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CONTENT OF NUMBER № 9 (100) 2016

Hundredth number of the Eurasian Law Journal

Exactly 9 years ago came the first number of the Eurasian Law Journal

T. N. Neshataeva
The court of the Eurasian Economic Union in action
Interview with judge of the Court of the EEU, Ph.D. in Law, professor, Head of International Law sub-faculty of the Russian State University of Justice, Neshataeva Tatyana Nikolaevna

Yagya V. S., Li M.

G-3 – relations of USA, Russia and China in the context of the formation of the new world order
Batur A. G.
The formation of the afghan state in the context of the political struggle of great powers for control over the southern part of Eurasia
Koldunova E. V.
The partnership of Eurasian Economic Union and ASEAN: the role of the second track dialogue
Orlov I. V.
The customs policy of the Eurasian Economic Union: the rationale for the necessity of normative legal establishment
Shesteryakova I. V.
The issue of labor and legal geointegration
Shlykov P. V.
Alternative approaches to Eurasian integration: comparative analysis of Turkish Eurasianism

Buryanov S. A.

The principle of non-use of force or threat of force in the conditions of strengthening of global processes
Bekyashev D. K., Bekyashev K. A.
International legal problems of fisheries management in Mediterranean and Caribbean seas
Bakhturidze Z. Z.
The political and legal status of the quasi-states in the Transcaucasian region: rules of international law and political reality
Melshina K. Yu.
International legal aspects of combating extremism on the regional level on the example of the Council of Europe
Frolova Yu. N.
The issue of sovereignty and national self-determination under the circumstances of globalization

Grechenkova O. Yu.

The matter of the mass destruction of flora and fauna in the commission of acts of ecocide
Biryukova O. S.
The protection of human rights of older persons: international legal aspects

Shiyanov A. V.

The application of tariff and similar to them measures in the international energy legal relations
Shlyakhtin I. S.
Consumer protection from unfair commercial practices: the experience of the European Union

Mehdieva U. M.

The role of mass media in the development of public relations in the country (on the example of Azerbaijan)

Akchurin T. F.

Restatement of the law of the United States: nature, notion and axiological measurement

Doronina N. G
Competition of legal systems and integration policy in Europe
Yusifova R. T.
«Freedom of establishment» of companies in case law of European Court
Lyatifzade S. A.
Competition policy of the European Union

Ngatheyo Akony C. P.

About the legal positions of the African Court on Human and Peoples Rights and the Inter-American Court of Human Rights on the state restrictions on voting rights of independent candidates
Romanov R. V.
To the question about the influence of the world legal systems on the inter-national criminal procedure

Bayniyazova Z. S.

Consolidation of personal, social and state interests in the Russian juridical system
Didmanidze U .T.
The formation of the prerequisites of the «Just war theory» and its development up to Hugo Grotius

Zakharchenko G. V., Kuanysheva V. V.

War, USSR, world revolution
Kutyakin S. A., Kurbatova G. V.
Typological features of the person, role and place professional criminals – drifters in a prison community places of detention Russia XIX century
Fedoseev V. I.
Organizational and legal support for state farm construction in samara province in 1917-1921

Shabanov H. M.

Development of local legislative power of the Russian federation nowadays

Taranov I. E.

Self-regulatory organizations in the field of financial markets and the bank of Russia as subjects of administrative jurisdiction
Snetkovа D. N.
Features of the system and structure of executive authorities in the sphere of federal property management
Ismagilova A. R.
Combating illicit activities of nontraditional religious associations destructive nature in Europe
Vasilenko M. M.
Administrative prejudice as a kind of repetition of the acts
Pashkovskiy P. V.
Problems of liability for the violation of legislation on contract system of public-private partnership in the field of purchases of goods, works and services for state and municipal needs

Budnikov N. A., Plotnikova Yu. A.

Concept and legal nature of the state monitoring of lands of agricultural purpose

Dobronravin N. A., Ermolina M. A.

Environmental protection in independence and sovereignty declarations: the formation of Eurasian ecopolitical space
Emelyanova N. N.
The issue of international environmental security in the context of global security

Krasnoyarova N. I.

Legal consequences for non-execution of the agreement on compensation by the debtor
Trotsenko O. S.
The legal nature and features of public services
Vasilchenko A. V., Lonshakova A. R.
Forensic medical diagnosis of intentional infliction of harm to health in places of deprivation of liberty
Kondratovskaya S. N., Uskova T. V.
Some aspects of legal regulation of judicial expertise in civil proceedings
Mukhtarova E. A., Balandina S. I., Yadrentsev V. F.
The constitutional principle of state support for various forms of education: the peculiarities of its implementation in respect of the prison staff
Kozhina Yu. A.
State police in the sphere of alimony
Belyaev A. A., Kagirov B. R.
To the question concerning contractually regulated relations with involvement of athletes
Kurbanov D. A.
About legal regulation of the status of those involved in the case

Mironov A. V., Izbushkina S. I.

The termination of the employment contract by the employer for absenteeism of employee: matters of legislation and judicial practice

Nabiev F. F.

The improvement of the criminal law provides for liability for intentional destruction or damage of property
Nasyrov R. R.
Some questions combating drug trafficking in modern conditions
Splavskaya N. V.
The issue of the liberty deprivation legal nature for a certain period in the modern criminal law
Khismatullina E. O.
The historical aspect of the responsibility for driving a vehicle while being intoxicated

Nikuradze N. O.

The question of the feasibility of the world agreement on civil suit in criminal procedure
Salakhov S. B.
Separate aspects of a legal regulation expert activity in Russia

Korzhikova T. A.

Features of alternative types of punishments with obligatory involvement of the convict to work
Voroschuk V. B.
The definition of «organizational and staff structure of the colonies-settlements» at the present stage of development of the penal system: theoretical study
Potapov D. V.
To the question of optimization of criminal procedural relations of subjects of pretrial criminal proceedings

Kislitsyna N. F.

Educational program “ABCD de l’égalité” in France – nontraditional relations’ propaganda among juvenile
Mikhailenko I. A, Teplyakova O. A.
Russian national mechanisms for child protection abroad

Davletshina L. S.

Some features of fixing and results of interrogation
Davidova S. R.
Actual problems of ensuring the reliability materials audio and video recordings of investigative actions
Sidorov A. S.
To the question of preliminary’s quality of investigation
Novikova L. V., Zharko N. V.
Tactical and methodical techniques the identification of traces during the inspection of the scene

Trofimtseva S. Yu., Ilyushin D. A.

Some aspects of identification of the place and time of cybercrime committing in the Russian Federation

Avdeeva E. Yu.

The main stages of entering the service in bodies of internal affairs
Vicheva A. A.
Joint lawmaking internal affairs and government as a form of interaction
Evsikova E. V.
Prevention of offences as one of the basic directions of activity of police on providing of public safety in the Russian Federation
Kurakov D. V., Ekimtsev S. V.
Subjects of administrative-supervisory activities police
Fakhrislamov T. R.
Physical training of cadets of the MIA of Russia in the modern socio-political environment of the Russian Federation

Ragimli S. M.

The states international obligations on civil (personality) rights

Valeev A. Kh.

Countering extremism on the Internet
Mironova О. A.
Confessional consent as a basis of the national security threats prevent
Obrinskaya E. K.
Russian Federation policy in the sociocultural sphere in the context of national security ensuring
Safaryanov I. F.
Legal and social protection of persons participating in combating terrorism

Sharifzoda Z.

Сountering of the use of internet for an extremist and terrorist purposes
Sharifzoda Z., Gulahmadov D.
The threat of international terrorism in Central Asia and national approach in countering it

Namsaraeva O. S.

Substantial and methodical problems teaching the civil law in higher education institution
Potapova L.V.
The use of active and interactive forms of learning during lessons on civil-legal disciplines in higher educational institutions of the MIA of Russia
Galushkin A. A.
Efficacy evaluation of the financial condition of enterprise structures of educators and science at the present stage of their development in Russia

Nurmukhametova I. F., Nurmukhametov E. A.

To the question of socio-psychological influence on the personality of sects and terrorist organizations

Kapustina M. A.

Legal regulation in the context of integrative jurisprudence: norms, legal relationships, legal consciousness (Eurasian influence)
Korolev S. V.
Two meta-problems of legislation theory

Iskhakov M. Z.

About the specific origins of Russian civil community
Rusanova S. Yu.
Role of referendum democracy in the establishment of statehood in the Republic of Crimea
Stepanova M. S.
Reflections on electronic means of protest activities
Zaurbekov F. S.
The doctrine of the Imamate and rule of power in Shiite political and legal doctrine
Burkhanova E. V.
То the problem of functioning of political nicknames

Kharina R. S.

The analysis of the concept of “variability” as a language category

Baryshnikova N. A.

External determinants of financial security of the Russian Federation in the conditions of globalization
Gudkova O. V., Ermakova L. V., Kovaleva N. N., Melgui A. E.
The development of innovative technologies in the market of banking services
Zaytseva A. O., Rudneva Yu. R., Galeeva N. N.
Evolution of the performance indicators of the commercial bank
Redkina T. M., Pudovkina O I.
Prospects of development of Russian market in terms of sanctions
Redkina T. M., Sabanchieva D. H.
Encouraging of foreign investment in Russia in modern conditions
Spasskaya N. V.
SWOT-analysis of mechanisms of functioning of Russian Federation investment fund
Kokyshkina I. V.
The condition and legal regulation of investment processes in Russia: reality and problems of XXI century
Gareeva Z. A., Chervyakova K. A.
Peculiarities of organization of accounting of production expenses exploration enterprise
Gareeva Z. A., Galiev A. A.
Controlling the use of tools in projects of oil industry
Zyuzko Yu. A, Bakhitova R. H.
The problem of reforming the accounting territorial network organizations
Rogacheva A. М., Galeeva N. N., Galiullina R. R.
Stages of creation of system of monitoring of application of tax benefits

Sevalnikov A. Yu.

Reality and causality in modern physics
Vildanova G. B., Vildanov U. S.
Religiosity and conformism
Vildanov Kh., Galiev Gh. T.
Ethnic stratification and features of interethnic relations in Bashkortostan (part 1)
Vorokhobov A. V.
Anthropological understanding the concept of “nature” in creative work of Reinhold Niebuhr
Pozdyaeva S. M.
The cultural modernization as an important direction social reform in modern Russia
Popov V. V., Kiselev S. A., Ukolov A. O.
Social transformation in the context of social processes
Valiullina Z. R., Khanova R. V.
Sufism in context of Muslim culture
Vasiljeva N. A.
Philosophical foundations and contemporary realization of the right to life in the former soviet republics of Central Asia
Gulgenova A. Ts.
The philosophical teachings of yogachara according to the Siddhanta of Kunchen Zhamyan Shadpa
Kanysheva O. A.
Problem of metaphysics of love in post-soviet philosophy
Rostova A. T., Matsnev A. A., Grishay V. N.
The symbolism of corruption in contradictions social reproduction
Sypachev S. V., Abramov M. A., Bashtovoy V. Yu.
Socio-cultural dimension of ethnic conflict
Tagirov F. V.
Sexual preferences and the second binarity of sexuality
Shugurov M. V.
Phenomenon of the idea of law: experience of conceptualizing
Kazantseva M. A.
Xenophobia as a social phenomenon: the nature, identity and forms of manifestation
Yarkeev A. V.
The social construction of “dangerous individual” in the medico-legal discourse

Maleev Yu. N.

Environmental migrants in the international law context.
Review – comment to the monograph: Ivanov D. V., Bekyashev D. K. «Environmental Migration in International Law» (Cambridge, Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2016. – 178 p.)

Abanina E. N., Sorokina Yu. V., Shvetsova I. V.

VII Saratov legal readings «Right, science, education: traditions and prospects», the formations of the Saratov State Law Academy devoted to the 85 anniversary
Smirnova O. M., Bondarenko A. V.
Review of materials international socio-scientific conference “science, education, young people in the modern world” (Moscow, 26 may 2016)


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№ 11 (90) 2015 Международное право о принципе неприменения силы
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