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№10 (113) 2017

CONTENT OF NUMBER № 10 (113) 2017

V.N. Likhachev:

In the service of the Homeland
Interview with Likhachev Vasiliy Nikolaevich member of the Central election Commission of the Russian Federation, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary, Ph.D. in Law, professor, corresponding member of the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Tatarstan, Vice-President of the Russian Association of International Law

Belova O.S.

The Program for the formation of the common electric energy market of the Eurasian Economic Union: the target model of the common market and the issues of legal regulation

Elizarov M.V.

Lex mercatoria as a non-state regulator of international commercial exchange: past and present
Alieva M.N., Aliev M.R.
Prospects for the development of UNESCO as an international intergovernmental organization
Dashin A.V.
To the question of the relation of the ordinate and the dispositive norm (on the example of the legislation on the regulations of international trade)
Keburia K.O., Solntsev A.M.
International cooperation of national judges to enhance the implementation of the 1980 Convention on the Civil Aspects of International Child Abduction and the 1996 Convention on Jurisdiction, Applicable Law, Recognition, Enforcement and Cooperation in Respect of Parental Responsibility and Measures for the Protection of Children
Shugurov M.V.
International-legal regulation of states’ cooperation in the field of climate technology transfer
Kostanyan G.S
Criteria on which the application of the principle of margin of appreciation is based (scientific and practical analysis)
Musaeva Kh.M., Kurbanmagomedov Sh.A.
The problem of the legal personality of transnational corporations (TNCs) in the framework of private international law
Kurnosova V.V.
The status of international law in the legal system of the state and legal grounds of their application by domestic courts
Korpen A.S.
General and specific international legal standards the right to access to justice
Mirzaee S.
The conceptual foundations of the common heritage of mankind
Alieva G.V.
Measures for the safeguarding of the intangible cultural heritage applied at the national and international levels
Mursaliyev A.O.
Environmental protection in the Caspian Sea (international legal aspect)
Yusupov R.M.
Universal, nationwide, traditional values: key determinants and the ratio of

Romanova V.B., Serpukhova O.Yu.

The transformation of the concept of marriage and family judgments of the Supreme court of the United States

Shapoval O.V.

Civil codes of the SCO countries: comparative legal analysis

Epifanov O.S.

Of the basic forms of the mechanism of legal impact
Komissarov A.V., Minyajlenko N.N., Mogilevskiy G.A.
Institute for conflict of interest as a mechanism for combating corruption in the Army National Guard of the Russian Federation (theoretical and legal aspects)
Tikhonravov E.Yu.
T. Lundmark on the purposes of comparative law
Egorov S.V.
Polysemy of the right: etymological analysis
Foya V.V.
Legal regulation of the process of control of the vehicle in a state of mental unbalance

Zhdanov P.S.

«Historicity» as the basic principle of understanding of the law in the Modern period
Morozova O.G.
Political parties and associations of deputies of the State Duma of Russia in the early 20th century: the problem of culture
Salakhova Zh.V. Salakhov S.B.
Legal regulation of socially-economic system of the United States during the Civil war (1861-1865)
Skryabin I.V.
The debate about the origin of parliamentarism in Russia
Karballo M.S.
The history of the Pacific War (1879-1883), causes and consequences for Bolivia

Kovshuro Yu.D., Ogneva E.A.

Delegation of power by the people: constitutional imperatives and political practice
Klepalova Yu.I., Mershina N.D.
The problems of establishment and development of constitutional justice
Markina A.Yu.
Historical peculiarities of formation in the domestic law of the concept of the constitutional guarantees of the right to the life of children left without parental training
Alferov V.V.
Guarantees of the implementation of human and citizen’s right to entrepreneurial activity in constitutional law: theoretical and legal features analysis

Zavgorodniy A.G., Kolenko R.S., Matveychuk N.S.

Relevant problems of state and legal regulation of gambling business in Russia
Kornienko O.V., Svalova N.A.
Evidence in the proceedings on administrative offence of intoxication
Kulikova A.A.
Questions of legal status of the state enterprise
Rudykh S.N.
Ensuring legality of state and municipal service provision at multifunctional centers
Yusupov T.R., Avdeevа E.Yu.
Status and main trends in the use of security measures in the proceedings for administrative offenses

Nikiforova M.A.

The problems of enforcement of the rules on residential premises in the alienation of the property

Menis E.V.

The concept and essential terms of the contract of lease of a land plot as real estate object

Nigmatullin R.V.

Legal aspects of improvement of healthcare system in Russia
Belgisova K.V., Kuznetsova Z.V.
Legal regulations of the rights and interests protection of children-orphans and children left without parental care
Igbaeva G.R.
Normative characteristics of entrepreneurial activity in Russia
Chupanova A.Ch., Saidov B.M.
Legal culture of civil servants
Volkova E.A.
Problems of legal regulation of the safety of children on the Internet
Zubkova E.A.
Basics of maternity, childhood and family protection in the Russian Federation
Norbekova Yu.S.
The economic aspect of performance of the contractual family obligations
Grabilin M.E.
Features of the Russian practice of concluding treaties in a network “the Internet”
Zubkova M.N.
To the question of responsibility for violation of the rights for the trademark
Chertova A.A.
Theoretical study of regulation of provision of medical services on transplantation of organs and human tissue

Kuznetsov R.N.

The current issue of duty time and rest in bodies of internal affairs
Magomedova A.G., Ismailov M.M.
Questions the legality of the conclusion of fixed-term employment contract: practice disputes
Sorokin B.K.
Peculiarities of regulation of working time of medical and pharmaceutical workers in the Russian legislation

Rustamov P.A.

Simple joint-stock companies by the legislation of France:comparative analysis

Imamova A.A.

Financial transactions: analysis of somechanges in legislation

Barashyan L.R., Muselyan G.G.

Bank’s responsibility for fulfillment of tax offenses
Subhangulyov R.R., Aidarbekov Sh.F.
Interaction of departments of the system of the ministry of internal affairs of russia and the federal tax service at the extract tax check

Agayan V.A.

Criminal responsibility for improving the act of international terrorism in the context of international policy of the Russian Federation
Levashova O.V., Goricheva V.L., Tolochko A.V.
Offences among minors as the problem of modern society
Kushkhov R.Kh., Kuashev A.A.
Interaction of the investigator (inquirer) with the bodies of inquiry during the examination of the materials of the pre-investigation investigation and the initiation of the criminal case
Manna A.A.K.
Quran and Sunnah as the main sources of the muslim law:their role in the formation of the criminal law of the muslim countries in the current conditions
Narodenko V.V.
On the issue of the concept of possession, property and property in criminal law through the prism of determining the concept of theft
Kirilenko V.S.
Legalization (laundering) of cash and other property purchased by other persons by crime: composition of crime
Polidi A.A.
Miscellaneous as a new criminal act in Russia
Sysoeva Т.V.
Features of the subjective side of murder, committed in a state of affect
Kiyatkina I.A.
Criminally-legal characteristic of hooliganism committed motivated by religious hatred or hostilit
Filippov P.A.
The white paper as a subject of crimes against a control order

Оkhlopkova A.S.

Features of unification of powers of the prosecutor on implementation of criminal prosecution in the Russian Federation in the course of law convergence

Voroschuk V.B.

Topical issues of the organization of functioning of colonies settlements in the conditions of development of the penal system of Russia
Gerasimova Yu.R., Gayday M.K.
The role of penitentiary subculture in the teenage environment
Latypova D.M., Minsafina S.N.
The influence of subjective signs on the qualification of crimes committed in correctional institutions
Nasreddinova K.A., Latypova D.M.
Violence against a correctional officer:problems of law enforcement
Samsonova M.B.
Innovations in the activities of a penitentiary psychologist –the way to optimizing the process of penalties implementation

Dzikonskaya S.G.

Criminological profiling: modern condition and prospects of development in Russia

Vasilchenko A.V.

S-harm in terms of remand centres: issues of detection and prevention
Zatsepin O.V., Filippova O.V.
Especially qualifying signs of extortion
Konovalov G.G., Kairgaliev D.V.
The interdependence of natural sciences with criminalism:historical aspect
Sukhanov A.V.
Methodical features and the policy strokes used by the persons conducting preliminary investigation on criminal affairs, made by recidivists
Shuvalov N.V., Shuvalov D.N.
Essence and content of the main elements of criminalistic characteristics in investigation of crimes related to frauden actions adopted in transactions with real estate
Florya D.F., Kosarev K.V.
Current issues of detection and disclosure of fraud using a mobile phone perfect face, serving a sentence of imprisonment

Kiselev N.N.

Problems of application of security measures concerning participants of criminal legal proceedings
Libanova S.E., Ostapovich I.Yu.
To the question about the interaction of the Constitutional and Supreme Courts of the Russian Federation
Spector L.A.
Judicial authority: questions of the theory and practice

Vlasov D.A.

The issue of identification of cases of commercial bribery

Shibina A. V.

Subject of the prosecutor’s supervision of the observance of the citizens’ rights to health protection

Goltyaev A. O.

The right to life in the light of the principles of the right to development (comments on general comment No. 36 on the right to life, developed by the Human Rights Committee)
Smirnykh S. E.
International standards of children`s rights in a changing world order
Galiullina S. D., Suleymanov A. R.
The stereotyped concept about human rights in Islam

Zhuravlenko N. I., Shvedova L. E.

Information and information relationship as the object of criminal encroachments
Antonov A. A.
Road safety: the problem of child injury
Migda N. S., Nekrasova I. E.287
Transport security of the russian federation:problems of legal regulation
Vinnichenko E. O.
Foreign experience in combating extremism among youth
Sarkisyan V. G.
Seditious actions of the objective party of crimes of extremist orientation in P. 1.1 art. 2821 and P. 1.1 art. 2822
Trunova E. V.
Problems of road traffic safety

Bazulina A. A., Lopanova E. S., Lopanova G. A.

Extracurricular activities as a factor in the patriotic education of students

Koblov F. Ch.

To the question of the organization of pedagogical research
Kurashinova A. Kh.
Professional thinking and professionalism of teacher’s personality
Ivanova S. V., Ezhova O. N.
Constituents of psychical health and way of his maintenance for the employees of the criminally-executive system

Dyakova E. G., Trakhtenberg A. D.

Development of the regulatory framework of e-government in Russia: from the first cycle to the third
Chupalaeva A. Ch., Ramazanova E. T.
Issues of legal regulation of formation of legislative (representative) bodies of state power of subjects of the Russian Federation

Gareev E. S., Kostyleva E. G., Gasimova L. F.

On issues of communicative and informational interaction between the press services of the republican branches of executive power of the Republic of Bashkortostan

Bikmetov E. Yu., Zinnurov U. G., Bronnikov M. A.

Synergetic approach in the study of efficiency of implementation of innovative projects of state-private partnership
Klyavlina Ya. M., Bobkov O. V., Talipov R. A., Gainanova E. S.
The economic justification of the project organization of the production process at the enterprise
Yangirov A. V., Yusupov K. N.
The review of the achieved level of the social and economic development of the Republic of Bashkortostan for 2010-2015
Brusentsova L. S., Kuznetsova L. V.
Partitsipation in business social responsibility
Vlasova M. A.
Features of the state investment policy in the housing sector:the concession mechanism
Ibragimova Z. F.
The French experience in overcoming poverty among the working population
Klyavlina Ya. M., Bobkov O. V., Samofeev N. S., Bikmetov R. R.
Economic efficiency of use of human and material resources of the enterprise
Sergeeva O. Yu., Gallyamova D. A., Baikova I. V.
Russian media in the conditions of sanctions
Zimin I. S.
Approaches to formation of infrastructural support system of heterogeneous innovation
Shtarev V. V.
Advantages and disadvantages of attracting collective financing through the tokens
Podergina E. A.
The organization of business personnel evaluation

Bondarenko G. V.

The principle of objectification of human being in the G. W. F. Hegel and Karl Marx’ theories in the light of onto-materialist conception of the world and the human being (Part 1)
Kudryashev A. F., Elkhova O. I.
Is philosophy a science?
Popov V. V., Musyka O. A., Lichman I. D.
Value in the context of rational activity within the framework of post-non-classical world
Ravochkin N. N.
Separation of powers ideas in social philosophy:formation and reception
Vezlomtsev V. E., Burukin V. V.
А dialogue on a parity basis between civil society and the state as the attribute condition of opposition to corruption
Gorbachev S. B.
The crisis of the Ukrainian state:the ratio of legal and non-legal aspects
Kasatkin P. I.
The idea of a university as the basis of its existence and evolution
Kadyrova G. F., Gindullin N. F.,
Bondarenko A. V., Lukiyanov M. Yu.
Responsibility in philosophy and jurisprudence
Mayatskaya O. B., Abrarov I. I.
Spiritual and physical improvement of man as “eternal” philosophical problem
Mironova O. A.
Religious factor of human incorrect conduct
Popov V. V., Skudnova T. D., Lichman I. D.
Features of assessment in the context of rational human activity
Fayzullin A. F.
Influence of peace worldview and values for human health
Chudina-Shmidt N. V.
Research of changes of extremal human behavior as the condition of forecasting social transformation



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