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CONTENT OF NUMBER № 3 (94) 2016


A. Kh. Abashidze:

About human rights and not only

Tolstykh V. L.

Development of the practice of the Court of Eurasian economic union (the case “Tarasik K. P.vs Commission”)
Azanov B. K.
International investment law in the context of investment processes in the Eurasian economic union
Lenshin A. A.
Transformation of labour legislation of EAEU states on child labour elimination in the aspect of realization of the ILO decent work concept
Rakimov K. Kh.
Prospects of integration of Tajikistan into the EAEU

Moiseev A. A.

International legal security of Russia in the Arctic
Semenova N. S.
Moral principle in international law: from its origins to modern times
Agrba E. L.
The restitution of property of refugees and internally displaced persons in Russia: historical and legal aspect
Andreev А. V.
Current problems of indemnification in international law
Kropotova T. A.
Definition of purposes of European regulations in the field of technical regulation

Hasson Dh. H.

Assigning special status to journalists in armed conflict zone: pros and cons


Solntsev A. M
Some issues of improving the efficiency of the implementation of international environmental law

Shumilov V. M.

Evolution of the contemporary international economic law order
Lantseva V. Yu., Kurzyukova F. V.
Legal framework for interaction between customs authorities and ship owners for the purposes of customs clearance operations when repairing ships in foreign ports
Sozykina E. E.
Development of the European Union competence in the R&D. Historical and economical context

Guliyev I. A., Litvinyuk I. I.

Territorial and structural shifts in global refining industry
Guliyev I. A., Shkolyarenko A. M.
Pipelines’ risk management practices of North American companies
Guliyev I. A., Litvinyuk I. I., Khubaeva A. O.
T he long-term forecast of average weighted oil price

Saidzoda Kh.

The importance of the constitutional bases in the implementation of business activity in the Republic of Tajikistan
Samadov B. O.
Some issues of the institute of civil law responsibility in the field of investment activity under the legislation of Tajikistan
Holova S. H.
Correlation of “right” and “legitimate interest” categories in the context of family law protection of children without parental support in the Republic of Tajikistan
Abdusalimzoda M. K.
Legal formation of youth in context of prevention of growth of negative phenomenon in their life in framework of the state policy for youth (in example of Tajikistan)

Gabdrakhmanov D. F.

Subordinated debt in continental European legal system

Poziy V. S., Tikhomirova T. O., Gumenchuk O. O.

The legal status of the expert: the comparative analysis of the Criminal Procedural Code of the Russian Federation and Ukraine

Prochorov V. V.

Activity of Crimean law enforcement officers to eliminate penal crime on the peninsula during the first half of 1920s
Berestennikov A. G.
Inequality before the law as a principle of the criminal law of Russia of the 19th – the beginning of the 20th centuries
Kuanysheva V. V.
Soviet punitive-repressive system - the NKVD GULAG (1930 - June, 1941)
Serova Yu. G.
Fair as a place of origin of the institute of reference bureau on solvency in pre-revolutionary Russia (through the example of Nizhniy Novgorod fair (historical and legal analysis))
Altunin V. S., Shulga R. Yu.
Legal features of the functioning of the institute of mining board of the Ural and Siberian plants on ensuring law and order in the 18th—19th centuries
Miloserdov A. S.
Accounting principles historical traditions in the system of local government principles


Romashov R. A.

Constitutional legal relations: conditions of subject & object connections and intersubjective interactions

Evsikova E. V., Zhigulina V. V.

To the question about introduction of tourist tax (duty) in the Russian Federation
Cherepanova I. V., Kiek T. Z.
The implementation of prosecutor’s authority to initiate cases on administrative corruptive offences
Shaidurov S. A.
Implementation of outsourcing in the bill concerning auto dealers’ participation in registration of vehicles. Brief scientific and law analysis

Malakhov A. A.

The right to work of employees of the Russian Federal Penitentiary Service in the system of social and economic rights of man in the Russian Federation: theoretical and legal problems
Simatova E. L.
Prospects for the development of the principle of autonomy of will in the Russian legislation with regard to labour relations complicated by foreign element

Kabanova I. E.

The doctrine of official immunity and the civil liability of public entities and their officials
Nusratulloyev B. K.
Legal approaches concerning restrictions of the principle of real execution of contractual obligations
Savchenko S. A., Tordiya I. V.
Some aspects of state regulation of legal relations in the field of consumer rights protection
Serdyuk P. L.
The right for property as fraud subject
Gabzalilov V. F.
Ensuring the rights and freedoms of man and citizen in the implementation of operational and investigative activity

Ermolina M. A., Nemchinova T. S.

Court practice as a source of law (concerning the level of theoretical elaboration of the issue in civil procedural law)
Shapoval O. V.
To the question about the concept of a civil community as a novel of the civil legislation

Rukhanov D. S.

Features of bankruptcy of the parties of the leasing contract

Borzilo E. Yu.

Evolution of American jurisprudence on bundling

Dudykina I. P., Evgenyeva E. E.

Arctic model of sustainable development (analysis of foreign political and legal research)
Vislinskiy M. D.
Influence of changes in the Federal Act “On environmental protection” on the activities of the environmental services of the industrial enterprises

Avkhimovich V. V.

Land liability: a kind of civil liability, or an independent kind of liability?

Abbasov Kh. T.

The issue of criminalistic characterization of escape
Vinokurova M. A.
Iatrogenic crimes: a new kind of guilty socially dangerous acts of the twenty-first century?
Zaytsev A. O.
The system of legal standards of application of detention as a pretrial restriction
Nugaeva E. D.
To the question about the way of committing fraud under the pretext of providing qualified paid parapsychological help at a distance by phone
Poeszhalov V. B., Dzhafarova A. A.
Ways of improvement of the criminal legislation on slander
Pugachev A. V., Sukhanov G. V.
«Weapon» category in the criminal law theory
Nabiev F. F.
Questions definition of significant damage caused by intentional destruction or damage of property

Ayubova Sh. I., Aliyeva A. I., Karimullaeva E. M.

The procedure of placement of children without parental care in the Russian Federation
Rudik M. V., Toropov S. A.
Juvenile as the subject of the crime in the sphere of computer information
Leshhenko O. V.
The structural components of legal consciousness of convicted juveniles, serving their sentences in correctional facilities
Magomedovа M. M., Nuhova Z. K.
On the question of bodies ensuring the protection of minors
Khanova Z. R.
Deviant behavior of minors as a factor of crimes against the family and minors

Golovastova Yu. A.

About the issue of the scope of social relations constituting the subject of criminal executive law

Zyryanov I. V., Gorelov M. A.

Legal and institutional framework for ensuring public order by internal affairs bodies of the Russian Federation during the period of mass events preparation and running
Nadtachaev P. V.
To the issue of protection of the personal non-property rights in activity of police
Stepanov G. I.
The role and importance of service-applied sports in physical training of the employees of state protection units of the RF Interior Ministry

Shalneva A. S.

Adversarial features in the modern model of Russian proceedings

Demidova Е. T.

The principle of the freedom of appeal against court decisions in the verification stage of the criminal process
Yusupkadieva S. N., Yusupov Yu. M.
The record of investigative act

Garifullina R. F.

The concept of credit relations and crimes in the sphere of credit relations
Divaeva I. R., Nurkaeva T. N.
Illicit trafficking of special technical means intended for secret obtainment of information: the interpretation and improvement of legislation
Ibragimova Kh. A.
Current issues of juvenile delinquency and investigative actions

Grishchenko M. I., Avakyan M. V.

Theoretical, legal and forensic possibilities of the prosecutor’s participation in conciliation in cases of deliberate grievous bodily harm
Kapitsa V. S.
The concept of forensic characteristics of crimes against life and health, committed by reason of national, racial or religious hatred or strife
Kubanov V. V.
Using the forensic tools and methods in prevention crime among convicts in custody
Muhutov Sh. A.
About some aspects of criminalistic characteristics of crimes committed in correctional institutions
Samoylov A. Yu.
Counteraction to investigation of crimes in the sphere of fuel-energy complex: types, characteristics and subjects
Yusupkadieva S. N., Medjidov M. M.
Inquiry as a form of preliminary investigation in the Russian criminal process
Mukhiddinova A. A.
The comparative analysis of motives of female and male criminality

Nikitin S. V.

The concept of corruption in the national legal science and law as part of administrative and legal means of prevention of corrupt behaviour
Zabroda D. G.
Measures to prevent tampering with officials of the executive power
Koldaev D. E.
The conflicts of anti-corruption laws
Margolina Zh. S.
The concept and essence of corruption as scientific category

Klimova D. V.

Activities of internal affairs bodies for the protection of human rights and freedoms in case of emergency: organizational and legal aspects
Khidizoda M., Sodikzoda Kh.
Gender and the issues of social integration in the Republic of Tajikistan

Khanova Z. R.

Latent offenses against the family and minors
Alexandrov I. F.
Main objectives and principles of state family policy in modern conditions

Zelik V. A.

Promotion of the ideology of extremist and terrorist orientation among young people as a threat to Russian national security
Kuznetsov D. V.
Major migration crime determinants in Russia
Mamleeva D. P.
Features of public order and public safety in railway transport
Morin A. V.
Demographic and migratory aspects of the national security of the Russian Federation
Oldeeva D. A., Tsebekova G. V.
Terrorism evolution, its forms at the present stage and Russian anti-terrorist legislation
Pustoshinskaya O. S.
The policy of preventing and suppression radical political activity in modern Russia: improving legal mechanism

Makayev Kh. F., Makayeva G. Z., Vyakherev N. S., Surkova D. A.

Conversion of invariant knowledge into professional one as a guarantee of professionally oriented training
Smirnova M. I.
Features of organization of foreign language independent work of students of higher education institutions of the RF Ministry of Internal Affairs
Belgisova K. V.
To the issue of adoption of local acts regulating education procedure of persons with disabilitiesby the higher educational institution
Kharisova A. Z., Gaysina A. V.
Improving the competitiveness of universities as a factor of growth of the human potential of the country

Galimullina N. A., Gizatullina V. G.

Economic and legal fundamentals of security of the region
Galeeva N. N.
The basic principles of contractual work in the organization
Gareeva Z. A., Kadesnikova O. V.
The effect of the financial crisis on the small construction business development
Astafjeva O. V.
Modelling of the domestic economy development scenarios taking into account the influence of political factors
Bayrushina F. F.
The development of strategic analysis methodology of regional development of the Republic of Bashkortostan in the system of economic security of the region
Lackman I. A., Khabibullina L. R.
Panel modelling of influence of the income and expenses of the population of Volga federal district on regional budgets
Rakhimov E. Kh.
Some features of implementation of public procurement through open competition
Chelpanova M. M.
Actual problems of fight against economic crime in the Republic of Crimea
Yudina S. V., Serikova N. V., Mingazova O. N.
The demand for services in creation, development and support of business among small and medium businesses: the regional aspect
Guliyeva P. V.
State regulation of investment potential of non-oil sector of Azerbaijan
Rudneva Yu. R., Sultanova L. I., Baymukhambetov A. Kh.
Comparative analysis of deposit insurance in Russia and the Republic of Kazakhstan
Nuriev B. D., Galiullina V. V.
To the matter of the origin and formation of economic science in the Muslim East
Kalimullina A. R.
The analysis of current budget’s tax proceeds of Russia
Rogacheva A. M.
Periodization of stages of a “life cycle” of the taxation mechanism of oil production in Russia
Krasulina O. Yu.
Public-private partnership in the arctic region of the Russian Federation: benefits and risks

Morozova A. S.

Legal status of the Presidential Plenipotentiary Representatives in Russian Federal Districts and their place in governmental mechanism
Ayubova Sh. I., Aliyeva A. I., Karimullaeva E. M.
The role of the media in legal education development among young people
Stepanova A. A., Fayrushina R. D.
The Marxist analysis of the state and property in the context of modern reality

Bondarenko V. N.

Philosophical psychology and metaphysics (problem statement)
Neganov F. V., Haziev Z. A.
Certain spatial aspect of the myth, technology and law
Dallakyan K. A., Iskhakov M. Z.
The sociocultural specific of a rule-of-law state model
Ermolina L. A.
New ideas, discoveries, experiments as basis for creation of modern cosmological picture of the world
Suleymanov A. R.
Ideological foundations of the national unity and integrity of Russia
Tukaeva R. A.
Symbolism in the works of B. Hannanov
Kazibekova G. K.
Social and economic and ideological factors of origin and exacerbation of religious and political extremism (RPE)
Demchenko P. N.
Riding, fist fights, a special young people’s behavior, the prohibitions as aktional blocks on maslenitsa
Stozhko K. P., Stozhko D. K., Fomenko S. S.
Dialectics of individual’s sense of justice in contemporary Russian society

Panchenko V. Yu., Frolova N. A., Pikuleva I. V.

Review of the monograph «Law – the language and scope of liberty» by R. A. Romashov, Yu. Yu. Vetyutnev, E. N. Tonkov. St.-Petersburg: Aleteya, 2015. 448 p.
Mayorov V. I., Vanyushin Ya. L.
Review of Mingiyan V. Mukabenov’s thesis research «The subject of administrative responsibility for violations in the field of traffic»
Abashidze A. H.
Review on the book: Liav Orgad. The Cultural Defence of Nations. A Liberal Theory of Majority Rights. (Oxford University Press, 2015, 273 p.)


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