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№9 (112) 2017

CONTENT OF NUMBER № 9 (112) 2017

N.A. Vlasenko:

The crisis of legal science is largely to blame scientists themselves
Interview with Vlasenko Nikolay Aleksandrovich, Ph.D. in Law, professor, Honored lawyer of the Russian Federation

S.V. Chernichenko:

Principles of international law and revolution
Interview with Chernichenko Stanislav Valentinovich, Honored worker of science of the Russian Federation, Ph.D. in Law, professor, chief scientific researcher of the Institute of the State and Law of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

Klimovskaya L.R.

Mechanism of patients’ rights realization within eurasian space:Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS), Eurasian Economoc Union (EEU)

Nechevin D.K., Kolodkin L.M.

The Tokyo and Khabarovsk trials – ominous warning to modern aggressors
Bekyashev K.A., Bekyashev D.K., Shuvalova T.V., AvanesovaL.V.
The international legal framework for management of deep-sea fisheries in the World Ocean
Yuzbashyan M.R.
Novelties of the 2001 Cape Town Convention and the 2012 Space Protocol from the perspective of international legal framework for regulation of space activities
Amirov D.R.
The problem of the theoretical justification for granting consular immunities
Roslova M.A.
Sources and International Law Mechanisms for Realization of the Right to Development
Mehdiev E.T., Babaev E.Z.
International legal aspects of changing the state territory
Mirzaev F.S.
Latin American experience of uti possidetis
Brazovskaya Ya.E.
Legal regulation of navigation in the water area of the northern sea route

Gulieva N.E.

Contractual regulation of property relations of spouses according to the law of Israel

Kostanyan G.S.

Unpredictability and uncertainty of decisions of the European Court. Essence and basis of uncertainty (scientific and practical analysis)
Molchakov N.Yu.
Contours of the theory of a regionalized state: european experience

Omelin V.N., Gabzalilov V.F.

Improvement of the legislative regulation of operative and invisible activities in the Russian Federation and the Republic of Tajikistan

Kolyuka N.N.

Some aspects of the genesis of scientific views concerning the concept of «legality»
Aubakirova I.U.
Institute of governance within the framework of liberal and eurasian paradigms: theoretical and legal aspect
Kovaleva V.V.
The principles of law and the requirements of law enforcement in the context of the effectiveness of legal regulation
Basova Yu.Yu.
The practice of applying the state of emergency in the Republic of Crimea
Bayniyazova Z.S.
Human rights feature of the Russian legal system as a major direction of its development on modern stage
Grigorjev A.S.
Stage individual legal regulation
Magdilov M.M., Musagadzhieva P.A.
The role of antimonopoly legislation in the development of the competitive environment in contemporary Russia
Dikhamindzhiya N.Z.
On the determination of the concept government enterprise

Kovaleva V.V., Shepeleva A.S.

The theory of application of law in the writings of Soviet scientists 50-80 years of XX century
Saidova M.Z.
The political situation in Dagestan, from October 1918 until September 1919
Tarasenko O.S.
Formation of the russian duration (historical and legal aspect)
Mamleeva D.R., Morin A.V.
On the issue of improving the activities of the russian transport police in the conditions of modernization in the second half of the 19th century
Balzanay A.V.
The evolution of the medical examination in Russia in XVIII-XIX centuries
Buczek E.
On the legality of The Polish Kingdom within the Russian Empire, 1815-1832

Kargina D.M.

The concept and essence of the categories of “federalism” and “federation”
Moiseeva E.Yu.
The current state of the problem with constitutionalizing the human right for euthanasia: rather-legal aspect

Basov A.V.

Peculiarities of administrative coercion of emergency situations: theoretical aspect
Zaykova S.N., Titov A.V., Lazovskaya O.Yu., Pavlov A.V.
Legal risks in application of unmanned marine vessels
Kanunnikova N.G.
On the issue of the definition of the concept of evidence in proceedings in cases of administrative violations
Ponomarenko D.V., Kairgaliev D.V., Ovechkin D.G.
Peculiarities of the alternative solution of disputes in the sphere of innovative activity and transfer of technologies
Kudashova I.V.
Administrative law measures to foreign persons, did not violate migration legislation

Vicheva A.A.

General characteristics of powers of local self-governments for creating conditions for rendering medical aid to population: municipal and legal aspect

Valikaramov D. Dz., Konovalova E. A.

Some features of interim measures of protection to corporate disputes
Polyakova A. E.
To the question of the concept of “corporate relations”

Stupina S. A.

Fund raising from citizens in violation of the requirements of the legislation of the Russian Federation on participation in shared construction of apartment buildings and (or) other real estate objects: some questions of qualification

Kudina S. A.

Problems in implementing state land supervision
Menis E. V.
Legal features of the contract of lease of land plots of agricultural destination

Artemova A. N.

The concept of beneficial ownership: development trends in Russian private law
Borchenko V. A., Minsafina S. N.
Features of the legal status of convicted foreign citizens and stateless persons
Zhechko O. O.
Problems and risks of acquiring of the objects of unfinished construction
Malkerov V. B.
Problems of legal regulation of wages in Russia
Antonova N. A., Shemshur N. O.
Principle of economic effectiveness in the distribution of contracting risks
Mamleeva D. R., Morin A. V.
Actions of employees of the security guard and patrol service of police at identification of the administrative offenses connected with violation by the foreign citizen or the person without citizenship of rules of entry into the Russian Federation or the mode of stay (residence) in the Russian Federation
Petrova E. A.
Conditions for the recognition of the preliminary contract of sale a contract of sale of future things
Mannapova M. V.
The lost profit claim with the liquidator:myth or reality?
Borchenko V. A.
The civil law status of persons, which serve a sentence in a form of deprivation of liberty, as subjects of property rights
Glebova E. V.
Confidential information: protection and responsibility for its spread
Grabilin M.E.
Features of the conclusion of civil law contracts in the network “Internet”

Mikhaleva A. E., Panchenko V. Yu., Frolova N. A.

Legal regime of outside employment as a legal barrier to implementation of the freedom to choose an occupation
Konnov I. A.
Actual problems of legal regulation of working time teaching staff
Kolesova T. S., Lisenko E. S.
Features of protection of labor rights of police officer

Lyadov E. V.

Problematic aspects of the use of criminal punishment in the form of forced labor in Russia
Lapkovskaya N. V.
The problem of determining the age of criminal responsibility
Zaynullina Z. F.
Features of criminal liability for smuggling in the countries of the Customs Union within the framework of the Eurasian Economic Community
Hasan H. A. H.
The qualification problems of financing of extremist activity(art. 282.3 Criminal Code of the Russian Federation)
Filippov P. A.
The document as an object of crimes against the order of management
Saprankova T. Yu.
Some problems of qualification of violation of private life unknowledge by signs of the crime subject

Gutieva I. G.

Some problematic issues of a person’s detention suspected of committing a crime outside the place of manufacture of preliminary investigation
Datsieva Kh. G.
Expedited procedures in criminal proceedings should not lead to simplification
Danilova I. Yu., Zharko N. V., Novikova L. V.
To the question about the concept of forced measures of medical character
Gutieva I.G.
Some criminal provisions of the constitutionality of obtaining results of investigative activities
Kubanov V. V.
On enhancing the role of expertise in pre-trial proceedings in criminal proceedings

Golovastova Yu.A.

Subordinate and coordination inter-branch links of the criminal-executive law
Karavaev I. V., Kholodnov S. A., Prokudin V. V.
New aspects in the russian legislation on application of special means by the staff of institutions and bodies of the penal correction system
Vasilchenko A. V.
Self-harm in terms of remand centres:issues of detection and prevention
Slepanov D. V.
Organizationally legal regulation of activity of department of the mode in the pre-trial detention center

Baychorova F. Kh.

The vocationality of the victim as self-proof science

Galimkhanov A. B., Yachmeneva M. A.

Tactics for the interrogation of suspects and accused in cases related to drug trafficking
Kuznetsov E. V., Nikitin A. V.
Initial actions for search of the children who self-willed ally left specialized institutions for minors
Miftakhov A. R.
Forensic investigation of biologically active components of plants as a means of determining taxonomic affiliation for purposes of disclosure and investigation of crimes
Timchenko V. A.
Criminalistic means of identifying activities on financing of terrorism
Zagainov V. V.
The use of special technical means for conducting operational search activities
Khusainov R. R.
The legal basis of the possibility of MPAS in relation to victims

Zhurba О. L

To the question of ensuring the rights of participants of criminal proceedings
Оkhlopkova A. S.
Features of unification of norms of criminal procedure of the Russian Federation in the course of law convergence
Surtsev A. V.
Features of carrying out of check of indications on a place
Shavkarova E. E.
Explanation of rights to the certificate as one of the methods of conviction to participate in criminal proceedings
Valeev A. Kh.
Peculiarities of the practice of conditional conviction of minors in Russia
Yashchenko A. S.
Deliberate bankruptcy: criminal acts in judicial practice

Bondar A. G.

Problematic issues in the field of crime detection in the construction sector
Pashkovskiy P. V.
Measures of countering corruption in the sphere of public-private partnership
Kochegarov A. M.
Problems reported crimes of corruption in procurement of goods, works and services for state and municipal needs
Pashkovskiy P. V.
Problems of determination of corruption behavior in the implementation of projects of state-private partnership and municipal-private partnership in Russia
Nurmukhametov E. A., Ivanova E. V.
To the question of scrutiny and the possible trajectories of the solution to the problem of corruption in the context of an integrated, multidisciplinary approach
Yudina E. V.
Preventing and combating corruption in the private pension funds

Usov A. Yu.

The formation of the legal basis of cooperation between the Russian prosecutor;s office and other state bodies

Levashov O. V., Shcheglov V. A., Goricheva V. L.

Mechanisms to improve social work with juvenile offenders and adolescents “risk group”

Aripshev A. M.

Prevention of terrorism
Pestretsov M. A., Khovavko S. M.
History and causes of the emergence of extremism in Russia
Obrinskaya E. K.
Legal aspects of counteraction for external sociocultural influence in the context of Russian Federation national security
Taova L. Yu.
Analysis of the term extremism under russian law

Gorkina E. V., Vasiljev D. V.

The organizational-legal status of the donator of the bodies of internal affairs and its problems of its implementation
Botvin I. V., Shcheklein Yu. N.
Features of the prevention of domestic violence against minors by police officers
Vorontsov A. Ya.
The role of precinct police in the prevention of domestic violence
Mikheeva S. V.
Features of legal status of personnel of medical correctional facilities for the condemned TB patients
Nikitina I. A.
Some aspects of legal regulation of pension provision for employees of internal affairs agencies in the Republic of Crimea
Tengizovа Zh. A.
Prevention of alcoholism and drug addiction among teenagers

Girenok G. A.

The use of the native language in the classroom of english as a means of achieving educational goals
Zelgin G. S., Zelgin S. G.
Scientific approaches to the «educational law» in Russian Federation: definition, structure
Koblov F. Ch.
On the essence of pedagogical communication in the educational process
Khadikov R. Sh.
Belief as one of the main communication ways to influence the audience in terms of educational institutions of the MIA of Russia

Algushaeva V. R.

School bullying: socio-psychological reasons and legal responsibility

Bashmakov R. R.

The system of legal order
Arslanbekova N. M.
The law responsibility of state:definition and essence
Toilybekova E. O.
Legal acts in Russia and Kazakhstan on freedom of religious and religious associations

Gabdrakhmanova L. N., Kostyleva E. G., Davletshina Z. Z.

Influence of mass media on electoral behavior of youth
Saidova M. Z.
To the question about the institution of electors as one of the manifestations of representative and direct democracy

Gataullin V. Z., Platonova T. N.

The pace of economic growth. General concepts and basic laws
Zulkarnay I. U.
Institutes of rent-taking in the forestry sector
Peskova D. R., Rossinskaya G. M.
Shadow economy households interaction:peculiarities of precarious work and unemployment analysis
Borisov A. Yu.
Formation of the main provisions of Behavioral Economics in the works of Daniel Kahneman and Amos Tversky
Asylguzhin R. R., Nasretdinova L. F.
Typology of projects of the participatory budgeting in Bashkortostan. Some socio-cultural aspects
Derevyanko S. V.
Indicators for assessing the effectiveness of regional innovation systems(using the example of the Union State)
Islakaeva G. R.
Institutional changes in the sphere of education and science in the complex reforms of the Finnish forest industry
Murakaev I. M., Zaripov R. N.
The development of conceptualism internal audit taking into account aggregation to its functionality the task of controlling and audit activities in the formation of quasicontinuum structures in the public sector industry in Russia
Roze N. Sh., Kulikov A. V.
City model projects of participatory budgeting on the example of Ufa of the Republic Bashkortostan
Khalikova E. A., Safiullin I. R.
Improving the system of corporate procurement
Sibagatullina R. M., Fayzrahmanova A. R.
Management accounting of costs in publishing and printing activities
Khalikova E. A., Sultanova R. R.
The problems of operational planning at its refinery and prospects of transition to a system based on controlling principles
Ulbashev M. N.
Stages to manage a credit risk in a commercial bank
Eyubov Z. V., Mehdiev E. T.
The activities of commercial banks of the Russian Federation on the monetary and credit markets
Yarkov D. A.
90 years of the PLA: economic growth and the modernization of the army

Daribazaron J. C.

The phenomenon of man in the interpretation of Chinese medicine in the context of the continuum of CI
Kornev G. P.
The truth and the law in the context of epistemology and law application
Ravochkin N. N.
Are F. Bacon’s ideas about idols a prototype of the Marxist ideology as a «false consciousness» understanding?
Fayzullin A. F.
The spiritual space of the modern person in the socio-cultural dimension
Gazizova I. A.
Of social and labour relations in the context of philosophy and methodology of economic science
Galimova L. R.
The development of the social subjectivity of the individual as the criterion of effectiveness of the process socialization
Ibragimova G. A.
Spiritual and moral development of youth in the context of globalization
Zhuravleva A. V.
The eschatological ethics as a phenomenon of Russian philosophical culture
Rahkmatullina Z. Ya., Akhmirov A. I.
The meaning of the life of the contemporary man:global dimension
Fayzullin A. F.
Aesthetic culture, its genesis and criteria
Kunafina G. A., Belyaeva E. R.
Legal support of organizational management mechanisms as a form of effective activity in cultural institutions

Aleshin V. V.

Review of the monograph «The protection of state sovereignty» by V. V. Krasinsky. M., 2017. 608 p.



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