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CONTENT OF NUMBER № 7 (86) 2015

Krasnova I. O.:

International Environmental Law
Interview with Ph. D. in Law, professor, Head of Land and Environmental Law sub-faculty of the Russian Academy of Justice (RAJ) of the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation I. O. Krasnova

Kembayev Zh. M.

Implementation of the obligations accepted by the Republic of Kazakhstan in the framework of the Collective Security Treaty Organization

Ayupova Z. K., Kussainov D. U.

Legal processes as a fundamental of modern Eurasian legal integration
Aubakirov N. Е.
Practical advice for appeal to the Court of the Eurasian Economic Union
Seitimova V. Kh.
On some matters of competency of the Court of the Eurasian Economic Union
Yeghikyan A. A.
The definition of the principle of free movement of goods in the international economic unions on the examples of the EU and the EEU

Didikin A. B.

The essence of international law: theoretical approaches of H. Kelsen and H. Hart
Mingazov L. Kh.
The role and place of the international legal information in the mechanism of international legal regulation
Chekunov S. A.
Actual problems of the provisional application of international treaties subject to ratification in the Russian Federation
Nuriev B. D.
Muslim international law: the problem of identification
Smirnova E. S.
The Eastern partnership of the European Union and the Republic of Belarus: the history of interactions and the prospects for further cooperation
Abashidze A. Kh., Solntsev A. M., Chernykh I. A.
150th anniversary of the International Telecommunication Union – UN specialized agency
Bekyashev D. K.
International legal basis of the Russian Federation’s bilateral cooperation to prevent IUU fishing
Dementyev A. А.
Formation of the institute of responsibility in international air law
Adu Y. N.
The reform of the African Court on Human and Peoples’ Rights by the Protocol on Amendments to the Protocol on the Statute of the African Court of Justice and Human Rights of 27 of July 2014: myth and reality

Churshina А. A.

Pre-sale disclosure and pre-contractual liability under contract of commercial concession

Belkova Yu. A., Gabdrakhmanov F. V.

Legal regulation of imposition of accumulative sentence in Russia and other CIS states
Belozerova I. I.
The status of the party’s defence counsel in the criminal procedure of the Republic of Kazakhstan
Kirilov A. S.
The comparatively legal analysis of the harm compensation caused by illegal actions of bodies that carry out criminal proceedings in the Russian Federation and in the Republic of Tajikistan
Rastopshin R. A.
The system of legal acts of the public prosecution authority of the Republic of Kazakhstan
Saneev S. O.
Notes to the issue: “On participation of jurors in the Republic of Kazakhstan (general provisions)”
Igbaeva G. R., Shakirova Z. R., Chernova G. Sh.
Development of legal regulation of compulsory insurance of civil liability of vehicle owners in Eurasia: the case of Russia and the Republic of Uzbekistan

Krotov A. V.

Conditions for the legality of restrictions on the right to privacy in the decisions of the European Court of Human Rights
Sorokina E. M.
Views on the development of harmonization of EU law of criminal procedure

Romanovskaya L. R.

Politics and “ultimate reality”: system relations (based on the model of Talcott Parsons)
Tikhonravov E. Yu.
Relationship between extensive and restrictive interpretation and systematic construction of legal norms
Zaidova M. U.
The Russian system of law and legislation
Ibaev R. K.
The character of system of law and legislative system development in the Russian legal science
Panchenko V. Yu., Mikhaleva A. Ye.
Insurance mechanisms of overcoming legal barriers for implementation of rights and legitimate interests
Alieva A. B., Idrisovа N. G.
Norms of soft law in the modern legal system
Musaevа A. G., Ataeva P. A.
The law and ethics as critical social regulators in Dagestanian society
Mamedov E. F.
Features and problems of the use of the term «diaspora» in the Russian legislation
Magomedrasulova R. B.
Development of civil law in the late 20s – 1941
Khalieva R. E.
The problem of the definition of economic crime
Ilyashenko K. V.
Concept and nature of the legal services in legislation of the Russian Federation
Fetyukov F. V.
Current state of the problem of the relationship of civil society and legal state


Azizovа P. M., Mukhtarov M. G.

The formation of law: a historical approach
Kryuchkov R. A.
From sin and taboo to Roman law: the history of the development of risk phenomena
Abdulazizova P. G.
The Law Code of 1497 as the main source of Russian law in the XV century
Azizovа P. M.
Historical aspects of the development and adoption of the Bill of Rights
Altunin V. S.
Legal background of administrative and legal activities of police in the Russian Empire at low level during the XVIII–XIX centuries
Evseev I. V.
Historical development of Magnitogorsk prison in the period of Soviet industrialization
Saidova M. Z.
Andian adats and system of punishments according to them
Khanmurzaev R. B., Ibaev R. K.
Stages of development of the Soviet legislation

Zaytseva E. R., Panchenko V. Yu.

Formation of legal space for unobstructed implementation of constitutional rights
Abdullabekova A. E.
Constitutional law of Russia: common questions
Dalgatova А. О.
The constitutional principles of judicial power

Erpyleva R. R.

Claiming of the contract not concluded and protection of public interests
Zalibekova D. Z., Kasimova D. M.
Improving legal control over investment and innovation activity
Magomedov A. Sh.
The concept of administrative offence
Magomedov A. Sh., Radzhabova Zh. K.
Features of administrative law of the Russian Federation
Medvedeva M. A.
Violations of the law in the formation and execution of state task of autonomous institution
Radzhabova Zh. K.
Signs of an administrative offense
Shcheglov D. S., Potapova L. V.
Forced liquidation of the legal entity as a means of preventing business offenses

Ataeva P. A.

The institute of formation of civil relations and legal norms in Dagestanian society
Samusevich A. G.
An internal investigation in the mechanism of realization of the disciplinary responsibility
Khatuntsev O. A.
Legal regime of the real rights for the land plots as conflict field of civil and land legislation
Yanenko O. K.
The civil legal characteristic of street art as type of works of the fine arts

Fokov A. P.

Problems of comparative corporate law: the legislative provision of legal persons

Tolbuzina T. V.

Labor contract with a foreign employee in the context of changes to the Labour Code of the Russian Federation
Takmakova E. V.
The minimum wage as social standards
Musaevа A. G.
Legal regulation of employment of pregnant women in the Russian Federation

Dolzhikov A. V.

Constitutional сoncept of sustainable development
Omarova Kh. M.
The system of environmental law
Abukarova M. U., Kerimhanova D. S.
Legal problems of land protection

Kolosovskaya N. N.

Legal nature of electronic money

Gitinova K. G.

Legal issues of tax debt settlement
Ibragimova A. Kh.
Legal regulation of double taxation
Zalibekova D. Z.
Ways of increasing the liability of legal entities and individuals for violations of the tax legislation
Medzhidova Z. K.
Legal taxation mechanism in special economic zones

Bachilo I. L.

Reading Henry Kissinger: information society, internet access as factors in the shaping of world order

Petrov A. I.

About the need of introduction of amendments to the Article 264 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation
Abdulgamidova D. A.
The fight against drugs in the Russian Federation (by the example of the Republic of Dagestan)
Aliev Kh. O., Shakhbanova Kh. M.
History of development of the legislation on extortion
Miroshnichenko N. S.
Responsibility for transfer of the prohibited articles to the suspected and accused
Abdulmuslimova L. G., Ibragimova Kh. A.
On the question of the role of provocation in murders and violent crimes against life and health
Abdulmuslimova L. G.
On the question of victim behavior of the victims of crimes against human life and health as a criminological problem
Bertovskiy L. A., Kucherkov I. A., Lisovetskiy A. L.
Forensic rendering: the conceptual issues
Zhuravlenko N. I., Tutova O. V., Shvedova L. Ye.
Actual problems of struggle with usage of information technologies for terrorist purposes
Ibragimova Kh. A.
On the question of criminological characteristics of personality of malfeasance participants and their typology in the social sphere by the example of the Republic of Dagestan
Strelkov A. A.
Forensic study of the corpse by the method of x-ray computed tomography

Talykin E. A.

Trial litigation: functionality and place in the structure of the arbitration procedure form
Shakhbanova Kh. M.
The main problems in activity of magistrates
Sardaryan T. S.
Procedural features of judicial examination of cases on protection of interests of uncertain circle of consumers
Davydova I. A., Korobova I. N.
Court’s activities, related to the establishment of administrative supervision as an area of judicial control over the execution of criminal penalties

Abdulgamidova D. A., Alieva A. B.

Information security under conditions of modern developing technologies
Abukarova M. U.
National legal and international legal aspects of the physical protection of radiation and nuclear hazardous facilities
Kornienko O. V., Potapov A. I.
Some measures of administrative compulsion in the firearms trafficking and private security guard activity
Gordeev N. S.

About the of legislative definition of the concept «extremist materials» and the directions of its improvement
Zhuravlenko N. I., Mikhailova Ya. S.
Methods of constructing hypotheses in the exercise of investigative forecasting of economic crimes


Lavrenuk N. M.

Education resources as a basis for the development of potential of the Republic of Bashkortostan population
Noskova Yu. B.
About positive experience of the organization of educational process with use of a “Legal clinic” innovative technique when carrying out seminar and practical trainings
Bondarenko A. V., Lukiyanov M. Yu.
The problem of socialization of children-orphans and children left without parental care, boarding period (socio-legal aspect)

Alieva A. B.

Protection of social right regulations
Pavlenko E. M.
Human rights culture and constitutional consciousness: peculiarities of relationship
Salykina A. М.
International protection of human rights in cyberspace
Khanmurzaev R. B.
The problems of social protection of the child population in Russia

Elov Z. S.

Researches of the reasons, conditions, factors of suicide risk

Tsypysheva A. A., Gareeva Z. A.

United financial and management accounting in regulatory regime of accounting by segments
Golyshev N. V.
The essence and functions of wages in education in the context of economic and legal relations

Kerimhanova D. S.

Right to oblivion
Bekishiev А. А.
The modern orientation of public administration in Russia
Geleranskiy P. S.
Subfederal authority as a part of the social political system
Masich V.A.
Two approaches to the definition of “soft power” in Russian discourse
Polonskaya D. D.
The mechanisms of formation and structure of the political myth
Saidova M. Z., Emirova M. N.
Geopolitical interests of the foreign states in Dagestan at the beginning of XX century


Avdonin A. N., Kadyrova G. F.

Modernization waves in Russia and coevolutionary global modernization
Bugera V. E., Gindullin N. F.
Ukranian fascism and nietzscheanism
Oreshnikov I. M.
About the philosophical and humanistic understanding of patriotism, internationalism, nationalism and cosmopolitanism

Abashidze A. Kh., Gugunskiy D. A., Solntsev A. M.

Round table “Actual problems of modern international environmental law”, devoted to the 60th anniversary of professor Mikhail Nikolayevich Kopylov
Zubreva E. A.
«Grenada» welcomes BRICS and SCO-2015 in Ufa



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№ 11 (90) 2015 Международное право о принципе неприменения силы
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