't created the uniform theory explaining the nature of suicide behavior. There are various points of view of researchers on understanding of a phenomenon of a suicide and the reasons causing it. Speaking about suicide as about conscious deprivation of life, it is necessary to consider not only the external (social) reasons of suicides, but also their internal, personal motives which are shown in the form of the conflicts. By such consideration the set of factors acts as the reasons of suicide behavior.
Keywords: suicide, suicider, autodestructive behavior, abuse of control, suicide behavior, mental disorders.
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Tsypysheva A. A.
Gareeva Z. A.
Tsypysheva A. A., Gareeva Z. A.
United financial and management accounting in regulatory regime of accounting by segments
The article describes the regulatory framework that governs the organization of the accounting by
segments in financial and management accounting. It is noted that in the regulations the idea of combining the financial and management accounting appears.
Keywords: accounting by segment, accounting by responsibility centers, financial accounting,
management accounting, segmental accounting, regulation of accounting.
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audit». – Ufa: FGBOU VPO «Ufimskij gos. neftjanoj tehnicheskij un-t», 2006.

Golyshev N. V.
The essence and functions of wages in education in the context of economic and legal relations
The article deals with the essence of wages, various approaches to the concept of «wages»and the classification of the functions of remuneration from a position of economic and legal relations.
Keywords: wages, the nature of remuneration, economic and legal relationship, public sector, education sector, functions of wage, approaches to classification of wage.
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Kerimhanova D. S.
Right to oblivion
On may 29, the State Duma was introduced a bill which provides for the imposition of duties of
operators of search engines on claims of citizens to stop the issuance of links to unreliable distributed in violation of the law details, reliable information about the events that took place and was completed more than three years ago, in addition to information about events that contain signs of criminal acts, terms of criminal responsibility for which has not expired, and information on the occurrence of a citizen of a crime for which not removed or outstanding previous conviction.
Whether the «right to oblivion»?
Keywords: Internet, «right to oblivion».

А. А.
The modern orientation of public administration in Russia
This article examines the current orientation of public administration in Russia, the analysis of the
relationship between state and society.
Keywords: public administration, politics, social development and organismus-regulating capabilities.
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Geleranskiy P. S.
Subfederal authority as a part of the social political system
The article examines the nature of public power and changes in vision of it over time. In political science the view was established that the government ensures stability and order in society, protects its citizens from internal and external attacks through the use of various methods, including state coercion and military means. It can be mild or severe, but devoid of organization, it loses the quality of the state authority, as it becomes unable to put in force the will of the ruling subject, to ensure law and order in society.
Keywords: public power, the system of regional authority, regional authority, parliamentarism, representative democracy, people power, public representation, regional political process.
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Masich V.A.
Two approaches to the definition of “soft power” in Russian discourse
This article analyzes the main approaches to the definition of "soft power" in Russian discourse.
Examples of each of the approaches are given. Their assessment is carried out. Attention is addressed to the incorrect approach represented at a doctrinal level in public document.
Keywords: soft power, international relations, politics, Russia, Joseph Nye, Putin, Kosachev.
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Polonskaya D. D.
The mechanisms of formation and structure of the political myth
The article describes the basic mechanisms of formation, structure and nature of the political
myths and their place in the political culture as well as the main elements of the myths. The analysis
of the stages of evolution of successful myth is given, as well as reasons of the effectiveness and inefficiency of political myths.
Keywords: political myth, political culture, effective and ineffective political myth, structure of the political myth, elements of the political myth, nature of the political myths.
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Saidova M. Z.
Emirova M. N.
Saidova M. Z., Emirova M. N.
Geopolitical interests of the foreign states in Dagestan at the beginning of XX century
In this paper, the Dagestan direction in the system of international relations in the early decades
of the twentieth century is traced. For many centuries, the situation in the Caucasus as a whole, and in Dagestan, in particular, was determined not only by confrontation with its eastern Russia's geopolitical rivals – Iran and Turkey, but also by the "big" policy of the Western powers, each pursuing its own goals. Since the beginning of the twentieth century Dagestan vector in eastern policy of foreign countries held a dominant position, as evidenced by the documentary chronicles. The foreign intervention in Dagestan of 1918–1919 is particularly eventful period of historical importance. Analysis of the material, allows authors to justify that the interest of foreign countries to the region in the realities of the twenty-first century, has a long-standing geopolitical roots.
Keywords: Dagestan, Caucasian problem, geopolitics, the ideas of Pan-Turkism and Pan-Islamism, foreign intervention, Mountain Government, a military dictatorship.
Work bibliographic list
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Avdonin A. N.
Kadyrova G. F.
Avdonin A. N., Kadyrova G. F.
Modernization waves in Russia and coevolutionary global modernization
In this article Victory in the Great Patriotic War is seen in the context of the history of Russia through the modernization and three waves: "Peter", "Alexander" and socialist. The Great Patriotic War came to socialist modernization, when there was a question of life and death in our country. Victory in the Great Patriotic War provided the output of our country to the level of world powers, contributed to the collapse of the world colonial system. Lasting peace in the world, long-term development of mankind in the face of global threats to human existence is possible only if the co-evolutionary coexistence, moreover, cooperation of the West, Russia and the East in solving global environmental problems.
Keywords: victory, modernization, West, Russia, East, waves of modernization in Russia's history
and structure, the need for global co-evolutionary upgrades.
Work bibliographic list
1. Bushuev S. V. Istorija gosudarstva Rossijskogo: Istoriko-bibliogr. ocherki. Kn. vtoraja. XVII-XVIII vv. M.:Izd-vo «Kn. palata», 1994. 416 s.
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5. Novejshaja istorija Rossii / Pod red. Chlen-korr. RAN A.N. Saharova. M.: Prospekt, 2010. 480s.


Bugera V. E.

Gindullin N. F.
Bugera V. E., Gindullin N. F.
Ukranian fascism and nietzscheanism
The article raises the problem of modern fascism in Ukraine. The analysis of the works of the main
ideologue of fascism Ukrainian Dmytro Dontsov and works of German philosopher- irrationalist Friedrich Nietzsche.
Key words: ideology, fascism, nationalists, "master race" and "slave race", caste, class approach
Work bibliographic list
1. Bugera V. Social'naja sushhnost' i rol' filosofii Nicshe. M., 2005.
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– S. 328-330.
4. Maslovs'kij V. Doroga v bezodnju. L'viv, 1978.

Oreshnikov I. M.
About the philosophical and humanistic understanding of patriotism, internationalism, nationalism and cosmopolitanism
The Soviet victory in the great Patriotic war has a truly world-historical and fateful significance for all of humanity, it was a feat of the Soviet people , who saved and liberated many countries, peoples and Nations from the Nazi yoke. As you know, many Western European and American historical literature, various educational , encyclopedic and reference publications are clearly exaggerated the role of the US and Britain to victory over Nazi Germany, strongly diminish the role of the USSR in the victory, largely fabricate the course, events and results of world war II, tenaciously represent our soldiers as occupiers and not liberators of Europe. Unfortunately, the falsification of the history of the war is found in the Russian literature.
Key words: Great Patriotic war, humanitarian culture, neohumanism, patriotism, internationalism, nationalism, cosmopolitanism
Work bibliographic list
1. Lukijanov M. Ju., Bondarenko A. V., Dallakjan G. R., Goremykina L. I. Sovremennoe rossijskoe obshhestvo o Velikoj Otechestvennoj vojne: sociologicheskie dannye i social'no-filosofskoe vosprijatie// Evrazijskij juridicheskij zhurnal. – 2015. - # 6.
– S.328-330.
2. Nikifirov Ju. A. Fal'sifikacija istorii Vtoroj mirovoj vojny: k postanovke problemy // Vestnik MGIMO-universiteta, 2009. - #6 (9). - S.80-88.
3. Tavokin E. P., Tabatadze I. A. K voprosu ob istoricheskoj pamjati o Velikoj Otechestvennoj vojne // Socis. - 2010. - #5. - S.65-66.

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