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Happy New 2018 Year, Eurasia!

N.B. Pastukhova:

Eurasian integration belong to the future
Interview with Pastukhova Nadezhda Borisovna, Ph.D. in Law, Professor of Constitutional and municipal law sub-faculty of the O. E. Kutafin Moscow State Law University (MSAL), Honorary Worker of higher professional education of the Russian Federation

Selivanov A.I.

The american doctrine of pre-emptive military strike as a political and legal realization of the spiritual basis of american culture
Belskaya E.I.
Principle of homogeneity in decisions of EFTA Court and the European Court of Justice within the European Economic Area
Bagdatyeva A.A., Novozhilov A.V.
The question of Israel in the UN Human Rights Council
Ramazanova S.T.
Neutrality as a complex institution of modern International law
Novikova O.I., Rudman M.N.
International law and the doctrine of universal human values (part 1)
Skachkova Yu.A.
Problems of interstate debt: historical and legal digression

Babichev A.G.

Responsibility for murder under extenuating circumstances in some countries оf post-soviet space
Kim O.D., Kafarov Yu.A.
Legislative possibilities for ensuring actual equality and real competitiveness of the parties in pre-trial proceedings of the criminal procedure process of the Kyrgyz Republic

Saydulaeva L.M.

The general description of criminal legislation about liability for facilitating terrorist activities
Pashaev Kh.P.
Domestic violence: the experience of the transcaucasian republics (Azerbaijan, Georgia)

Elshin E.B.

Granting the land plots which are in the state and municipal property in China and the United States (a comparative legal characteristic)

Krizhus I.K., Panchenko V.Yu.

The legal regime of the enactment of normative legal acts: the historical aspect
Drobyshevskiy S.A., Gabov A.A.
On the meaning of the terms «center» and «periphery» concerning the political and legal centralization and decentralization
Azizova V.T.
To the question about the concept and forms of abuse of the right
Panchenko V.Yu., Tolstykh A.S.
Victims at law: linguistic and statistical analysis of the concept
Valikaramov D.D., Konovalova E.A.
Legal regulation of legal persons of public law in the system of constituent entities of the russian law: collision aspect
Galiev F.Kh.
Statutory regimentation as criterion of distinction between violence and coercion
Huseynov G.I.
Theoretical and legal foundations and genesis of the state policy of the Russian Federation in the field of taxation
Kasimov T.S.
About delimitation of forms of power depending on the subject of power attitude toward the acquired authority

Makarchuk I.Yu., Panchenko V.Yu.

On some developments in legal regime of krasnoyarsk district court prosecution after the Judiciary reform of 1864
Bessilin N.A.
Legal aspects of the century war in the creativity of Juvenal dez Jursen (1388-1473)
Erkeev I.Kh.
The state-legal mechanism for ensuring economic security during the NEP
Zhurov A.N., Shingareva N.V.
On guard of law and order: quarter warder on the occasion of the 300th anniversary of the Russian police)
Panchenko V.Yu., Serebrennikova S.A.
Triad of property rights in the history of faculty of law

Shabanov Kh.M.

Place and role of legislative power in the system of separation of authorities in Russia
Zlobina E.A.
Constitutional-legal principles of efficiency of the system of government authorities
Skovorodko A.V.
Implementation of persons with disabilities due to war injuries of constitutional rights
Kamilova P.S.
The judicial system of the Russian Federation(history and modernity)
Alieva M.N., Valiev M.E.
Citizenship as an internal and international institution
Boldunov U.A.
Formation of the constitutional-legal doctrine on the right of intellectual property in the Russian Federation
Bokov Yu.A.
“The multinational people of the russian federation” –the subject of constitutional legal relations

Letaeva E.A.

Administrative liability for failure to provide the benefits of moving the vehicle with the included special light and sound signals
Komarova O.N.
Legal and administrative measures against drug trafficking in the network «Internet»
Migda N.S., Laptev M.V.
Brief summary of administrative responsibility for the transport passed by maritime transport

Vlasenko V., Kesidi S.

Civil-law measures of legal maintenance of development of the ground areas

Mogilevskiy G. A., Sanin E. P.

The practice of military courts on the realization of the rights to participate in accumulating a mortgage system for housing of servicemen and members of their families: current problems and solutions
Petrushkin V. A., Gurjeva R. I.
The problems of legal qualification requirements, aimed at protecting civil rights
Аlibulatova Z. M., Huseynova L. V.
Protection of the rights of the debtors under the agreement of the participation in the construction
Asadov V. V.
Regarding to the issue of implementation of the international legal acts which regulate enforcement of sentences not entailing removal of convicted person from society in Russia
Asmandiyarov V. M.
On the issue of understanding civil rights in the system of Russian law
Gevorkyan D. P.
Legal problems of the application of social legislation
Zverev A. V.
About a concept of public service of other types of the Russian Federation
Kozhina YU. A.
The child’s right to alimony
Solomatina E. V.
Civil-legal regulation of relations in sphere of rendering of hosting services
Romanov A. A.
On ensuring the right to health in the context of implementation «May» decrees of the president of the Russian Federation
Rubtsova N. V.
Some forms of public-private partnerships:a comparative legal analysis
Sayfutdinova V. M.
The principle of good faith and trademark
Shayakhmetova A. R.
Medical activity as a source of the increased danger
Khamidullina F. I.
Paradigmatic approach in the study of the moral foundations of civil law
Baiburin A. R.
On the legality of charging a notary fee for the provision of services of legal and technical nature in the commission of notarial actions
Dydymova N. M., Ahmedova Z. A.
Determination of the place of the residence of the child at separate residence of parents
Ramazanova R. M., Akhmedova Z. A.
Foreign experience of organization and financing of capital repairs
Shakurova N. K.
Evolution of scientific ideas in the sphere of liability for compensation for harm caused by activity creating increased danger to others

Klepalova Yu. I., Kuchina Yu. A.

Medical inspections: some theoretical and practical issues
Bayramov V. M., Bayramov S. V., Khludnev E. I.
Labor and civil-legal sources of athletes and coaches regulations аннотация
Shchennikov V. A.
Problems of the legal nature of employer liability for delay of payment of wages and other payments owed to the employee

Mamalaeva U. M.

Legal features of sale of the enterprise at bankruptcy at the stage of external management
Chuprin M. G.
To the question of the legal nature of the application of cash as means of ensuring the execution of the contract

Geta Yu. R.

Problems liability insurance in tourism in the conditions of modernization of the russian economy

Gordeev A. Yu.

Features of victimological prevention of crimes and other offences with the help of modern technical means
Мuzafarov I. A.
Methodological approaches to the differentiation of criminal and administrative responsibility for petty theft in the legislation of the Russian Federation
Narodenko V. V.
Possibility of applying information to number of items of purification
Puchkov D. V.
Cybercrime as a specific negative phenomenon of modern society
Sasikov A. I., Kharaev A. A.
Some of the problematic aspects of the application of article 317 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation
Babichev A. G.
Issues of liability for the murder of a person or its close in connection with the implementation of this person of business activity or performance of the public debt for the criminal legislation of Russia
Gadzhieva A. A., Gusniev K. A.
Problems victimological prevention of crimes against women(regional aspect)
Ivanova L. A.
The height of telephone swindles as a result of avail communication and factors influencing on exposed this category of crimes
Ziyadova D. Z., Adamova R. I.
To the question of appointing the death penalty and life imprisonment for women who have committed terrorist crimes
Namnyasev V. V., Nurushev A. A., Semikin M. A.
Features of verification reports on embezzlement of funds committed with the use of malicious computer programs
Babichev A. G.
Peculiarities of the qualification of the murder of the perfect with the special crueliness (p. “d.” ch. 2 st. 105 of the criminal code of the Russian Federation)
Musaev M. M., Gadzhieva A. A.
Illegal arms trafficking as a factor of terrorist crimes
Bakhmetjev A.I.
The concept factor influencing the organization of activity of bodies of preliminary investigation in system of the Ministry of internal Affairs of Russia on investigation of criminal cases on manufacture, storage, transportation or sale of counterfeit money or securities and the criteria for their classification
Gordeev A. Yu.
The problems of preventing high-intellectual crimes in Russia

Magomedov A. A., Marianov A. A.

The role of the centres of temporary detention of juvenile offenders of the Ministry of interior of the Republic of Dagestan in the prevention of juvenile delinquency

Suleymanov T. A.

Legal interest of the prison administration AT the stage of execution of the sentence
Orlova A. A., Polosukhina O. V.
Some issues of implementation of law in the activities of the Federal service of execution of punishments of Russia
Shurukhnov N. G., Yankavtseva А. V.
Providing respect of human dignity when keeping suspects and defendants under guards
Abramenko A. A.
On the issue of prospects for the development of legal regulation of the initial stage of pre-trial proceedings in a criminal case
Gamzaeva A. I.
Appropriation of the authority of the prosecutor with the credentials of the head of the investigate body
Munchaeva K. E.
Problematic issues of application of preventive measures in the form of detention
Yusupkadieva S. N.
Change in the procedural situation of the accused, the defendant and the convicted person in the criminal proceedings

Begova D. Ya., Birembekov I. S.

General conditions of preliminary investigation related to ensuring the rights and legitimate interests of its participants
Kairgaliev D.V., Ponomarenko D.V., Ovechkin D.G.
Aspects of inspection of the place explosion, search for explosive substances and products of their change, peculiarities of expert research and use of results for disclosure and investigation
Kuzhuget T. K.
To the theory of forensic analysis of crimes related to tax evasion

Bichenova A. R., Dolina V. A.

Criminological characteristic of the individual of the colleague type of the criminal

Kolyuka N. N.

Legal regulation of the participation of the prosecutor in administrative proceedings

Arutyunyan M. S., Khismatullin O. Yu.

A mechanism for providing lump-sum social paymentfor acquisition or construction of residential premises to the employees of internal Affairs bodies of the Russian Federation requires further improvement
Danelyan R. N.
Problems of realization of the right of employees of internal affairs agency to housing in the Russian Federation
Streltsov V. V.
Problems of application of incentive measures to employees of the internal affairs bodies of the Russian Federation in the territorial bodies of the MIA of Russia and ways to solve them

Gorodilova Yu. L.

Legal grounds of reduction of a penalty in a judicial proceeding

Prokhorov E. A.

On the issue of general social measures to prevent corruption in public procurement

Gugunskiy D. A., Koneva A. E.

The issue of importance of developing comprehensive national strategies to combat sale and sexual exploitation of children facilitated through new technologies
Sodikov Sh. D, Kaskulov A. M.
The role of parliamentarism in the protection of human rights

Basov A. V.

Information support in emergency situations: the organizational and legal aspect
Bayrushin F. T.
A retrospective analysis of malware
Belyaeva Yu. N.
Presumption of consent to «posthumous» donation as a threat to national security of the Russian Federation
Basova Yu. Yu.
Subjects of public safety in emergency situations and their classification
Gadelshin R. I.
On the problems of the evolution of federalism in Russia in the light of the formation of a national security policy
Keburiya K. O., Solntsev A. M.
Combatting the exploitation of children by new technologies in the context of Japan: legal aspects
Mamleev R. R.
The parental control, espionage passions or impunity?
Sudakova O. V.
Problems of legal regulation of transport safety in railway transport

Arsenteva N. A.

Legal nature of professional development of civil servants
Berdysheva S. N.
Comparative legal analysis of different categories of educational institutions of higher education in the Russian Federation

Gladilina I. P., Sergeeva S. A.

Modern approaches to quality assessment public services
Korovin V. V., Grokhotov A. N.
Some aspects of legal regulation of the state of project management in Russia
Murtazaliev A. M., Mirzaev М. А.
Interaction of bodies of State power of constituent entities of the Russian Federation and local government in the socio-cultural sphere
Mirzaev M. A.
The basic principles of interaction of state power and local government in the Russian Federation
Gadzhiev A. Sh.
Place and role of local self-government in the system of separation of powers
Khamitova R. M., Shayakhmetova R. R.
The main directions of anti-drug policy in the Republic of Bashkortostan
Mirzaev M. A., Karibov R. M.
Topical questions of reforming of the Institute of local self-government in the Russian Federation
Teplyakov D. O., Khandrik E. A.
Russian-finnic cooperation of municipal formations in the cross-boarders zone (the project «Karelia» as example)
Gornev R. V.
Interaction between local governments and public associations:prospective ways of development of regional regulation
Kozhenko Ya. V., Pashkovskiy P. V., Kataeva T. M.
Analysis of foreign and domestic research experience of legal regulation of public-private partnership

Brusentsova L. S., Gagina M. V., Khakimova I. I.

Revisiting the state and development of non-financial reporting in the Russian Federation
Divisenko Yu. A., Zaytsev A. G.
Classification of methods and approaches used in the marketing research of financial markets
Leibert T. B., Bulatova M. R.
Improving the system of controlling of innovation activities of vertically integrated oil companies
Gorchak M. O.
Problems and factors of increase of labour productivity in industrial enterprises (on the example of Moscow region)
Loktionova M. A.
Development of strategy of formation of the financial potential of Russian corporations: theoretical-methodological aspect
Nizamova G. Z., Gaifullina M. M, Suyundukova A. A.
Assessment of market value of the petrochemical enterprise
Salnikova I. N.
The concept of innovative potential in domestic and foreign economic science
Bedikin V. V.
Analysis of the use of the mechanism of public-private partnership in socio-economic development of the constituent entities of the Russian Federation in 2014-2015
Divisenko Yu. A.
Features of influence of the used methods of analysis of financial markets on their functioning
Gubina A. N.
Procurement planning of health care facilities under the new rules
Gaynullin R. T., Burenin A. N., Burenina I. V.
Analysis and prospects of development of the world market of oil services
Kasimova D.F., Kasimov T. S.
Financial analysis in audit
Klyavlina Ya. M., Klyavlin M. S., Bobkov O. V., Talipov R. A.
Increase economic efficiency while improving the organization of the production process
Khalikova M. A., Gerasimova M. V.
Methodical aspects of oilfield services company portfolio strategy formation
Khayrullin V. A., Terekhov I. G., Abalahin A. A.
The concept of renovation of civil buildings: theoretical and applied aspects of the phenomenon
Chernenkov I. V.
Problems of the enterprises of mechanical engineering
Chen X.
The role of informal institutions the internationalization of chinese and russian companies

Neganov F. M., Sultanova A. S.

The conception of deployment in philosophy and science
Bondarenko V. N.
Mysticism as a philosophical problem
Salikhov G. G., Minnegulovа I. R.
The specificity of culture in the development of human
Avdonin A. N.
Global cross-cultural value orientations and education
Lukmanova R. Kh., Belyakov N. S.
The cognitive importance of belief
Kasatkin P.I.
Reform of russian education: axiological angle
Mayatskaya O. B., Abrarov I. I.
The phenomenon of health a philosophical problem
Baymieva V. YU.
F. M. Dostoevskiy’s philosophical problems and the current issues
Gazizov R. R.
Legal information space-time: the experience socio-philosophical conceptualization
Rybakova I. A.
Is the antique philosophy of relevance, or: why do we need the greeks?
Kasatkin P. I.
Future of russian education in the context of the economy of knowledge
Yusupova G. I.
The regional dimension of combating the ideology of religious terrorism in the educational space of the Republic of Dagestan
Mayatskaya O. B.
Sacrament of life and death, the search for ways to immortality in the philosophy of east and west
Lapatin V. V.
Bases and principles of tolerance in inter-national relations in the modern russian society


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Право международной безопасности

Инсур Фархутдинов: Цикл статей об обеспечении мира и безопасности

№ 4 (104) 2016
Московский журнал международного права
Превентивная самооборона в международном праве: применение и злоупотребление (С.97-25)

№ 2 (105) 2017
Иранская доктрина о превентивной самообороне и международное право (окончание)

№ 1 (104) 2017
Иранская доктрина о превентивной самообороне и международное право

№ 11 (102) 2016
Стратегия Могерини и военная доктрина
Трампа: предстоящие вызовы России

№ 8 (99) 2016
Израильская доктрина o превентивной самообороне и международное право

7 (98) 2016
Международное право о применении государством военной силы против негосударственных участников

№ 2 (93) 2016
Международное право и доктрина США о превентивной самообороне

№ 1 (92) 2016 Международное право о самообороне государств

№ 11 (90) 2015 Международное право о принципе неприменения силы
или угрозы силой:теория и практика

№ 10 (89) 2015 Обеспечение мира и безопасности в Евразии
(Международно правовая оценка событий в Сирии)

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