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CONTENT OF NUMBER № 10 (101) 2016

Leonie Reins:
Energy and environment in EU law
Interview with Ph.D., scientific researcher of the Law Faculty of the Catholic University of Leuven L. Reins

Kadyrov A. A, Kirilenko A. V., Domashev I. A.
Prospects of «Interekopravo» (Interecolaw) ideas of E. A. Wystorobets in Eurasia (the right of citizens to a healthy environment in the Kyrgyz Republic)
Lapenko M. V.
Eurasian Economic Union and Iran: the negotiation process and prospects of cooperation
Mehdiev E. T., Guliyev I. A.
On the implementation of the EU programme“Eastern partnership” in the South Caucasus
Tumanyan A. E., Bоrel Yu. S.
The law-making of the court of the Eurasian Economic Union
Redkina T. M.
Forecasting of the process of investment cooperation between Russia and China in the context of globalization

Egorov S. A.
Action of institute of privileges and immunities concerning the staff establishment of an international criminal justice
Nedilko Yu. V.
Practical importance of law interpretation in the modernization of legislation in Muslim states
Keburia K. O., Solntsev A. M.
Hague Convention on Jurisdiction, Applicable Law, Recognition, Enforcement and Co-operation in Respect of Parental Responsibility and Measures for the Protection of Children 1996 and Minsk Convention on legal aid and legal relations in civil, family and criminal cases 1993: problems of interactions
Milinchuk V. V.
Current issues of accountability of states and individuals in cases of international intervention
Nurulin A. R.
Integration in international relations and international law

Korbut L. V.
International aspects of human rights in the context of globalization
Mingazov L. Kh.
About the effectiveness of international mechanisms of human rights protection (for example, Treaty bodies on human rights)
Bebyakin M. V., Kemov S. A.
Experience of rendering the public assistance to convicts in countries of Western Europe
Mareeva Yu. A.
Methods of conflict resolution in Ukraine (2014-2016)

Kazaryan D. M.
Economic integration in the context of global political and economic processes
Redkina T. M.
Prospects of cooperation of Russia and China in the global redistribution of the world economy
Shiyanov A. V.
The international legal bases of application of trade exceptions in the energy sector

Madzhizoda D. Z., Kudratbekova S. M.
Тhe problems of building a civil society in the Republic of Tajikistan
Sidakov D. H.
Concept and general characteristics of legal status of peasant, farmer and dekhkan households according to the Kazakhstan and Tajikistan law
Rakhimov K. H.
Legal status of nonprofit organizations under the civil legislation of the Republic of Tajikistan and the Russian Federation

Korneva A. N.
Implementation of the principle of representative democracy: the experience of the Russian Federation and the European Union

Semilyutina N. G.
Competing of the jurisdictions

Torchilin K. E.
An imperative norms as a special kind of norms of Russian law
Tokmakov M. A.
Deed in common law

Shemarov V. A.
Legalization syncretic restrictive rules in the legislation of Ancient Russia
Korablev R. N.
The role and importance of the penal code and criminal corrections 1845 in the development of institutions
of the special part of criminal law
Kuznetsov R. N.
The category of “force majeure” in German civil law from the late nineteenth century
Pirova R. N., Baboshina E. V.
Legal status and quantity characteristics of Muslim merchants of the Astrakhan province at the end of the 18th century

Kanunnikova N. G.
On the issue of administrative responsibility as an independent form of legal liability
Zh. Lu, Wang H.
Questions of differentiation of powers and subjects of conducting the Russian Federation and of subjects of federation in sphere of the legislation on administrative offences
Sukhanov A. V.
Concerning the question of differentiation of concepts of the counterfeited goods and goods which aren’t meeting safety requirements (on the example of medicines)
Pashkovskiy P. V.
Problems of improving the mechanism of contract system of public-private partnership in the field of purchases of goods, works and services for state and municipal needs
Evsikova E. V.
System of organs of administratively-tort jurisdiction of Republic of Crimea: problems of becoming and development

Valikaramov D. D., Konovalova E. A.
Ways of protection of corporative rights

Ghuksyan D. A.
Problems of bankruptcy law and their impact on the law on individuals of bankruptcy
Mazanaev M. Sh., Omarova M. I.
Some problems of the legal adjusting of the contractual mode of property of the married couples
Musaeva Kh. M.
The issue of legal regulation of foreign investments in the Russian Federation
Norbekova Yu. S.
Execution of family contractual obligations
Bulavitskaya E. V.
Certain criteria the quality of health services as a basis for voluntary fulfillment of obligations to provide medical services
Vasilchenko A. V., Lonshakova A. R., Gareev A. M.
Peculiarities of forensic-medical diagnostics of self-harm prisoners with the introduction of foreign bodies in the pleural cavity
Parygina N. N.
Fine line and great difference between a statement of fact and an expression of opinion
Belousova K. A.
The practice of evaluation concepts in the Federal Law «On Participation in the shared construction» in settling disputes about consumer rights protection
Osmanov O. A.
Legal nature of the agreement outsourcing

Moiseev A. I.
Legal analysis of the grounds withdrawal of land plots for state or municipal needs
Kolesova O. N., Startseva S. V.
Constitutional status of the subjects of the Russian Federation as a participant of land relations
Boltanova E. S.
The essential terms of the contract of lease of a land plot in Russia

Mukhamadeeva G. A.
The legal status of tax authorities with the conclusion and execution of tax treaties
Dashkov T. K., Bashmakov R. R.
About the need to promote the development of state motor fuel
Stepanyan M. L.
Problems of legal regulation of the Institute of the Financial Commissioner in the Russian Federation
Omarova M. U.
Problems of financial security of local government in Russia

Klepalova Yu. I., Kuchina Yu. A.
On some problems of professional selection(with example of the transport workers)

Abanina E. N.
Sustainable development ideas in the Russian forest legislation: terminology, legal consolidation, implementation
Ustinova A. N.
Russian international cooperation in the field of conservation, protection and reproduction of forests: the legal basis

Kirilenko V. S.
Fight against laundering of income gained criminal in the way and financing of terrorism
Pitetskiy V. V.
Changes needed in criminal law norms with administrative prejudice
Spector L. A.
Classification of crimes in the sphere of implementation of justice
Korablev R. N., Divaeva I. R.
To the question of development and formation of criminal law institutions in the domestic legislation of the XIX century

Golovastova Yu. A.
Subjects and participants of criminal-executive legal relationships:correlation matters
Marchenko D. E., Marchenko S. V.
Problems of the social support of the convicted to imprisonment

Erokhin E. A.
Problems of implementation of the defender’s rights in criminal procedure

Polyakov V. V., Mayunov S. I.
Problems of production judicial computer-technical examinations
Pashina Zh. A.
The development of the institute of executive documents:historical and legal analysis

Yusufov E.R., Bagatirova M.N.
Legal regulation of the rights of the child on the housing

Samorukova I. A.
The question of the reform of the Ministry of internal affairs of Russia
Sitdikov I. M.
District authorized agent of police as subject, carrying out verification of reports about crimes

Vorobjev S. M.
The risk of cybermapping
Ovodkova L. S., Yunusova K. V.
Ensuring the rights and freedoms of man and citizen in the activities of the prosecutor’s office and the ombudsman: general and special

Usov A. Yu.
The agreements between the prosecutor’s office of the Russian Federation and others state bodies as a form of their cooperation
Shalagina S. V., Lobankova I. P.
Public-legal bases of urban planning policy in Bashkortostan in 1946-1960
Аskarova A. R.
Current issues of anti-alcohol policy in modern Russia:on the example of alcohol happened in the mid 90-ies
and crime motivated by alcohol
Balykhin A. G.
Local Government as an Institution of Political-Legal System
Ishtuganov N. N.
Civil society

Mehdiev E. T., Zinovjeva E. S.
Science policy of France: current problems and solutions security and law

Strukov K. V.
Control activities of the Russian state for information relations on the internet
Migda N. S.
Legal regulation of transport security system problems
Saifullin E. V.
Current problems of implementation of the mechanism of participation of citizens in the protection of public order

Ozernaya E. P.
Communicative competence development with the realization of the person-centered approach in studying of cadets and students of institutes of the Federal Penitentiary Service of Russia
Kharkevich M. V.
From a regulatory neoliberal university management

Kicha M. V.
Custom as a form of law in the legal systems of the Islamic states of the Middle East

Akhunov R. R., Yangirov A. V., Toktamysheva Yu. S.,  Rabtsevich A. A., Mukhametova A. D.
The transport infrastructure and the migration attractiveness of municipalities in Bashkortostan Republic
Beglova E. I., Nasyrova S. I.
Migration as the missed factor of human development
Zulkarnay I. U.
Institutional aspects of rent relations in forestry:analysis of the Russian legislation
Kazakova O. B.
The development of human capital as a factor of investment attractiveness of the territory
Bulatova A. I.
Innovative models of the banking sector development as the factor of competitiveness increase in modern conditions
Barashyan L. R.
Problems of correlation of financial, tax and administrative responsibility are in modern science of administrative and financial law
Burenina I. V., Musina D. R., Gerasimova M. V., Gamilova D. A.
Systematic approach to design of logistics centers and wholesale warehouses at the regional level
Vishnevskaya N. G., Apokina K. V.
The role of trade unions in the development of the region workforce
Galimova G. A.
Problems of using fiscal and tax burden measures in regulating of economy
Ibragimova Z. F.
Socio-economic consequences of poverty in Russia
Islakaeva G. R.
The experience of import of advance institutions of sustainable forest exploration and lessons for Russia
Islamov M. A., Bakhitova R. H.
Inter-regional comparison in order to implement a benchmarking process
Kireeva O. A.
Legislation innovations on obligatory pension, social and medical insurance: what changes expect insurers in 2017
Kuzminykh N. A.
Trends of investment attractiveness of municipalities
Maksimov S. N., Khvostov A. B.
Negotiability as economic and legal concept
Modgina N. V., Nusratullin I. V.
Influence of migration processes on the development of small business
Nazarova U. A., Sadykova Z. A.
Effective system of material incentives for the teaching staff of a higher education institution
Nizamutdinova A. M.
Normative legal regulation of accounting and its influence on analysis of turnover in wholesale of petroleum products
Nizamutdinova A. M.
Application of IFRS’ law rules for business management
Prudnikov V. B., Gafarova E. A., Nadirbaeva L. A.
Econometric modeling of regional migration processes
Sibagatullina S. R., Baykova E. R.
Evolution of the concept of economic liberalism
Soloveva I. A., Nizamova L. R
The question of the elaboration of criteria for small businesses in the oil sector
Safina R. R., Gareeva A. R.
Evolution of economic essence of the concept “capital”
Safina R. R., Famutdinova A. G.
Features of drawind up and audit of the consolidated financial statements
Gelashvili V. V.
Investment resources of innovative enhancement of the oil industry in Russia

Vildanov Kh. S., Galiev Gh. T.
Ethnic stratification and features of interethnic relations in Bashkortostan (part 1)
Itkulova L. A.
Worldview as a sociocultural phenomenon
Yanguzin A. R.
The transformation of spiritual values in Russia
Afanasjev S. G.
Empathy and psychoanalyst
Vinogradova N. V.
The problem of forming sensual image: basic approaches
Demchenko P. N.
The sacred time of Maslenitsa as the time of the first act the action and of the first act of creation
Zvyagin S. A.
Factors of formation of socio-cultural branding and resources of development of maritime activities of Pomorje
Nikolaev A. S.
Environmental education in the era of the space-time transformation of the world
Sizintsev P. V.
Overview of the personal aspect of the doctrine of the Absolute in the article by I. P. Chetverikov
Semenova D. S.
The main motives for the understanding of creativity in the Russian philosophical thought (in the light of the ideas of S. L. Frank)


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Стратегия Могерини и военная доктрина
Трампа: предстоящие вызовы России

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Израильская доктрина o превентивной самообороне и международное право

7 (98) 2016
Международное право о применении государством военной силы против негосударственных участников

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Международное право и доктрина США о превентивной самообороне

№ 1 (92) 2016 Международное право о самообороне государств

№ 11 (90) 2015 Международное право о принципе неприменения силы
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