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№6 (109) 2017

CONTENT OF NUMBER № 6 (109) 2017

M. Palahí:

About forest management, forest law and forest policy
An interview with director of the European Forest Institute Marc Palahí

Nikolaenko D.N., DanilovD.A., Martinov V.A.

The question of tax crimes, committed in the framework of the Eurasian economic Union (EEU)
Approaches to the regulation of real estate activities in the countries of the Eurasian Economic Union

Mirzayev F.S.

Burkina Faso vs. Mali boundary dispute and its importance in determining and affirming uti possidetis principle’s role
Tumanyan A.E.
Pre-trial settlement of disputes: from general to private
Kozachenko B.P., Shmaeva T.A.
International legal acts about the peculiarities of execution of the penalty of imprisonment women with young children
Kichenina V.S.
Space law as a branch of public international law
Temiraev A.V.
Territorial disputes in the context of understanding the principle of territorial integrity
AbulehiaBahaa N.M.
The international legal analysis of the resolution of the UN General Assembly № 181 on the Palestinian refugees
Boklan O.S.
Equivalence as a Material Condition for Authorization to Retaliate within the WTO
Keburiya Ch.O.
Right to reparation for the violation of human rights: position of the UN Committee against Torture
Krivenko N.A.
Statutory regulation of the right of usufruct of vineyards in Spain
Xu Li.
The compliance of china’s intellectual property legislation with the requirements of TRIPS
Saddarova K.O.
International standards of treatment of prisoners in applying to them medical measures
Hashim S.J.
National legislation as an important mean for implementation of the norms of international environmental law in the Republic of Iraq

Chekulaev S.S., Knyshov A.A.

Features of property rights protection: russian and foreign experience of countries in the Asia-pacific region

Sufiyanova G.R.

Traditional leaders in the modern system of highest bodies of the state authorities of Tropical and Southern African countries

Efremovtsev A.R., Voloshina T.A.

Comparative analysis of sanctions for the violation of the order of wearing footwear in the legislation of the Russian Federation and foreign countries

Bayniyazova Z.S.

Role of lawmaking policy in increasing effectiveness of legal regulation in the russian juridical system
Huseynov A.A.
The relation of law and morality: a review of the opinions of modern scientists-jurists
Hasanguliyev G.M.
Principles, goals and objectives of systematization of legislation

Akhmetshin R.A.

Administrative-legal regulation of the food supply of the population of Bashkiria in the period of the New Economic Policy
Baranova A.S.
Banditry and measures to combat it in the Far Eastern Republic
Ignatjev E.A.
Legal regulation and the organization of payments of field money by the serviceman and to the staff of the People’s Commissariat for Internal Affairs of the USSR in 1941-1945
Lantseva V.Yu.
The nationality of merchant marine vessel in the Russian Empire
Lunin S.V.
About offenses of laymen according Stoglav
Lyasovich T.G., Romanova I.V., Udaltsov A.A.
Formation of juridical personnel training system in the Russian Empire
Lunin S.V.
Problem of identification of church responsibility according to Stoglav
Tarasova T.A.
The factors that influenced the utopian concept of Antiquity, Middle ages and New time. The ratio of religious doctrine and ideas of a utopian society
Alekseev S.O.
Ideas of autonomization in the politico-legal literature of the period of Soviet Russia creation

Anisimova M.A.

Constitutional and legal basis for the exercise of the right of individuals to freedom and personal inviolability

Trotsenko O.S., Pelvitskaya T.V.

Peculiarities of legal status of parties in public-private partnership agreement
Kvasov V.B.
The legal construction of article 20.17 «Violation of the permit regime of the protected object» of the Code of Administrative Offenses of the Russian Federation: problematic issues

Trotsenko O.S.

The new legislation on public-private and municipal-private partnership: problems of practical application (on example of Novouralsk city district)
Temirova B.G.
Legal regulation of institute of legal responsibility for budgetary offences

Kolybanova V.A.

Promotional activities as type of entrepreneurial activities

Lysenko Yu.N.

Corporate contract in the Russian law: historical development and issues of legal regulation

Galaeva A. A.

Problems of legal regulation of organization of capital repairs of apartment buildings

Pirozhkova N. P., Streltsyn B. E., Pirozhkov I. A.

State policy of the Russian Federation in the field of consumer rights protection
Shichanin M. A.
Representation in the works of V. A. Ryasentsev: problems, the retrospective and modern analysis

Kurbanov D. A.

Some problems of legal regulation of status of civil parties
Mitrakhovich A. S.
The invalidity of decisions of meetings

Aliev H. K., Magomedovа M. M.

Features of the conclusion of fixed-term employment contract
Bakhrieva Z. R., Yaroshevskaya A. V.
The reasons of termination of legal relations of obligation under the contract on performance of works
Islamova V. R., Lysenko N. A.
Guarantees and compensations for employees engaged in harmful and (or) hazardous working conditions
Khurmatullina A. M.
Distribution of powers between federal and state governments in the sphere of protection the labor rights

Aleksandrov G. N.

Covenants in loan agreements

Khakhaev D. D.

Institute for the recovery of tax arrears from affiliated third parties in the tax law of the Russian Federation. Actual problems of theory and practice

Voropaev S. A.

On some problems of struggle against crimes related to the illegal turnover of weapons, ammunition, explosive substances and explosive devices
Geta M. R.
Classification of crimes: some aspects improvement in the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation
Gutieva I. G.
The organization of an illegal armed formation or participation in it: issues of qualification
Bichenova A. R., Shalmanov D. A.
Prison juvenile delinquency: determinants and prevention measures

Ogryza A. V.

Suspension of arrest on property as a measure of providing the civil proceed in the criminal process
Legostaev S. V.
Administrative supervision: organization of work and effectiveness of application
Osheev A. V.
State protection of witnesses: actual problems and their solutions
Omarov A. N.
The role of the lawyer in the study and evaluation of evidence in criminal proceedings

Galygina I. P., Pisarevskaya E. A.

The criminological characteristic of the personality of the convict, leaving imprisonment in the correctional facilities of Kemerovo region

Antonov V. V.

Detection and study tracks explosive devices
Eremin S. G., Vasijlev D. V., Safonova Yu. S.
Features of application of special knowledge in the investigation of thefts of oil and oil products
Grigorjeva M. A.
Application of various psychological techniques during interrogation. Russian and foreign experience
Gritsaev S. I., Pomazanov V. V., Us D. A.
The role of the Prosecutor and the court to investigate
Petchenko A. E.
On the question of the need for the application of the polygraph in law-enforcement activities
Fairushin T. A.
Legal analysis the detention of the suspect in committing a crime
Faskhutdinov R. F.
The order of detention and the calculation of its timing

Minyasheva G. I.

Some aspects of the detection and investigation of facts of bribery committed through virtual currencies

Aleshin S. V.

About some questions of preventing street violent crime
Vagapov T. Kh.
Some aspects of negotiating with terrorists
Koshevets G. V.
Information security of department of internal affairs
Nyrkov V. G.
Issues of improvement of organization of protection of apartments and other places of storage of property of citizens
Osheev A. V.
The prevention of extremism and terrorism
Cherkesov S. A.
Extremism in the youth environment

Grigoryan I. G.

Ways of improving legal regulation of the assisting state and public athorities in the activities of penal inspections FPS of Russia
Minigaleev R. R.
Topical issues of strategic planning of activity of bodies of internal affairs of the Russian Federation on formation of a personnel reversal
Mustafin R. R.
On the legal protection of police officers, who used organic firearms
Zaytcev N. V.
Formation of stress-resistance and correction of psychological stress of ATS staff
Nazarov A. Yu.
Legal regulation of the use of firearms by law enforcement officers of the Russian Federation
Stepanov G. I.
Aspects of physical training of employees of internal affairs bodies at the present stage
Khlebnikov S. V.
Problematic issues of the current state of protection of honor, dignity, business reputation of employees of internal affairs bodies and business reputation of the system of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation
Yamaletdinova N. V.
International legal acts in the sphere of law enforcement activity of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia

Avdeev D. A.

Modern problems of russian federalism
Burbina Yu. V.
The process of federalization: the nature and significance
Murtazin A. I.
The impact of globalization on the internal functions of the state
Lanovoy V. G.
The identity of russian statehood: the concept, characteristics, origins
Pirozhkov I. A.
Common mistakes in the implementation of outsourcing in the bodies of executive power
Karibov R.M.
Evolution of forms of interaction of society and power in modern Russia
Nurichuev M. G., Magdilov M. M.
Essence and principles of formation of legal state in modern Russia

Kostyleva E. G., Topskiy V. D., Shabanova V. V.

Actual deviant forms of economic behavior in modern Russian society

Bikmetova Z. M.

Improvement of the mechanism of activation of investment activity in the region
Nuriev B. D.
Theoretical constructs in science of financial law: naming the problem
Rudneva Yu. R., Sharafutdinova R. Sh.
Enhancement of estimate of efficiency investment projects in oil refining industry
Spasskaya N. V., Takmakova E. V., Stetsenko A. V.
Investment in innovation as a determinant of economic growth and a tool to improve the quality of life of the population
Khalikova E. A., Lyubimova N. And.
Model of tax controlling of the company on the basis of system approach
Gaifullina M. M., Nizamova G. Z.
Personnel relation assessment algorithm to innovative transformations to the companies
Khalikova E. A., Miniyarov B. Z.
The controlling process of management of investment activity in the oil company
Pastukhov A. A.
The problem of innovative development of small and medium-sized business enterprises in the Republic of Bashkortostan
Manuilenko V. V., Ryzin D. A.
Comprehensive subject-object characteristics of the concept “financial risk” in the commercial corporate organization

Faizullin A. F., Salikhov G. G.

Aesthetic culture as opposition to technocratic thinking and spirit of technicism
Valitov O. K., Valitov I. O.
Spiritual security, freedom of speech” and “freedom of the press” in Russia and in the countries of Southeast Asia
Chernyakova N. S.
Senses and goods of human existence as the objects of axiological studies
Mikhaylov V. V.
Human rights: illusion and reality
Yashin A. N.
Evolution of the ideas of russian justice: from sacralization to secularization
Yanguzin A. R.
The spiritual values of Islam as a sociocultural phenomenon
Strigin M. B.
Metaphor – the cipher of Genesis
Vezlomtsev V. E.
Social, philosophical and normative theorizing of corruption in classical and post-classical discourse
Faizullin A. F.
Aesthetic taste as a subject of social philosophy
Fomin S. M.
Extremism of minors as a phenomenon in the modern world
Bychkov A. A.
“Deideologization” of modern Russian society: myth or reality
Izotov M. O.
Value of imagination for scientific creativity
Iseeva E. R.
System continuity in the development of society: the role of socio-cultural traditions

Farkhutdinov I. Z., Fayzullin G. G.

Review on the monograph of E. F. Nigmatullina
“Normative factors affecting the exercise of the rights on land”. Kazan: Kazan University Publishing house, 2016. 494 p.



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Стратегия Могерини и военная доктрина
Трампа: предстоящие вызовы России

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Израильская доктрина o превентивной самообороне и международное право

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Международное право и доктрина США о превентивной самообороне

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№ 11 (90) 2015 Международное право о принципе неприменения силы
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№ 10 (89) 2015 Обеспечение мира и безопасности в Евразии
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