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Professor Nicholas Robinson:

Environmental law in the era of th eanthropocene
Interview with a Professor from the Law school. Elizabeth Haub of pace University (USA, NY)


Eurasian Economic Union - realities of the current situation
Legal regulation of public procurement in EEU


Expanding access to medicines in frame of the right to enjoy the benefits of scientific progress and its applications
Establishing of trade measures to combat illegal fisheries:international and national legal norms
UN activities in the field of sustainable development
International legal aspects of intellectual property rights protection
The european interpretation of the law to freedom of conscience and religion
The problem of child marriages on the African continent(legal aspects)


Ensuring industrial safety on objects of extraction of hydrocarbons
Legislative and corporate regulation industrial security in Canada and the United States
Legal regulation of industrial safety


Specific features of the activities of the European Union agency for law enforcement cooperation (Europol) in the field of combating corruption
The granting of asylum for migrants in France
Development of penal institutions of open type in Norway as factor of resocialization of convicts


The definition of biological diversity in Iraqi law


Representation on appointment of the court in Russian and German civil proceedings


Fictions on the internet. Virtuality as a legal category
Legal forecasting of technology determine the effectiveness of normative legal acts
The role of the media in forming the legal culture of youth
The role of monitoring the legislation in improving the legislation of Russia


Criminal record in the criminal statute of 1903
Public policy of penal colonization of Eastern Siberia
To the question about synthetic concept of law by V. S. Solovyov at the end of the nineteenth century
Inheritance law in the history of the state and law of Dagestan:Imamat Shamil
The evolution of measures of corrective impact on the condemned in the realization of the reforms of the 70th anniversary of the XIX century in Russia


Territorial integrity doctrine in the constitutional law of the Russian Federation
Axiological aspects of carrying out the power of Constituitional Court of the Russian Federation to resolve the question of the possibility to execute judgments of the ECHR
The status of the state border of the Russian Federation:aspects of interaction of the constitutional legal and international legal regulation


About the new externally active way of implementing administrative-legal forms of implementation of control and supervisory functions of the state in the field of fire safety
On the issue of the legal regulation of the activities of transnational corporations at the international and regional levels
Formation of the arbitral tribunal in multi-party cases
Ratio private and public in non-contractual obligations
The written form of the contract, as a guarantee of improving the quality of legal service
Administrative responsibility for violation of legislation on participation in shared construction of apartment houses and (or) other objects of real estate
Features of the legal relations between the parties holding companies
Economic societies at higher educational institutions and research institutions as small innovative enterprises
The substantive aspect of determining the guilt of legal persons aspect. Actual problems of theory and practice

Timerbulatov I. A.

Selected issues the implementation of measures to ensure the safety of persons subject to state protection in foreign countries
Volkova E. A.
On the development of the institute of transplantation in the Russian Federation: problems and prospects
Odegnal E. A.
Civil legal mean and use of sources of individualization of goods
Omarov G. M.
Some problems of application of consequences of invalidity of the transaction with real estate
Plotnikov I. G.
Features of restriction of contracts freedom on the stage of conclusion of the contract
Pukhalev A. N.
Civil-law relations in production activities
Shapoval O. V., Toporin V. S.
The legal mode of parking spaces as real estate
Igbaeva G. R., Shakirova Z. R.
The migration processes of the Republic of Bashkortostan
Ushankov I. V.
Values in the provision of medical care to Russian citizens

Kurbanov D. A.

Some issues of legal regulation of mediation in the civil procedure law

Malkerov V. B.

Possible future development of the legislative process in the adoption of norms regulating relations in the sphere of labor
Ibragim-Zade T. B.
The termination of the employment contract by the employer for unauthorized use of days off

Kolesnikov Yu. A.

The Financial Ombudsman Institute in the realities of the modern financial market of Russia
Barashov E. A.
To the question of expertise within the state financial control
Gladilina I. P., Sosonov D. S.
Organizational and management model of the prevention of social risks in procurement in the construction industry
Gorkoltseva I. A.
The transfer of immobilized securities
Gubarkov E. O.
Protection of lessee in case of bankruptcy of the lessor
Nikulina E. M.
The control in the sphere of purchases which is carried out by executive authorities of the subject of the Russian Federation (on example of the Nenets autonomous district)
Mayorov V. I., Izyumova E. S.
Responsibility for making budgetary commitments in the absence of the finished limits of budgetary appropriations
Khismatullin O. Yu., Arutyunyan M. S.
To the issue of improving the efficiency of spending budget funds in the sphere of public procurement
Ballo N. A.
The law applicable to the derivative transactions (futures, forwards, options) in the absence of the parties‘ agreement on choice of law

Bushkov D. V., Pomazan S. V

Some aspects of criminalization, decriminalization and legal descriptions of the beatings in the Russian legislation
Markov V. P.
Problems of implementation of criminal punishments in the form of corrective and obligatory works
Valikaramov D. D., Konovalova E. A.
A person who working higher position in the criminal hierarchy:interpretation issues and problems of application of p. 4 art. 210 of the Criminal Code
Geta M. R.
Criminal offence and prospects for its legitimation in the legislation of Russia
Ibragimova A. D.
Ways of causing harm to health or death by negligence by actions (inaction) of medical workers
Fedorchukova Yu. Ya.
About the necessity of the legislative consolidation of the regulations about the actual mistake in the criminal code
Yusufova D. B.
The objective side of the crimes provided by article 174 and article 174.1 of the criminal code
Chernousova A. V.
To the problem of improvement of criminal legislation on liability for deliberate demolition or property damage (article 167 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation

Polstovalov O. V., Shagimuratova Z. A.

Theory of conflict consequence as the basis of the defendant in the activity tactics
Begova D. Ya., Kadieva A. B.
The procedural status of a lawyer in the criminal procedure of the Russian Federation
Gadzhiramazanova P. K., Nazhmudinov M. A.
Research of value and problems of criminal prosecution in the criminal procedure right of Russia
Gorban D. V., Efremova O. S.
The final stage of serving a criminal sentence in the form of imprisonment
Dalanov D. S., Korolev V. A., Fedorov A. V.
Criminally-legal characteristic of the convict applied to prejudicially the norm
Datsieva Kh. G., Kuchaev A. G.
The problem of reduced proving in the conclusion of a pre-trial cooperation agreement

Gabzalilov V. F.

Organizational and legal matters of carrying out of organizations by the operative departments inside the interventions of the survey of the premises at the decision of the objectives of operative-cost activity
Zharko N. V., Novikova L. V.
Actions of the employee of the institution providing isolation from the society in order to preserve the traces of the crime
Stepanova O. S.
Using the results of operational-investigative activity in the resolution of reported crimes
Yusupkadieva S. N., Kerimova A. A.
Some elements of the criminalistic characteristics of trafficking in human beings
Yaseneva M. O.
The content of elements of the criminalistics characteristics of violations of traffic rules by a person subjected to administrative punishment

Potapov D. V.

Vertical prosecuting authorities legal form and its implementation in criminal proceedings
Gridchina N. E.
Topical issues of settlement agreement in civil and arbitration process of Russia
Salikhov D. R.
The use of videoconference communication in conducting individual investigative actions, as guarantee of safety of participants of criminal proceedings
Potapova L. V.
Actual problems of civil procedure: theory and practice
Khasanshina F. G., Khasanshin I. A.
Court records as a procedural guarantees of realization and protection of rights of participants of commercial (“arbitrazh”) process
Yaroslavskiy M. A.
Typology of factors that entail violation subject to acts of extreme necessity
Magomedov M. M.
Problems of legal regulation of glasnost of legislation
Baychorova F. Kh.
Moral aspects and the principle of justice in the russian justice
Boretskaya L. R.
To abuse the issue of procedural legal sides arbitration proceeding
Khismatullin O. Yu., Arutyunyan M. S.
To the question about the effectiveness of the application of separate security measures concerning participants of criminal proceedings

Klimenko R.A.

The role of the advocate in the procedure of media

Zubkova M. N.

To questions of implementation and violation of the exclusive rights to the trademark

Khilko I. Yu.

Some problems of protection of minors in the Republic of Crimea

Gamdullaev T. M.

The problem of ensuring the rule of law as the principle activities of procuratorial organs of the Russian Federation

Bystrov G. E., Konstantinova O. N.

Input of Oleg Kolbasov – an outstanding researcher in environmental law in the XX century (to the 90th anniversary from the birthday)
Abanina E. N., Popkova V. A.
Ecologicalization of production in the Russian Federation: the mechanism of implementation, experience of foreign countries
Lyulyukina Yu. I.
Environmental crime: concept and types

Tsakhuev A. V., Yusupkadieva S. N.

Participation of citizens of the Russian Federation in illegal armed formations on the territory of a foreign state for purposes contrary to the interests of the Russian Federation

Butkevich S. A.

Innovative technologies in modern law enforcement:state and trends
Magrupov I. R.
Law enforcement as an important element in the formation of legal culture of civil society
Maloletkina N. S.
The problem of ensuring the personal safety of employees of the penal system in prisons of Russia

Ivanova S. V., Rodionov L. А.

To the question of legal consciousness and psychological training law students of the university

Petina M. M.

Protection of the constitutional rights and freedoms of the individual (for example amparo)

Kozlova Yu. B., Kostyleva E. G., Akhmetyanova E. I.

Generation of the Russian national idea and promotion features through means of advertising and public relations
Kurilkina O. A., Timofeenko V. A., Samoylova I. N.
Conceptual features of the period of transit of a democratic state
Filatova A. O.
Electoral offenses related to the status of the extended and registered candidate directly and in the composition of the election association list

Nurmukhametov E. A., Ivanova E. V.

To the question of the relationship of the phenomenon of autoaggression and body modifications in the form of tattoo
Nurmukhametova I. F., Ivanova E. V.
The problem of studying psychological characteristics of a person prone to xenophobia

Avdeeva L. A., Klyuchnikov D. A.

Improvement of the method of predicting the development of the regional fuel and energy complex
Vanchukhina L. I.
Algorithm of identification of deviations from planned costs of supplying activity of the oil processing enterprise
Gerasimova M. V., Yamilova Ya. V.
Methodological aspects of forming the strategic risks management system in oil and gas projects
Leibert T. B., Gusmanov M. I.
About creation of conditions for free trade in foodstuffs and growing monopolization of trading networks
Sergeeva O. Yu., Sagadeeva A. D.
Volatility of world prices on oil market
Salemgareev A. A.
The effectiveness of economic policy in the regions of the Russian Federation on the basis of GRP indicators and the amounts of federal transfers for 2010-2014
Safina R. R., Yunusova E. I.
Audit of integrated reporting
Sergeeva O. Yu., Chan Kh. F.
Trade activity of Vietnam in the 21st century
Safina R. R., Bagautdinova A. F.
Advantages and shortcomings of use of computer technologies of registration process and auditor activity
Chekryzhov A. V.
The asymmetry of the socio-economic development of regions of the Russian-Kazakhstan border
Shilimanov M. S.
Consumer demand in the conditions of transition to a postindustrial society
Павловский Н. А.
Оценка эффектов импортозамещения в химической промышленности на основе определения корреляционных соотношений и мультипликативных эффектов
Vdovina D. E.
The state of material and technical resources in the Russian Federation
Gnedkova V. A.
Analysis of the economic interaction of subjects of the Russian Federation in the role of development East the Siberian area
Mityushnikova Yu. S., Rudneva Yu. R., Gareeva Z. A.
Analysis of the dependence of the type of the enterprise’s credit policy on the factors of the external and internal environment
Shaidullina E. I., Gareeva Z. A., Galeeva N. N.
Development of tools of management accounts and be discussed
Galeeva N. N., Rudneva Yu. R., Nutfullina F. A.
Internal control system as a tool of risk-oriented approach to tax inspections
Spiridonov A. V.
Implementation of contract management system on the basis of performance criteria for the effective development of the metropolis
Leibert T. B., Dyachkova O. V.
Modern aspects of corporate control and analysis of reserves at its refinery
Khalikova E. A., Arutyunyan B. Kh.
The modern model of cash flow management in the company
Akhmadullina A. Yu., Kireeva O. A.
Necessity of improvement of the internal control system for effective functioning of the enterprise
Ivanova I. V., Kasimov A. R.
Development of strategic controlling with the use of a balanced scorecard
Boldyrev E. S., Mazitova M. N.
Topical issues of assessing the economic efficiency of the restructuring of the oil company in modern conditions
Ivanova I. V., Priimak V. V.
Improving the efficiency of enterprise management system of the fuel and energy complex on the basis of controlling
Farshatova G. M.
Reform of the savings business in the new economic policy
Ivanova I. V., Gumerova O. R.
The development of instruments of controlling of marketing activities on enterprises of fuel and energy complex
Leibert T. B., Badretdinova Yu. I.
Corporate analysis of enterprise receivables
Khalikova E. A., Suyargulov R. R.
The model of procurement management state of the company based on compliance with administrative procedures
Bezsmertnaya A. S.
Trends in the global financial services market in modern conditions

Valitov O. K., Valitov I. O.

Some conditions of self-realization in the civil society
Sharipov A. R.
Philosophical views of the thinkers of the past about the nation and national identity
Yanguzin A. R.
The philosophical meaning of the idea of “tariqat”
Yashin A. N.
Historical and philosophical representations on the essence of justice
Valitov O. K., Valitov I. O.
Environmental issues and idea of human protection
Khasanova G. M., Abrarova Z. F., Khasanova A. N.,  Safina E. N., Khasanov R. V.
Characteristic of the relationship of students to the problem of drug addiction (The results of sociological research)
Lyashenko O. V.
Philosophical-anthropological approach to understanding culture
Valeeva A. S., Khasanova A. N., Khasanova G. M.,  Abrarova Z. F.
Influence of risk factors on the formation of health of modern youth
Minigulova I. R.
Geophilosophy as the newest form of geopolitics of legal states in the conditions of globalization
Zinnatullina R. F.
The nature and essence of justice
Gorbachev S. B.
On the ideological foundations of US foreign policy
Moiseeva M. V.
Deformations of legal consciousness as a factor of legal risk:a differentiated approach


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№ 4 (104) 2016
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Превентивная самооборона в международном праве: применение и злоупотребление (С.97-25)

№ 2 (105) 2017
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№ 1 (104) 2017
Иранская доктрина о превентивной самообороне и международное право

№ 11 (102) 2016
Стратегия Могерини и военная доктрина
Трампа: предстоящие вызовы России

№ 8 (99) 2016
Израильская доктрина o превентивной самообороне и международное право

7 (98) 2016
Международное право о применении государством военной силы против негосударственных участников

№ 2 (93) 2016
Международное право и доктрина США о превентивной самообороне

№ 1 (92) 2016 Международное право о самообороне государств

№ 11 (90) 2015 Международное право о принципе неприменения силы
или угрозы силой:теория и практика

№ 10 (89) 2015 Обеспечение мира и безопасности в Евразии
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