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№9 (52) 2012


CONTENT OF NUMBER № 9 (52) 2012

Persona Grata

Political modernization in the eurasian space.
Interview with V.V. Gayduk, Vice-president of the National Union of Political Scientists, head of the Center of politicial and legal researches of the Eurasian Scientific Research Institute of Problems of Law, doctor of political sciences, candidate of juridical sciences, professor

Actual interview
«Thanks to state agency on services to citizens and to social innovations the trust to state agencies will increase»

Eurasian Integration: Experience and problems
Fonarev M.A.

Priority projects of frontier cooperation of the Russian Federation and the European Union: present challenges
Filippenkova M.O.
Contractual and legal basis of cooperation of the Russian Federation in the field of environmental protection in the Аrctic

International law
Bekyashev K.A., Bekyashev D.K.

Legal status of CECA F and recommendations on developing cooperation of the Russian Federation with this international organ
Nefedov B.I.
Triptych. Intersystem formations in law. Part 2. Legal nature of intersystem formations
Tagiyeva S.Ch.
Principles and mechanisms to ensure international legal protection of the Сaspian sea
Levchenko J.Yu.
About relativity of priority of international law

Law of the CIS
Saitova E.F.

Transformation of political regimes of the post-Soviet states: theoretical and methodological aspects
Khayretdinov R.A.
Administrative and legal regulation of public service in the cis countries: comparative analysis
Baykanova A.Sh.
Incitement to a suicide: qualification of the crime

Krokhina J.A.

Features of budget process in the countries of the «Group of seven» and Russia: comparative analysis
Sopilko I.N.
Comparative analysis of getting information by state authorities: experience of Ukraine and European countries
Misnik V.A.
The problems and consiquences of «the eu’s third energy package» implementation into legal system of the Republic of Serbia
Alekseenko A.P.
Features of legal regulation of foreign investments in the sphere of insurance services of the people’s republic of China

Theory and History of State and Law
Samigullin R.M.

To the problem of implementation of juridical responsibility’s mechanism
Mardanov M.H.
Ethnonational policy of Komintern in Bashkiria in days of war: investigation and diversions
Volokushina I.V.
From the history of formation of independence of judicial authority in the context of development of control powers of court
Doklayev N.S.
Regulation by the norms of common law of land relations of karachai and balkars in the first half of the xix century

Constitutional law
Iskuzhin R.K.

Problems of constitutional and contractual equality of subjects of the Russian Federation
Safina S.B.
Structure of republican constitutions in the Russian Federation
Timerbayev T.A.
Constitutional and legal problems in system interaction of public authorities in the Russian Federation
Garannikov P.S.
Some questions of the theory and practice of implementation of electoral rights of the Russian Federation
Pushkarev S.V.
Influence of judicial practice on the form of government
Kuleshov A.N.
Ensuring of constitutional right of citizens to business activity at regional level (on the example of the Republic of Bashkortostan)
Halak O.N.
Homeless as subjects of Russian law

Civil law
Bystrov G.E.

Actual problems of development of cooperatives in the Russian legislation
Dontsov S.E.
The right of ownership and property rights: absolute, integrity, holiness
Khayrullin F.R.
Features of difficult object regarding the fourth part of the civil code of Russia

Isayeva E.A.

Guarantees and privileges for women: aspect of the gender neutrality of international standards and Russian legislation
Shumova J.V.
About some problems of employment of disabled people

Land law
Dihtyar A.I., Reshetnikovа O.A.

Invalidity of land tenders: monitoring of application of the law at territory of the Common Economic Space

Family law
Krasitskaya L.V.

Right of parents and child on contact as object of legal protection

Criminal Law and Criminology
Dyadyun K.V.

Problem aspects of interpretation and application of corpus murder by mother of newborn child
Bogdanov S.V., Yermolaev D.V.
Crime among women: from the Russian Empire to the Russian Federation (experience of the retrospective analysis)
Kazamirov A.I., Filippov O.A.
Responsibility for crimes committed against personal freedom in the history of criminal law of Russia
Yusupov T.I., Golubeva E.R.
Historical aspect of criminal liability for evasion from payment of funds for the maintenance of children or invalid parents
Ivanova S.A.
Justice principle in general provisions of the Civil Code of Russia
Kasyanenko M.A.
About some criminal aspects of diversification of legal immunity into «illegal»
Kolomiychenko E.V., Zelentsov A.A.
General characteristic of crimes of corruption orientation In Russia
Klyovan N.V.
Main tendencies of execution of imprisonment in the European countries

Criminal process and Criminalistics
Valeev A.Kh., Samoylov A.Yu.

Features of investigation of extremist crimes
Lonshchakova A.R., Vasilchenko A.B.
Special psychophysiological researches with the use of polygraph in investigation of crimes against person

Eurasian advocacy
Volodina S.I.

Literary and rhetorical criticism in education of forensic orator
Busurina E.O.
Suspension of the status of lawyer as a measure of disciplinary responsibility
Kiselyov P.P.
Lawyer investigation in a context of ensuring the rights of the personality and access to justice

Law and politics
Yusupov M.H.

Immigrants as participants of political process: current state and development prospects
Demyanenko Yu.A.
Role of federal districts in the system of subject structure of Russia: nonconstitutional fixing
Khalikov M.I., Gimayev I.Z.
Forms of realization of public opinion in the system of modern public administration

Review of Yu.S. Pilipenko’s work. «Code of professional ethics of the lawyer. Scientific and practical comment». – M., 2012.

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