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CONTENT OF NUMBER № 8 (99) 2016

I. A. Guliyev:
Russia’s role in the world energy
Interview with deputy director of the International Institute of Energy Policy and Diplomacy of MGIMO of the MFA of Russia, Ph.D. in Economics, Associate Professor Igbal Adilevich Guliyev

Farkhutdinov I. Z.
Israel doctrine on preventive self-defence and international law

Belova O. S.
International legal regulation of cooperation in the electricity sector between member states of the Community of Independent States and the Eurasian Economic Union
Mehdiev E. T., Sodikov Sh. D.
The importance of the CSTO in strengthening of Russian-Tajik cooperation
Golovanov R. S.
The role of political elite of the Kyrgyz Republic in the Eurasian integration

Tolstykh V. L.
Arbitral award in the matter of the South China Sea arbitration (Philippines and China) on 12 July 2016, international reaction thereto and a commentary
Emelyanova N. N.
The international space security
Murataliyeva Zh. K.
Basic approaches to definition definitions «international exhibition» in international and national law
Kudinov A. S.
Improving fact-finding within the United Nations

Bekyashev D. K., Bekyashev K. A.
International legal problems of fisheries management in Baltic and Black seas
Zheleznov R.V.
The liberalization of international trade in services at the regional level: the legal aspect
Shiyanov A. V.
The features of the international legal regulation of trade aspects of an energy cooperation

Vladimirov D. G.
The judiciary of England and Russia: role and place in the system of state power law of the CIS countries
Shlyakhtin I. S.
The conflict of laws regulation of contractual obligations with the consumer within the EU and the EAEU member states: a comparative legal analysis
Mantulina O. O.
Liability for malicious evasion from payment of the alimony on minor children in the legislation of Russia and foreign countries

Khoperskaya L. L.
Independence of Tajikistan problem and accession in EAEC

Belousova A. A.
Court practice of the South African Republic on protection of the right to health
Dzyubak A. V.
Labor laws in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia:some questions of formation and development

Klemin A. V.
On some legally such terms
Kolodkin L. M., Nechevin D. K.
The fifteenth stone of the garden Renji or the secrets of Japanese personnel management
Savushkina Yu. V.
Influence of the conventional principles of the right on formation of legal privileges and restrictions
Shcherbakov R. A.
Positive legal liability as antinomy retrospective legal responsibility

Lyasovich T. G., Udaltsov A. A.
The Institute of blood feud in the ancient law
Ryabchenko A. G.
Role of the NKVD armies and institutions in struggle with banditry of the North Caucasus during the Great Patriotic War
Alekseeva N. I.
Management of religious property in the muscovite state XV-XVII centuries
Fursov V. V.
Historical and cultural representation of the concept «British Queen»
Dashkov T. K., Bashmakov R. R.
Long way of Russia to a republican form of government

Safina O. V.
Constitutional terminology: its value, savings and improvement

Aleshin S. V.
On the question of the use of police administrative legislation in the field of drug trafficking
Evsikova E. V.
Legal bases of prophylaxis of administrative offences in the republic of Crimea
Gabdullin T. R., Pestov R. A.
The issue of development projects of the Russian Code of administrative offences
Potapov A. I., Kornienko O. V.
The issue of administrative responsibility perfection, concerned with juveniles
Stepanova A. A., Fayrushina R. D.
Some of the views and the importance of administrative and legal methods to combat crimes in the area of drug trafficking
Khismatullin O. Yu.
Some aspects of enhancement of legal regulation of institute of public procurements in aspect of increase of efficiency of budgeted expenses
Chistyakov K. A.
Some of the issues of prevention of crimes and administrative offenses committed by probation

Evseev I. V., Evseev T. I.
Some features of legal registration of the status of the deputy of the municipality to perform their duties on a permanent basis is not
Mirzayev M. A.
Theoretical and practical issues of cooperation between bodies of State power and local self-government

Belyaeva A. N.
The doctrine of “piercing the corporate veil” as an exception to the principle of limited liability of legal entity

Rukhanov D. S.
Classification of business risks in the field of lease relations

Igbaeva G. R.
The imposition of additional services at the conclusion of the insurance contract as an abuse of rights by the insurers
Mazanaev M. Sh.
Civil law aspects of the use of proprietary means to protect the right of ownership and other real rights
Sobolev S. I.
Possession and use of property that is share ownership: the effect against third persons
Sharikova M. V.
The subject as essential term of the contract in legislation and law enforcement activity
Petrov I. V., Dementeeva I. I.
Invalid transaction concluded under the influence essential error

Kanishcheva O. I.
About the performance of public importance in the field of housing and communal services

Bystrova Yu. V.
The victimology of economic crimes related to the fraudulent misappropriation of citizens’ apartments
Vinokurova M. A.
Destruction of the law or improvement of the criminal legislation providing responsibility for failure to provide and improper medical assistance
Artemyev N. S., Titanov M. Yu.
The principle of inevitability of punishment, as one element of prevention of offenses committed by convicts in places of deprivation of liberty
Nugaeva E. D.
On the method of preparation of fraud in the form of occult services performed in the office by direct contact of the suspect with the victim
Nugumanov A. R.
To the question of criminal liability unscrupulous developers
Sasikov A. I.
On the shortcomings design and practice of a. 224 of the Criminal Code
Fattakhova R. R.
Personal freedom of man as an object of criminal-legal protection in the modern Russian criminal law

Ammosova V. I., Kozachenko B. P.
The issue of the appointment of correctional labor foreign citizens and persons without citizenship
Grishin D. A.
Legal foundations of criminal procedural activities
Gumerova R. R.
The implementation of the function of the procedural management in the activities of the investigator
Davydova I. A.
The issue of legislative fastening measures of criminally-legal character
Zharko N. V., Novikova L. V.
Subjective and objective factors as features of investigation of penitentiary crimes
Obraztsov A. V.
About the status of the subject of criminal proceedings, has the authority to procedural aspects of the investigation of crimes
Svatikov R. V.
Urgency - backbone sign variety of criminal procedure by interrogation bodies
Stepyreva A. M.
The value of a stage of excitation of criminal case for the bodies of inquiry

Kuliev I. B.
The formation of the investigative team, the problems and their solutions
Khusainov R. R.
Some stages of revealing and disclosing of crimes, connected with the drug trafficking

Orlova A. A., Zinin G. Yu.
Professional legal consciousness of employees of the Federal Penitentiary Service of Russia, as part of the system of rule of law

Svalova N. A.
Grounds the adoption of children
Avdeeva E. Yu.
Actual problems of prevention of administrative offenses committed by minors

Mukhametshin F. B.
Actual aspects of the activities of departments to ensure the safety of persons subject to state protection, the ministry of internal affairs of Russia in the conditions of reforming of the Russian law enforcement system
Arutyunyan M. S., Khismatullin O. Yu.
Improving of the rules for providing social security payments to the purchase or construction of residential premises for the enforcement officers of the Russian Federation in the light of the unification of housing for separate categories of officials
Abdullin A. R.
Principles of leadership in law enforcement in the DIA
Vorontsov A. Ya.
Door-to-door duty district police officer of the police, the main aspects
Stepanov G. I.
Urgent problems of physical training of staff of divisions of state protection of the ministry of internal affairs of Russia
Suleymanov T. A., Danilova I. Yu.
On the rule of law in making staff MIA of statements, reports about the crime

Khakimova E.R.
Some aspects of criminological characteristics of the offender who has committed embezzlement
Tsalko A. S.
The role of the study of the convicted person committed crimes while intoxicated in prevention of alcoholic crime
Tsahuev A. V., Yusupkadieva S. N.
Some elements of criminalistic characteristics of the organization of an illegal armed formation and participation in them

Igumenov A. S.
About features of carrying out of survey of the scene under statements (messages) for missing persons
Gazimullin I. Yu.
Features and tactics disclosure of murders committed sexual offenses
Kapitsa V. S.
Initial stage of investigation of a crime against life and health, completely motives national, racial, religious hatred or enmity
Mikhailova Ya. S.
Features of feedback analysis of the interrelationships of various factors influence on the elements of crimes of an economic nature
Kapitsa T. A.
Initial actions of the investigator when a newborn corpse is detected
Nazarkin E. V., Zharko N. V.
Technical and forensic support to the activities of preliminary investigation bodies in disclosing and investigation of crimes committed in institutions of criminal-executive system of Russia
Tolstoluzhskаya E. M.
Structural connection of the technique of investigation of crimes certain types of crimes

Mirzemagomedov E. F.
Participation of the Prosecutor in the trial
Melnik S. V., Nadtachaev P. V.
Justice as a basic moral category of the determination of the morality of civil procedure

Kiselev N. N.
Problems of organization of bodies of internal affairs of measures to combat illegal use of the trademark in the manufacture and sale of medicines containing narcotic and psychotropic substances

Nagdaliev H. Z.
Protection of the rights and freedoms of the individual in the extradition procedure (Dedicated to the 50th anniversary of the International Covenant on civil and political rights, 1966)
Galimov R. R.
Questions of qualification of arousing hatred or hostility, and equally in humiliation of human dignity (art. 282 of the criminal code of the Russian Federation)
Belova E. Yu.
Preliminary observation 2 enforcement of the nelson Mandela rules for the process of preparing prisoners for release in Russia
Korobova I. N.
The issue of improving the efficiency educational influence on persons sentenced to deprivation of liberty taking into account the requirements of the Regulations Mandela
Shmigirilova D. D.
Victim aspects of human trafficking prevention

Volkova E. A.
Network Internet terrorist threat national security information
Chattaev A. R.
The question of legal regulation of counteraction to cyber terrorism in the Russian legislation

Azizova V. T.
Features of content of legal competence of educators of professional standards
Simatova E. L.
Peculiarities of legal regulation of inclusive education in the UK
Belgisova K. V.
The issue of inclusive educational implementation in institutions of higher education and further employment of graduates
Tengizovа J. А.
Influence of youth subcultures in the patriotic education of youth processes

Romanovskaya I. V.
Physical condition of the investigator – as one of the reasons for his misconduct

Morozova O. G.
The theory of separation of powers in Western European political and legal thought of XVII - early XIX centuries: on the issue of unity of state power
Kadymov A. A.
The formation of the physical culture and sports movement in the second half of the XX century in the BASSR (1945-1960)
Filippov O. A.
Contradictions of globalization and the interests of international and national security

Riekkinen M. A.
On consideration of opinions expressed as the result of public protests

Митрович С.
Практика применения систем бизнес интеллекта в экономическом анализе в России
Isanamanov U. Z.
Legal regulation of innovation activities in Russia in crisis
Islakaeva G. R.
Problem of existence of anarea for institutional solutions
Marchenkova L. M., Samorodova E. M., Ilyukhina I. B.
The legal framework of financial control Russian Federation
Takmakova E. V., Firsova O. N.
Maternity capital as additional source of the income of the population and method of improvement of housing conditions of households
Irkabaeva R. I., Mutalov S. V., Musina D. R.
Indirect methods of assessment of the costs for labor protection and industrial safety
Ishmukhametov N. S., Rossinskaya G. M.
The role of consumer potential and consumer abilities in the formation of human capital
Petukhov M. V., Petukhova J. G.
The effectiveness of measures to improve the competitiveness of companies on the basis of benchmarking
Rogacheva A. M., Galeeva N. R., Pasichnichenko A. A.
Improvement of approaches to management of tax risks
Polyakova N. G., Yalilova A. A., Sabitova A. A., Saifullin R. R.
Economic evaluation of the effectiveness of reconstruction drainage facilities

Avdonin A. N.
Co-evolution-the social philosophy: reality, knowledge and activities. Part 2
Bondarenko V. N.
Philosophical psychology and metaphysical epistemology in the context of the person
Chernyakova N. S.
About content of the classical conception of truth
Ladygina O. V.
Actors of efficiency of the russian-tajik relations: culturalogical aspect
Abrarova Z. F.
The hermeneutic function of the rendered image in scientific knowledge
Asadullina G. R.
The spiritual quest of modern youth: the interests and core values
Bolkhovskoy A. L., Goverdovskaya E. V., Shikhontsova N. N.
Philosophical analysis of the problem of understanding in the pedagogical hermeneutics
Vakhitov R. R., Efimenko E. L., Rodionova A. E.
Linguist and philosopher of culture N. S. Trubetskoy as researcher of Finno-Ugric culture (N. S. Trubetskoy’s article “Finnish song «Kulto neito» as an experience of a pagan custom”)
Vorokhobov A. V.
The teaching E. Brunner’s of imago Dei and its criticism from K. Barth: to the history of the discussion
Gulgenova A. Ts.
Kunchen Zhamyan Shadpa Dorje is the great philosopher of medieval Tibet
Dugarova S. B.
The role of socio-cultural factors in human development in the people’s Republic of China
Gulgenova A. Ts.
The historical background of the formation of a theocratic State in Tibet
Kupryashkin I. V.
Nations and national identity in the era of globalization
Murzagulov R. R.
Specificity of formation of the elite in the information society. Socio-philosophical aspect
Sharipov A. R., Abrarova Z. F.
Russian and western cultural values in the process of formation of national consciousness
Sharipov A. R.
Globalization, world capitalism and national identity
Khalturin A. N.
Multiculturalism: socio-philosophical view
Yarkeev A. V.
«Police» as a biopolitical form of law
Bondarenko A. V., Bondarenko G. V., Lukiyanov M. Yu.
The political philosophy of Plato (article second)

Shumilov V. M.
Review of the monograph “WTO law: theory and practice”/ edited by Ph.D. in Law, Prof. L. P. Anufrieva. – M.:Publishing house Norma-INFA-M, 2016. – 528p.

Korbut L. V.
Review of the 59th annual meeting of association of international law (15-17 June 2016)


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Израильская доктрина o превентивной самообороне и международное право

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Международное право о применении государством военной силы против негосударственных участников

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Международное право и доктрина США о превентивной самообороне

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№ 11 (90) 2015 Международное право о принципе неприменения силы
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