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CONTENT OF NUMBER № 11 (102) 2016


V. L. Tolstykh:

Winner of the prize F. F. Martens (2016)
Interview with the Head of International Law Department of the Novosibirsk State University; leading researcher of the Institute of Philosophy and Law of the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences Tolstykh Vladislav Leonidovich

Farkhutdinov I. Z.

Mogherini strategy and military doctrine of trump:the challenges ahead Russia

Sodikov Sh. D., Mehdiev E. T.

Cooperation between Russia and Tajikistan under the collective security treaty organization in the fight against new challenges and threats in Central Asia
Koktych K. E., Renard-Koktych A. V.
Industrial growth in terms of external sanctions:the Iranian experience for the EEU

Shiyanov A. V.

The international legal aspects of application of protective measures and the rules of access on the markets in the energy sector
Emelyanova N. N.
Genetically modified organisms:Russian law and international law

Guliyev I. A.

The decision of OPEC to reduce oil production:problems and prospects

Guliyev I. A., Markin A. S.

Adjudication of pipeline oil spills damage disputes in Canada

Nurieva G. D.

Environmental rights of citizens of the Republic of Azerbaijan

Gabdrakhmanova A. F.

Legal framework governing medicinal products in the European Union

Kulikov K. A.

Good faith principle (treu und glauben) in German civil law. General overwiew
Novikova O. I., Vasiljev P. A.
Contribution of Benjamin Franklin in shaping the constitutional foundations of the United States of America (part 1)

Kozhevnikova A. V.

Legal protection of inventions in the Russian Federation and Germany
Zhang X., Wang H.
Analytical comparative concept of the legal aspects of the constitution of the Russian Federation and the constitution of the United States of America
Yusupov T. I.
Comparative legal analysis of norms of Russian and foreign criminal legislation provides for liability for malicious evasion from payment of means for the maintenance of minor children and disabled parents

Gorbunov M. G.

Critical analysis to imperative theory of law in H. L. A. Hart’s legal conception
Khoroshko I. V.
General-theoretical and branch aspects of differentiation of the concepts of “source of law” and “form of law”
Chupanova A. Ch.
Sense of justice as condition of forming of legal competence of heads of the educational organizations
Vorobjev S. M., Tolchenkin D. A., Tolchenkina M. E.
Legal freedom as part of the overall freedom of the individual:the relationship between the concepts

Ryabchenko A. G.

Organization of the activities criminal procedure flow rate in the Moscow state XV-XVII centuries. Subjects and its implementation
Vildanov R. R., Bondarenko A. V., Lukijanov M. Yu.
Sobornost as Russia’s approach to national representation
Latypova N. S.
Influence of Civil war on development of the American federalism
Fedoseev V. I.
The farms of the samara province in the years of the NEP 1921-1928:organizational and legal aspect
Baklanova I. S.
White government and Cossack state establishments – the history of relationships: historiographic studies
Ishtuganov N. N.
Formation institutes of civil society in science of pre-revolutionary Russia
Shamsutdinov R. R.
Comparative analysis of state secrets legal remedy in Russian Federation and Great Britain

Fomichev M. N., Kolomeychenko E. A.

Institute of constitutional rights and freedoms as a guideline for the interaction between the individual and the state: the notion and properties o

Gladilina I. P., Arionchik A. A.

Procurement management based on the development of competition
Mashukova T. A.
On some problems of contestation of normative legal acts and of acts containing provisions and with regulatory properties
Ivanov A. D.
Responsibility in the field of genetic engineering activity:administrative aspect
Nikulinа E. M.
Examination by the customer the delivered goods, performed work, rendered services in accordance with the legislation of Russian Federation and other normative legal acts on the contract system in the procurement
Yusupova Z. G.
Organizing and obligations elements the right of operational management of the unitary enterprise

Konysheva E. G.

The question of the effectiveness of local self-government –the question of the definition of the levels of public authority
Gontar S. G.
Forming of local authorities in Orel region

Trapeznikov V. A.

Unilateral refusal: the disputed issues of law enforcement
Osmanov O. A.
Contract consumer credit (loans). Problems recovery of overdue debts
Puzina M. V.
Requirements for persons carrying out notarial activities
Krivusheva S. S.
The congregation as a civil law category, the interest participation in the meeting
Magomedova A.G.
Legal problems of military pensions
Yusifova R.T
Scope of application term «nationality» in relation to legal entity

Lomakina N. G., Volkova O. A.

To the question of the legal status of a specialist in the Russian procedural legislation

Demchenko M.V.

It guarantees the right of workers to training and continuing professional education
Malkerov V. B.
Regulation of relations in the field of pensions in the conditions of crisis phenomena in the Russian economy

Karavaev A. N.

Problems of insurance in Russia: prospects of development

Asmandiyarov V. M., Zarubin V. V., Sokolov N. A.

Housing subsidy as a social guarantee to the employees of the penal system

Vlasenko V. N., Abramov V. V.

Legal issues in implementation of basin principle at Russian water fund management

Alibekova P. M.

The evolution of the ecological functions of the state

Golubeva E. R., Yusupov T. I.

General social factors that contribute to the organization of illegal migration

Erezhipaliev D. I.

The exercise by the Prosecutor of criminal prosecution in pre-trial proceedings in criminal cases
Gadzhieva A. A., Musaev M. M.
Question of the unification of terminology in the crime associated with illicit trafficking in weapons

Sokolov Yu. N.

Electronic protocol of the procedural action in proving on criminal cases

Artemyev N. S., Titanov M. Yu., Kostramcov A. E.

Penal signs of latent crime in the penal institutions of deprivation of liberty
Epifanov O. S.
Legal regulation of the main directions and forms of educational work carried out by employees of criminal-executive inspections with prisoners sentenced to punishments and measures without isolation from society
Knyazeva O. V.
Probation and the problems of its application in the present period
Nuzhdin A. A.
Results of certain properties of personality entities corruption and factors contributing to delinquency and crime in the penal system
Chorny V. N.
Factors influencing the content of criminal-executive legislation and its development trends
Yakovleva V. M.
Сrimes convicts serving their non-custodial sentences
Mayorova E. O.
Setting goals penal legislation in international instruments, standards and defining the purpose of execution of criminal sanctions

Zhuravlenko N. I.

Application operatively-search activity rapid test for determination of drug
Sultanov A. V.
Forensic characterization of crimes committed in the field of computer technology
Shkabin G. S.
Detection of intent and crime provocation: problems with the legality of opera-tional-investigative activities

Matskevich I. M., Aminov I. I.

The problem of corruption risks in the penal system
Akayev D. K., Gadzhieva A. A.
The problem of criminalization of enforced disappearances
Malikov B. Z., Elizarjeva R.R.
Criminal and criminological aspects calls the “market” of Russia and incorporating their values at the institute of criminal convictions for resilience

Chernova G. Sh.

Legal aspects of civil proceedings in arbitration (arbitration court)
Akhmetova S. V.
Judicial document as a means of communication in judicial discourse
Ramazanova E. T., Agarabadanova N. R.
Some of the powers of the Prosecutor in the field of legislative activity
Shpak V. V.
Changing the subject or the base of the claim as a way to optimize civil proceedings
Cheryachukina E. A.
Conflicts can be resolved if there is a good will: a story of one «unresolved» construction
Erfurt A. B.
Understanding the category of “private interest” in criminal proceedings of Russia

Cherepanova I. V., Kiek T. Z.

Application of prosecutor administrative responsibility for violation of legislation on consumer credit (loans) in the commission of actions aimed at overdue payments

Zelik V. A., PozigunV. I.

The problem of assessing signs of ill-treatment of juveniles in the criminal legislation of Russia

Emelyanova N. N.

Agroecology, right to food and international law
Gadzhieva A. A., Latipov G. M.-S.
Viktimological aspect of theslave labor use

Maron A. I.

Information approach to definition of age structure of voters by results of elections
Mironova O. A.
Interaction of state and religious communities in realization of social function of the state
Pavlovskiy D. A.
Mechanism of interaction between state authorities of the subject of the Russian Federation with public associations
Bekishieva S. R., Daudov M. M.
State policy in the sphere of attracting foreign investments (legal aspect)

Skaridov A. S.

Legal regime of the Azov Sea and the Black Sea areas and regional security
Gadzhiev A. Sh.
The protection of public order, the constitutional principle activities of the Russian state
Kubiak M., Pushkina A. V.
Legal security as a type of social security
Ponomareva E. V.
Legal regulation of environmental security in Russia
Ramazanov T. B., Abukarova S. A.
Some legal measures preventing the financing of terrorism
Saifullin E. V.
On the question of the application of the federal law «On the participation of citizens in the protection of public order»

Azizova V. T.

To the question of legal competence of the head of educational institution
Murtazaliyev A. M., Mirzaev M. A.
Principles for the establishment of a system of continuing legal education
Titova O. Z.
The intensification of communicative skills of students of the FSEI OF HE SLI FSEP of Russia in the study of the discipline “Russian language in business documents”

Bykov V. N., Bykov K. V.

Mentality of the social group of the social movement of 1860s-1900s participants on the example of the herald groups in Moscow Duma
Murtazaliyev A. M., Bekishieva S. R.
Problems of increase of legal competence of employees of education: analysis of results of sociological research
Safin F. G.
Ethnosocial aspects of the adaptation of ethnic groups to the challenges of the market economy (based on the data of ethnosociological surveys in Bashkortostan)

Adukov R. H., Aydinova A. T., Zakharov R. V.

What hinders the development of consumer cooperation in Russia’s AIC?
Degtev G. V., Sergeev V. E., Tormozova E. D.
Modern management of the service contract as the foundation of effective procurement
Sergeeva S. A.
Professional statistical analysis of the scope of the procurement as the basis of efficiency of procurement activities
Stavtseva T. I.
Business Corruption factors on the base of institutional economics methodology
Maksimenko Z. V., Lackman I. A., ? Rozanova L. F., Popov D. V.
A model of probable sum of payment evaluation within the strategy of past due debts’ collection management
Musina D. R., Birukova V. V., Musalimov A. D.
The energy intensity of gross domestic product in the Russia
Redkina T. M.
Resource reorientation of Russia as a factor in the growth of its in-vestment attractiveness in the international market
Ipatjev I. R.
Regulation and supervision in the sphere of activity of unit investment funds and nongovernmental pension funds
Gaysina A. V., Suyundukova A. A.
Personnel potential of the oil companies as the basis economic growth of the country

Stoletov A. I.

Comparison of understanding creativity in ancient philosophy and Buddhism
Serebryakova Yu. A.
Buddhism as a formative factor in the national identity of the buryat people
Yanguzin A. R.
The transformation of the spiritual values of the youth
Belyakov N. S.
Irrational and rational in the modern cognition
Gulgenova A. T.
The genesis and development of historical and philosophical genre of “Siddhanta” in medieval Tibet
Ilyasov R. R.
Artificial intelligence and methodological preparedness of the student
Yanguzin A. R.
Evolution of spiritual values
Serebryakova Yu. A.
The influence of Tibetan Buddhism on the worldview of buryat people
Demichev I. V.
Archaisation as a crisis of modernization transit: sociocultural dynamics
Kadyrova G. F., Gindullin N. F., ?
Bondarenko A. V., Dallakyan G. R.
Objective and subjective conditions regulation industrial conflicts in a society undergoing transformation
Bigashev T. A.
«Friend or foe» in online communities: the problem of finding a collective identity
Ilyasov R. A.
The postmodern society as an element of the liberal model of social development
Rugal A. N.
The game in fiction: problems of identification and definition
Sizintsev P. V.
Overview of aesthetic aspects of the doctrine on the absolute to in article I. P. Chetverikov
Slock V. I.
The evolution of ideas about risk as a factor in the transformation of the social management system

Smirnov M. G.

“Discussions of theorists and practitioners of jurisprudence in Kazan: is it possible to effectively fight for improved rights in Russia in modern conditions?” Overview of the IV all-Russian scientific – practical conference “Improvement of implementation and application of law:General-theoretical and branch aspects” held on 28 October 2016, in the Kazan branch of Russian state University of justice
Solntzev A. M., Kuteinikov A. E., Golodova K. E., Yakulenko A. D.
Interdisciplinary approaches to the study of the UN discussed in the section of the RISA Convention

Anikin S. B.

Review of the monograph by E. Yu. Chmyhalo «State policy in the sphere of protection and use of the land: legal aspects»
Zalesny J.
Review of the monograph: «regulatory decisions specialized bodies of constitutional control in the Russian Federation, Belarus and the Republic of Kazakhstan: comparative law research» /G. A. Vasilevich, I. Yu. Ostapovich. – Minsk: «law and economy», 2016. 311 p. – (series «law review») ISBN 978-985-552-499-2



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Стратегия Могерини и военная доктрина
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Израильская доктрина o превентивной самообороне и международное право

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Международное право о применении государством военной силы против негосударственных участников

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Международное право и доктрина США о превентивной самообороне

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