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№4 (107) 2017

CONTENT OF NUMBER № 4 (107) 2017

Madzhidzoda Dzhurakhon Zoir:

Life in the service of the motherland
Interview with Ph.D. in Law, professor, Chairman of the Committee on law and order, defence and security Parliament of the Republic of Tajikistan, major-General of militia, state Counsellor of justice of the Republic of Tajikistan 1 class Madzhidzoda Dzhurakhon Zoir

PogodinS. N.,Li J.

The Eurasian Economic Union and Chinese project “One belt and one road”
Sukhova E.A.
Tendencies of development of international legal state cooperationparticipants of the commonwealth of independent states in the sphere of providing an ecological safety
Chudinovskih M.V.
The legal basis for the regulation of prices in Russia and the countries of the Eurasian Economic Union
Shadrin A.D.
The system of marketing authorization of medicines in the frameworks of the single market of the European Union and the Eurasian Economic Union: comparative law research
Semenov D.V.
Prospects for the development of the Eurasian international transport corridor «Northern Sea Route»: legal analysis
Tolstykh V.L.
The order of International court of justice on the application of the international convention for the suppression of the financing of terrorism and of the international convention on the elimination of all forms of racial discrimination (provisional measures, Ukraine vs. Russia)
Bayldinov E.T.
Towards a new international law

Nefedov B.I.

Triptych. Human rights: evolution of legal regulation. Part 3: Principal directions of evolution of the international legal regulation of human rights and fundamental freedoms at the present stage
Mishalchenko Yu.V.,Zabelina V.V.
International legal problems of the european notary in the member states of the EU
Mezyaev A.B.
On the matter of the immunities of judges of international criminal tribunals
Sheveleva S.V.,Urda M.N.
Criminally-legal means of combating illegal migration in the legislation of individual EU countries
Nurulin A.R.
The concept and features of international integration communities

Tovmasyan H.V.

The transition of Nagorno Karabakh Republic into modern presidential system by the constitution of 2017
Guliyev I.A.
Foreign policy strategy of the EU towards South Caucasus republics
Mehdiev E.T.
Social-economic aspects and peculiarities of Central Asian migration to Russia
Saftar R.
The general comments and interpretations of human rights Committee and Azerbaijan Republic Legislation

Sushchenko S.A.

The doctrine about forbiddance of evidence in criminal procedure Federal Republic of Germany
Khanukaeva T.E.
Types of ADR procedures in foreign countries and the conditions for their application

Mayorov V.I.,Ivanova S.I.

About the action of the reconstructive functions of legal responsibility
Darda A.V.
To the question of the relationship of law with other legal categories
Kucherkov I.A.Voronina T.V.
Legal globalization: concept and essence
Murtazalieva A.H.
Opportunities and challenges the rule of law in Russia
Trofimtseva S.Yu.
The problem of definitions of «computer information» in Russian law concept
Vagin P.A.
The concept of ethnic crime
Komissarov A.V.,Mogilevskiy G.A.
Principles of law, as the original beginning of the formation of serviceman to housing (theoretical and legal aspects)
Miroshnichenko Yu.V.
The formation of small size fleet in Russia

Aibatov M.M.

The enlighteners of Russia on the integration of the peoples of the North Caucasus in the russian state and legal space
Amirov R.Z.
Special legal regimes and militaryzed imperates ensuring internal security in the territory of the “white” governments of Russia (1918-1920)
Ismagilova A.R.
The historical aspect of counteraction to sects and other nontraditional religious associations destructive nature until the nineteenth century
Arzhilovskiy D.E.
Legal regulation of tobacco production and trafficking in Soviet Russia (1918-1925)
Kuanysheva V.V.
The construction of the airfields of the NKVD in the Kuibyshev region before and during the great patriotic war
Marchenko S.V.
Expressive means of language and literary devices in the speech of forensic orators of XIX century
Fedoseev V.I.
Problems of material and technical equipment of state farm production in the first decade of soviet power (on materials of the samara province)
Nasonova A.V.,Kuzmina I.K.
Legal regulation of use and protection of forests in Russia: the pre-revolutionary stage and modernity
Omarova Kh.M.
Normative legal regulation of the prosecutor’s functions from the first years of soviet power in the early 60-ies of ХХ century
Scherova N.S.
Circulars of the censorship as a source of law in the Russian Empire
Yakovlev K.L.
Ministry of internal affairs and governors in pre-reformist Russia

Novikov A.S.

The constitutionality of some political rights restrictions for persons with dual citizenship
Philimonov Yu. V.
Constitutional judicial control in sphere of legislation: revision of constitutional nature of legislative acts in stage of passing new law

Mayorov V. I.

Introduction of regulation of state and municipal services as the basis of improvement of the management system in Russia
Kolomeychenko E. A., Krepak S. V., Fomichev M. N.
Theoretical and legal aspects of Government inland waterways in Russia
Solonitsyn P. S.
Administrative process and administrative procedure: the relationship of concepts

Karibov R. M.

Interaction of society and power at the level of local self-government
Bekisheva S. R., Kadieva S. M.
The reception of the institute of the municipal ombudsman in Russia

Rubtsova N. V.

Some forms of public-private partnerships: a comparative legal analysis
Zyryanov I. V.
Legal and organizational bases of attraction of public organizations of law enforcement focus to the tasks entrusted to the police
Eremeev D. V., Gorelov M. A.
Specifics of legal regulation of participation of citizens in public order protection on the territory of the Republic of Crimea
Ermilov V. B.
Determining the amount of civil liability of officials of organizations in bankruptcy
Khan K. A.
Leases of hazardous production facilities (HPF) as an object of modern legal regulation in Russia

Nadtachaev P. V., Malysheva N. A.

The accounting of moral criteria when determining compensation of moral harm

Sycheva O. V.

Importance of the norms of the international labor law on migration in the Russian Federation
Kaysarov I. A.
On some theoretical and practical issues related to the implementation of special rights of workers

Sotnikova A. B.

Rights to the land plot provided for the integrated urban development

Gladilina I. P., Kurdakov A. V.

Professionalism of customers in managing the process of centralization of procurement
Simonyan Sh. R., Shichanin M. A.
Legal regulation of financial control: comparative legal analysis
Travina L. A.
Audit and evaluation stage of budget process as a budget transparency idea
Temirova B. G.
The implementation of strategic planning in relationship with budgeting, result-oriented

Botvin I. V.

Features of the direct object of the crime under article 165 of the Criminal code of the Russian Federation
Valikaramov D. D., Konovalova E. A.
Qualification problems of rapes involving women
Valiullin L. Z.
Some questions anesthesia society at the present stage
Vasilenko M. M.
The determination of structural elements of a crime under part 2 of article 314.1 of the criminal code «Evasion of administrative supervision or repeated non-compliance identified by the court in accordance with Federal law, restrictions or limitations»
Galygina I. P.
To the question of criminal liability for violation of privacy with the use of the internet
Kaymak E. V.
The introduction of the institute of criminal liability of legal entities in the Russian Federation
Maletina M. A.
«Groups of death» and juvenile suicide:criminal and legal aspect
Popova G. V.
Incest and its criminal-legal value
Prikhodko N. Yu.
The causal complex of committing smuggling in railway transport
Yushina Yu. V., Romanovskaya I. V.
On the issue of using in the law-making activity the concept of the vulnerable state of the injured person
Fedorchukova Yu. Ya.
Mistake as a criminal law phenomenon
Sultanov A. V.
Current problems in the detection and disclosure of fraud in the sphere of computer information
Safonov D. A.
Forensic characteristics of tortures: contemporary problems and perspectives decision
Sasikov A. I., Sasikov B. M.
On problems of applying the notes of articles 121 and 122 of the Russian Federation Criminal Code
Latypova D. M.
The restriction of freedom in the system of punishments

Kuznetzov E. V.

Improvement of legal regulation of the procedure election of a measure of restraint in form of detention in the absence of the wanted accused
Omarova M. R.
Problems of protection of the accused at the arraignment in the Russian criminal process
Gadjiramazanova P. K., Ibragimov R. A.
Admissibility of evidence in the criminal process

Evsikova E. V.

To the question of improvement of the definition“system of prophylaxis of offences”
Poziy V. S.
Professional and personal qualities of the investigator (interrogator), applicable in communication with the interrogated suspect (accused) (on the basis of the socialogical survey)
Smolina M. M.
Legal institute further investigation
Sarkisova D. S.
Crimes in the housing and communal sphere as an object of criminal-legal analysis
Sorokin A. I.
Criminal and legal estimation of the executive of the executive

Nizaeva S. R.

Criminal characteristics of fraud in the sphere of turnover of residential property
Vladimirov S. I.
The issue of providing state guarantees for the protection of persons assisting the bodies conducting operative investigation activity

Lutsenko P. A.

The court in appeal: the concept and the essence
Gridchina N. E.
Topical issues of improvement of forensic medical aid in civil proceedings
Ovchinnikov E. O.
The problems of measure of restraint against the suspect (accused) of committing crimes in the sphere of economy
Sokolov Yu. N.
Electronic passport in criminal proceedings
Shirokov I. V.
Activity of public prosecutor on the protection of rights and legal interests of crime victim in criminal cases, where criminal trial is conducted insimplified procedures
Fatkullina I. N.
Engaging a professional as a way to ensure competitiveness in the procedures for the use of special knowledge
Nurbalaeva A. M., Paizueva L. I.
Some aspects of procedural peculiarities of proceedings in the cases about the persecution of paternity

Mallayev M. A.

The main objectives and tasks of the prosecutor’s supervision

Zhuravlenko N. I., Shvedova L.E.

Protection of national interests of Russia in the information sphere
Kolochkov E. D.
International terrorism act (art. 361 of Russian Penal Code)

Chelpanova M. M.

Bodies of internal affairs as subjects of financial law

Kudashev R. K., Sharipov A. R.

National aspects of forming a healthy lifestyle for students in the Russian Federation

Kabanov V. L.

First communication in the UN committee on the rights of the child
Galygina I. P., Pisarevskaya E. A.
The right of the minor condemned, serving imprisonment, on private life: problems and prospects

Iskandarova G. R.

Urgent problems of modern judicial linguistics
Kharina R. S.
Juridical text as a communicative unit

Gazizova L. M.

About political regime in the federal state

Chekha V. V.

Decrees of the Russian President as the basis for ensuring financing of education in Russia
Sizonenko Z. L., Semenova K. A.
Strategic planning in the management of municipal education: the essence of the concept

Khaikin M. M.

Economic and legal problems of development of the services sector in the knowledge society
Burenina I. V., Vanchukhina L. I., Shakirova A. A.
Improving the system of planning of development of network of filling stations of oil companies
Rogacheva A. M., Ibragimova A. V., Ramazanova A. R.
Theoretical approaches to formation of system of tax controlling at the enterprise
Sabiryanova R. G., Fedotova T. P.
Some aspects of increasing food production by domestic producers
Sibagatullina R. M., Muhamadiyrova A. K.
International reporting of the investment organization
Sergeeva O. Yu., Nguen B. Ch. A.
Modern model of the Vietnam economic development
Burenina I. V., Maksimov D. S., Evtushenko E. V.
Ways of increasing economic efficiency investment projects in the russian oil industry
Gareeva Z. A., Kadesnikova O. V., Larina Ya. D.
Peculiarities of the control organization in enterprises of various property forms
Burenina I. V., Prokofjeva P. E.
Monitoring of innovative potential of enterprises for training oil and gas industry
Gerasimova M. V., Musina D. R., Solovyova I. A.
Complex indicator for assessment of innovative potential of the company
Kravchenko N. A.
About some aspects of forming the concept of efficient tourism development in Crimea
Spasskaya N. V.
The mechanism of selecting projects for funding at the expense of means of investment fund of the Russian Federation
Asadullin A. I.
Theoretical approaches to the definition of “Macro-region”
Zobova A. Yu.
Consulting market in Russia: insight and development tendencies
Beyzerov N. A.
Legal aspects of startups
Umernikova A. V.
Investments: the concept and classification
Khasanov I. I.
Development and effective use of labor resources policy
Kashayev N. K., Kirkitadze. E. E.
Globalization as a tool of neoliberal economic policy
Musina D. R., Nizamova G. Z.
Assessment of availability of foreign investment resources to the russian oil and gas companies
Solovjeva I. A., Nizamova L.R
To the question of the state support of activities of the small oil companies on the basis of organizational economic incentives
Khripchenko M. I.
Transnational business risks for the Russian economy: the case of “Sberbank”
Chekryzhov A. V.
Comparative characteristics of the business environment of border regions of Russian Federation and the Republic of Kazakhstan
Padezhova L. D., Tovysheva I. Z.
The development of the institute state-private partnership in Russia

Rakhmatullina Z. Ya., Shaykhutdinova L. S.

The role of mass media in the spiritual formation of modern youth
Popov V. V., Muzyka O. A., Maksimova S. I.
Alternativistics in the context of social development
Pozdyaeva S. M., Prokshina L. R.
The game as a way to achieve social maturity of the individual in modern society
Valitov I. O.
The solution of the demographic problem is the why of national security
Shapovalova E. I.
Philosophical understanding of values within the framework of comprehension of culture and phenomenological reduction
Frolova I. V.
Scientometrics and management of the development of science: Philosophical reflections
Yanguzin A. R.
Aspects of the matrix of spiritual values
Lyashchenko M. N.
The problem of the procedural nature of loneliness
Galieva D. A., Petrova E. A.
Logico-philosophical content of the concepts “Law” and “Enactment”
Abrarova Z. F., Kharipova G. Kh., Abrarov I. I.
Influence of mass media on the formation of valuable orientations of modern youth
Vinogradova N. V.
Social-humanitarian knowledge:dialectics of objective and subjective
Abrarova Z. F., Asadullina G. R., Abrarov I. I.
The essence and specifics of formation of spiritually-moral qualities of today’s youth
Dallakyan G. R., Zakieva Ya. M., Goremykina L. I.
The world of new urbanism as a condition of humanization of society
Kozyrev M. S.
The dichotomy of “elite-mass” in the publications of the representatives of the political party “United Russia”
Konopleva A. A.
Change in religious affiliation as an actual trend of the religious outlook of modern man
Dallakyan G. R., Mirsayapova D. D., Kadyrova G. F., Bondarenko A. V.
The problem of revitalization as a method in conditions of conservation of mongies of the Republic of Bashkortostan
Lyashchenko M. N.
To the question about the relationship of loneliness and social individualization
Popov V. V., Muzyka O. A., Dzuba L. M.
Factor and the levels of temporality in the context of the subjective reality of a person
Shalagina S. V.
To the problem of legal maintenance of state information policy
Chudina-Schmidt N. V.
The semantic field of the concept of extreme
Yashin A. N.
Spiritual-mental and world-observed basis of russian justice
Ilyasov R. A.
The Chinese experience of modernization of the late XX – early XXI century, as an alternative to the liberal model of social development in modern Russia
Iseeva E. R.
System continuity in the development of the society:methodology of modern social -philosophical analysis
Kadyrova G. F., Gindullin N. F., Bondarenko A. V., Lukiyanov M. Yu.
Influence of types of economic development conditions on regulation of conflicts in the production sphere
Chernyshova L. I.
Criticism of Darwinism N. I. Danilevsky:the philosophical aspect
Yashonkov V. V.
Designing socio-cultural activities and participation in their realization of different stakeholders
Lukiyanov M. Yu., Bondarenko A. V., Kadyrova G. F., 
Gindullin N. F.
The use of audiovisual and interactive technologies in educational process of the University(on the example of the subject “Philosophy”)
Gorodetskiy M. V.
Тhe genesis, problems and prospects of the concept of natural law
Pechurin I. V.
Logical and deontological aspects of the “Russian Truth”
Molomin V. V.
The role and importance of mass media in the development of civil society in Russia

Abashidze A. H., Gugunskiy D. A., Solntzev A. M.

XV Blischenko congress «Blischenko congress» (Moscow, April 22, 2017)








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Московский журнал международного права
Превентивная самооборона в международном праве: применение и злоупотребление (С.97-25)

№ 2 (105) 2017
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