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№8 (111) 2017

CONTENT OF NUMBER № 8 (111) 2017

Chernov I. V.:

Lingopolitics of Eurasia: the role of the russian language in the integrated interaction of the EAEU countries Interview with associate professor of World politics sub-faculty of the St. Petersburg State University, Ph.D. in historical sciences Chernov Igor Vyacheslavovich

Rogov I. V.

To the question of legal regulation of the material responsibility of the employee in the countries of the Eurasian Economic Union

Bogatyrev V. V., Kalamkaryan R. A.

The international treaty process as a way of ordering interstate relations based on the rule of law
Buryanov S. A.
Problems of legal regulation of the internationally recognized freedom of conscience in states belonging to the religious legal family in the modern global processes
Petrov I. V.
Mechanism of legal regulation in the field of trade and investment with a purpose of creation of conditions of free movement of goods, capitals, services and technologies within the framework of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization
Ermolina M. A., Matveevskaya A. S., Pogodin S. N.
Some problems of effectiveness of UN ecological protection
Pavlov D. V., Malashenko T. I.
Legal support of the Spanish banking system(Origin and formation: 1950-2008)
Shiyanov A. V.
The features of the international legal regulation of investment aspects of an energy cooperation
Chattaev A. R.
Global terrorism in international law
Starovoytova K. V.
Interests of a child according to international and russian law
Stepanov P. P.
Elements of war crimes in the practice of applying the international criminal law
Simatova E. L., Toporin V. S.
The prospect of unification of legal norms, regulating trade and economic relations on the territory of the countries-participants of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization
Ischenko N. G.
EU bodies, acting in sphere of insurance services regulation
Tsvetkova Yu. S.
Some issues of legal regulation of travel insurance in the circumpolar regions

Tovmasyan Н. V., Poghosyan V. G.

The evolution of the form of government in the Republic of Armenia
Chernyavskiy S. N., Mehdiev E. T.
Azerbaijan as a recognized leader of the South Caucasus region
Omurchiyeva D. M.
Responsibility of shareholders and officials for violation of norms of corporate law in the Kyrgyz Republic

Fedorova S. I.

Export controls as an instrument of U.S. foreign policy in the second half of the twentieth century

Vilkova M. Yu.

Article 50: agreement between the UK and the European Union
Mukhametgareeva N. M., Yusupova Z. A.
Legal animal protection in Europe:current trends of the development

Kоrkmazov A. V.

The basic principles of countering terrorism in Russia and foreign countries
Morin A. V.
The comparative analysis of concepts of “extremism” and “terrorism”, and also some derivative concepts from them by the legislation of the Russian Federation and the Republic of Tajikistan
Rudman M. N.
Synthesis of the constitutional models of States and the Soviet Union in modern times

Bayldinov E. T.

Culture as a base of economic behavior and its effective legal regulation
Bayniyazova Z. S.
Legal status of an individual, juridical system and policy of law: some aspects of their correlation
Aubakirova I. U.
On the question of approaches to the correlation of the Eurasian type of statehood and legal system in modern legal discourse
Grigorjev A. S.
Remedies individual legal regulation as a substantial phenomenon
Epifanov O.S.
On the ratio of the categories of legal regulation and legal influence
Kichalyuk O. N.
The hierarchy of legal acts of the President of the Russian Federation in the mechanism of law-making of the head of state
Telyakov D.O., Ivanova K.V.
On law enforcement practice monitoring as a factor of constitutionalization of legislation of the Russian Federation
Panadin I. E.
Theoretical bases of expert-analytical activity in departmental rulemaking
Pivovarov N. Yu.
The methodological problems of research of legal entities of public law

Bychkov N. O.

Historical preconditions for the legal regulation of arms turnover in the Russian state (XV-XVII centuries)
Ryabchenko A. G.
The early 1860s police reformation & modified essence of police powers in criminal procedure applications
Khisamutdinova G. I.
To the problem of legal regulation of law enforcement in the Soviet Union from 1965 to 1970

Tepsuev M. S.

Legal state as an attribute of the constitutional system of the Russian Federation

Leonov D. V.

Several issues of appeal on administrative offence cases’ resolutions
Kurakov D. V., Ekimtsev S. V.
Legal and organizational basis for the application of technical means of photo-video recording of traffic violations
Kornienko O. V., Svalova N. A.
To the question on administrative responsibility for violation of the rules of registration of citizens by place of residence within the Russian Federation
Pashkova D. A.
The problems of legal regulation of innovation activity in the Russian Federation
Konaikov M. A.
On the issues of correlation of public and private law aspects with respect to public procurement contractual system
Fomichev M. N.
Tort obligations in a transport complex at development of digital technologies in Russia

Kozhenko Ya. V., Agafonova T. P.

On the issue of the socio-economic feasibility and effectiveness of municipal-private partnership in Russia
Konnov I. A., Konnova P. I.
Counteraction of corruption at municipal level: features of organizational and legal bases


Legal regulation of relations for the provision and use of office accommodation

Zatsepin A. M.

Features of property rights and property obligations in case of bankruptcy
Sirotkin A. G.
On directions of development of Institute of compensation of moral harm in the Russian civil law
Babich M. I.
Moment of inheritable shares conveyance to the heir
Kodzokova L. A.
The permissive procedure for obtaining weapons: regulatory problems
Berestenko A. I.
Legal regulation in the sphere of ensuring access for citizens to information about activities of public authorities
Butba S. R.
The acquisitioning the citizenship of the Russian Federation by citizens living in the territory of Republic of Abkhazia historical-legal aspect (2002-2017)
Kodzokova L. A.
Problems of responsibility in the sphere of arms trafficking
Lunyova E. N.
Analysis of reform of the legislation on registration of vehicles
Polyakov V. V.
Features of signing of the contract in a trade turnover in modern Russia
Okhotnikov I. S.
The right to compensation for damages caused by loss of chance in cases over compensation for harm caused in the process of providing medical services
Kapitsa L. S.
Restriction of will in the contract of accession
Sirokhin A. I.
Historical features of the development of legal construction of norms of criminal responsibility for violations of traffic rules and operation of vehicles

Enilina A. V.

Individual-contracted regulation in the settlement of the concept and regulation of the rules of provision of vacations

Zubkova M. N.

Customs control of the goods containing intellectual property items

Lokshin N. V.

Barriers, prospects and solutions of PPP development
Matatova Ya. D.
About some aspects of world freezing order and the prospects of its appearing in Russian law
Serebryakov V. G.
On the issue of the concept of falsification of financial statements

Agafonova Yu. V.

Legal regulation of offshore companies activity in the Russian Federation

Garifullina R. F.

Legalization (laundering) of funds or other property acquired by criminal means: issues of legislative regulation
Galin M. R., Kislitsyn M. N.
Actual problems of implementation of selected types of liberation from criminal punishment and the way of their decision
Vanyusheva Ya. V.
Legal regulation of the counteraction to trafficking in human beings at the beginning of the XXI century
Galimov R. R.
Criminal liability for an act of international terrorism
Zelik V. A.
Some aspects of qualification of murder by mother of the newborn child
Ziyoboeva M. N.
The punishment delay as criminal-law measure of responsibility
Pashchenko N. N.
The problems of determining the subjective side of contraband of cash and (or) monetary instruments
Maloletkina N. S.
Application and enforcement of the criminal executive inspection of the Institute of probation as measures of criminal-legal nature
Khakimova E. R.
Some aspects of the objective side of theft in the forms of misappropriation or embezzlement of another’s property
Chuprova O. N.
The double form of guilt: to be or not to be?
Канунникова Н. Г.
К вопросу о понятии профессиональной преступности
Filippov P. A.
Criminal liability for disclosure of information about security measures applicable to officials of law-enforcement or supervising body (item 320 UK the Russian Federation)

Ulyanov V. G., Gerasimova T. Yu.

Realization of the principle of competitiveness by consideration by court of petitions of bodies of preliminary investigation and inquiry about temporary discharge of the suspect (defendant) from the position
Gorkina S. A., Kashirskaya K. V.
Organizational and legal mechanism prevent to correctional institutions prohibited items as a fundamental aspect crime prevention
Danilova I. Yu., Novikova L. V.
Features of interrogation of the accused from among the prisoners in the investigation of crimes in establishments criminally-executive system
Kushkhov R. Kh.
Preparation for interrogation

Vernov V. P.

Criminalistic analysis of methods the reach of the organization
Miftakhov A. R.
The nuances of the legal classification of narcotic drugs to analogues and derivatives in cases connected with illegal circulation of new psychoactive substances

Badamshin I. D.

The grounds and conditions for implementation of the exemption from punishment in connection with change of conditions
Kameneva P. V. Kozhenko Ya. V.
Peculiarities of the regulatory legal regulation of mandative proceedings in the arbitration process

Bondar A. G.

Problematic issues of counteracting corruption in the sphere of interaction with public organizations, in the presence of a legal vacuum governing the responsibility for harboring corruption and economic crimes

Trepykhalina E. А.

The price and worth of legal assistance

Korolev R. V., Bakiev D. A.

Some questions on the political rights of persons convicted to deprivation of liberty

Jamborov A. A.

The role of the media and international information and communication Internet in the prevention and preventing the spread of extremist materials
Koblov F. Ch.
To the question of the protection of public order and public security during mass events
Korkmazov A. V.
Various models of counter-terrorism and their prospects
Kumysheva M. K.
Countering extremism on the internet
Trofimtseva S. Yu.
To the question of the term of the “information protected by law”definitions contained in disposition of the article 272 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation

Smirnova M. I.

Conditions for forming self-educational competence of future interior officers of Russia in the course of foreign language learning

Kardanova F. A.

Semantic regulation in vocational education

Bulgakova L. F., Sultanov A. Kh.

Globalization and problems of preserving linguistic identity
Burkhanova E. V.
To the problem of translating proper names from english into russian in legal texts
Marchenko S. V.
Composite-stylistic organization of judicial speech
Ovchinnikova L. I.
Features of the neologisms of the modern English language, formed from the words terrorism, terror, a terrorist
Kozlova Ya. Yu.
Special means of creating a non-verbal portrait of candidates during the electoral campaign (based on public debates of american politicians)

Karimov R.R.

Legislative aspects of ensuring the right to health in the Republic of Bashkortostan
Petrov A. A.
The problematic aspects of the activities of regional public councils
Gordienko V. V., Mogutin R. I., Kairgaliev D. V.
Problematic issues of construction of the state with a socially oriented economy

Aripshiev А. М.

Научные подходы к исследованию фундаментализма как направления общественно-политической мысли

Zaytsev A. G., Kuprikov N. M.

Innovative marketing approaches and economic aspects in the process of formation of regional arctic initiatives
Natocheeva N. N., Bektenova G. S.
Generalization of the world experience in the organization of project financing in banking management
Rudneva Yu. R., Gareeva Z. A.
Problems and prospects of market development securities of the Republic of Tajikistan
Fomina E. A., Chodkovskaya Yu. V., Beloliptsev I. A.
Scientific-methodical approaches to ensure effective capacity utilization of oil and petrochemical companies
Bobkov O. V., Klyavlina Ya. M., Bikmetov R. R.
Economic aspects of the emergence of the water supply system on the territory of Russia
Gareeva Z. A., Samofeev N. S.
Development of the system of balanced indicators of the construction organization
Maksimov S. N.
Programs of renovation as the mirror of the property relationship
Kokorev A. S.
Innovations in the framework of industrial enterprises
Fomina E. A., Chodkovskaya Yu. V.
The risk of public programs: the concept and assessment
Dashkov T. K.
Electric car: history and economic development prospects
Ermakova G. A.
The study of economic essence of notion “intellectual capital” of the organization in the modern period
Yarkov D. A.
Economic aspects of the implementation of environmental programs in the PRC

Gerasimov N. N.

Modern technology information warfare
Smetankina L. V., Shabanov L. V.
Lying as a communicative tool in public and private life(non-confrontational model)
Ryabova I. G.
Philosophical and historical understanding of the true policy
Fayzullin A. F.
Diseases of body and evil as the manifestation of the world diesbalance in confuciance
Yashin A. N.
Imperial idea in the philosophy of the russian justice of the first quarter of the XVIII century
Magomedova M. Z.
The concept of religion in the universe of culture
Molomin V. V.
The development of civil society in modern Russia: the interaction of government and mass media

Mingazov L. H., Ermolina M. A.

On interaction of national and international law. Concerning the issue of the monograph of Velyaminov G. M. “Law national and international”. – Moscow: RG-press, 2017. – 248 p. (ISBN 978-5-9988-0455-7)

Korbut L. V.

Information about the work of the 60th annual meeting of the Russian Association of international law on the theme:«Formation and development of modern international law», held on June 28-30, 2017
Smirnova E. S.
The Slavic world’s political movement in action:the world Slavic Congress (26th of May – 3 June 2017 Moscow)



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