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№11 (114) 2017

L.M. Kolodkin:

Freedom of industry should not jeopardize the common good


The main stages of the formation of law of the Commonwealth of Independent States
Legal problems of access to the market of scientific research in free (special) economic zones in the context of Eurasian integration


The distinctive features of the OSCE from the classical international organizations
Problems of the international adoption and practice of the European Court on Human Rights
About one of the problem for development area of russian electoral law in the light of contemporary international law
On the issue of national implementation of the international climate obligations of the Russian Federation
Requirements for returning Bolivia of the sea coast and waters in the International Court in the Hague: from “Pacta sunt servanda” to “Promissio est servanda”
International legal aspects of regulation of transport relations in the UN system
Some issues of cooperation of the BRICS member states in the field of space exploration and use of space technologies
Features of minors’ international legal regulation
On the concept of foreign investment in the context of the international energy relations
The evolutionary approach to the interpretation of the European Convention on Human Rights and fundamental freedoms: notion and essence
The Protocol on Russia’s accession to the WTO as a specific international Treaty
Criminal liability for acts which made in a state  of intoxication in the countries of Continental law


Features of regulation of heavy oil transportation by pipeline transport: North America


Development of the judicial system in Russia and the post-soviet space
Application of international legal acts on the protection of human rights in the Republic of Tajikistan
Gender aspects of criminal behavior of women in the Kyrgyz republic


Main approaches to the provision of policemen services in foreign countries


The problems of criminal responsibility and penalty for the human trafficking according to the legislation of Russian Federation and the members of the Commonwealth of the Independent States (comparative analysis)
Arbitration law in Russia and Kazakhstan:comparative law research


The reasons for the polyphony of scientific opinions concerning the phenomenon of «function of social systems»
«Freedom» as a social and legal category in the views of foreign and russian scientists
Some methodological bases of understanding procedural legal facts and their classification
Theoretical problems of the definition of extremism
Law enforcement agencies and law enforcement: the concept, characteristics and objectives


State and church in the years of russian revolutions
Historical analysis of development of the state and the right of slavic peoples
1917 revolution and the idea of the constituent assembly
Church-state relations in The Soviet era in the context of decisions All-Russian Local Council of the Russian Orthodox Church of 1917-1918
About genesis of judicial competence of the English parliament
Measures of a penal security law of the Moscow State (XVI–XVII centuries)
The history of legal German and legal English:T. Lundmark’s comparative analysis
The purpose of corrections and rehabilitation incarcerated in soviet criminally-the executive legislation of the 1918-1920
International legal framework for the recognition of abkhazian statehood (historical and legal aspect)


The meaning of the publicity requirement in expressing criticism against public authorities: Russian legislation, international law standards, and jurisprudence of the European Court of Human Rights
Grigorjeva M. S.
Electoral protest in contemporary constitutional law sphere:the limits of constructive expression and the tools of e-democracy
Pavlovskiy V. S.
Legal regulation of establishing and maintenance of ethnological monitoring in the Russian Federation

Zyryanov I. V., Gorelov M. A.

Features of realization of administrative-legal capacity of the patrol service of police in the Republic of Crimea

Sidorov S. A., Danilov N. F.

State control in the sphere of protection of marine biological resources as an integral part of the ecological functions of the Russian Federation

Arkhipov I. V.

Old new problems of reputation (moral) harm to legal entities
Budnetskiy N. S.
Comparative law analysis of the consequences of disposal in the absence of authority or consent
Igbaeva G. R., Shakirova Z. R.
The legal basis for the assignment of зservice activities of staff of internal affairs bodies to harmful conditions with the purpose of providing guarantees and compensations
Garaeva G. Кh.
Regarding the legal capacity of an embryo in terms of the multiple pregnancy
Kiseleva Ya. V.
To the issue of the legal nature of the consular representation in the civil proceedings of the Russian Federation
Kozhina Yu. A.
Wine as a determinant factor affecting the size of liability for the nonpayment of aliments
Kirilin A. V.
Problems of legal regulation of commercial secrets in modern civil law
Lysenko E. S.
Some features of recovery of legal damages, in the legal relations regulated by the legislation on contract system in procurement of goods, works, services for state and municipal needs
Skorobogatova V. V., Belozertsev S. M.
Concept of «minor» in the legislation of the Russian Federation
Vykhvaten E. N.
The problems of acquiring property rights in the order of succession by minors
Palchik M. V.
Regards the differentiation of the crime under Art. 160 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation and civil offenses
Rzaev O. Sh.
Principles and limits of the exercise of the right to compensation of damage
Khisamutdinova L. V.
The penalty and the grounds for its reduction

Sorokin B. K.

Medical and pharmaceutical workers, as part of the employment contract
Shchennikov V. A.
Some problems category financial liability in the Russian labour law
Pavlovskiy A. S.
The problems of implementation of workers social rights (in the member states) of the Eurasian Economic Union in the Russian Federation

Savitskiy A. I.

Fiscal barriers to the single market of services at the sector of research and development in the Eurasian Economic Union

Permyakov M. V., Maltsev V. A.

The activities of the Russian association of motor insurers in combating insurance fraud

Levashova O. V., Goricheva V. L., Tolochko A. V.

Normative-legal base of social work with juvenile offenders
Basanov V. V., Oldeeva D. A., Tsebekova G. V., Aksenova A. V.
Prosecutor’s supervision in the stage of initiating a criminal case
Babichev A. G.
Questions of differentiation of murder and intentional infliction of severe harm to health
Gazimullin I. Yu.
The actual problems of legal support for crime prevention against sexual inviolability and sexual freedom of minors
Aleksandrova V. V.
Problems of differentiation of criminal fraud with invalid transactions
Kharaev A. A.
Criminally-legal characteristic financing of extremist activity
Kiyatkina I. A.
Problems of interpretation of violation of the right to freedom of conscience and religion
Knyazeva O. V.
Probation as a measure of criminal law
Babichev A. G.
Questions of differentiation of murder from the crimes against public and statesafety, accompanied by murder
Smirnova A. V.
Problematic issues related to the production of the forensic-psychiatric expertise in the stage of excitation of the criminal case
Stolyarova Yu. N.
Some questions of qualification of theft of another’s property
Kharaev A. A.
The personality of the juvenile delinquents: current status, dynamics, characteristics
Umnitsyna V. S.
Some questions of criminal responsibility and punishment of minors

Kuliyeva G. Sh.

About improvement of the guarantee mechanism of the rights of victim in preliminary investigation
Оgryzkov A. V.
The concept of improving the stage of initiation of criminal proceedings in the Russian criminal process
Ogorodov A. N.
Separate aspects of the investigator’s realization of procedural independence in the process of investigative and other procedural actions

Zinkov E. N., Pisarev I. A.

To the question of the definition of «escape from prison» in the criminal-executive legislation of the Russian Federation
Kurbatova G. V., Ivanova O. V.
Prevention of prison offences in correctional institutions

Khalikov I. Kh.

General social measures to prevent the illegal use and non-payment of electricity
Ebzeeva Z. A.
Criminal-legal and criminological analysis of illegal or immoral behavior of the aggrieved as the circumstances mitigating punishment
Sultanov A. V.
Criminological characteristics of crimes made using computer technology

Dayanov I. S.

Legal regulation of the operatively-search events limiting constitutional laws of citizens
Toropov S. A.
Opportunities for using duty dogs in conducting investigatory action
Gilyazov R. R.
Peculiarities of organization of disclosure and investigation of car thefts among citizens
Lyakh L. A.
Some aspects of conducting a scene examination in the investigation of crimes against life and health
Oldeeva D. A., Tsebekova G. V., Nadvidov V. O., Olkonov M. G.
Peculiarities of manufacturing a site inspection at the initial stage of the investigation of a terrorist act
Toropov S. A.
Actual questions of conducting forced selection of samples for comparative studies

Ramazanov A. H., Khazbulatov B. A.

The legal status of the world court in the Republic of Dagestan
Popova L. N.
Criteria for the grounds for the preventive measure in criminal proceedings
Lipinskiy A. P., Gabzalilov V. F.
To the question of functional purpose of activity of the prosecutor in criminal legal proceedings
Оkhlopkova A. S.
Unification of a special order of judicial proceedings, problem of application and prospect of improvement

Trofimov E. V.

National preventive anti-corruption body(on international and administrative law)
Bobrova N. A.
The fight against corruption in universities

Trapaidze K. Z., Sodikov Sh. D.

Advocacy in the legal system of the state

Kiek T. Z., Cherepanova I. V.

The issues of prosecutorial supervision over execution of legislation on licensing of activity on management of apartment houses

Veretennikov N. N.

Judicial protection of human rights in terms global conflicts
Garaeva B. I.
Palliative care – relevance of modernity
Koneva A. E., Gugunskiy D. A., Solntsev A. M.,
Altukhova E. YU., Latypova A. F., Moroz E. I.
Practice of States on ensuring the right of children to education in the context of the activities of the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child on consideration of periodic reports

Basov A. V.

The content of the preparatory measures in the sphere of ensuring public safety in emergency situations:the theoretical and legal aspect
Kapitsa V. S., Kapitsa T. A.
To the question of information security in the framework of co-operation of cyberry-remarks and terrorism
Kamilova D. V., Isaeva K. M.
On the issue of ensuring information security in the Russian Federation
Kulakova T. G., Volzhenin V. V., Boyko Yu. A.
Topical issues of safety of traffic(on the example of Khabarovsk kray)
Kirilin A. V.
The place of trade secrets in the protection of confidential information

Abashidze A. Kh., Solntzev A. M., Keburiya K. O.

The fight against the use of new technologies for trafficking of the children and their sexual exploitation
Nezhkina L. Yu.
Study of professional motivation of employees of internal affairs
Pavlova L. V., Grishko L. E.
Method of persuasion in the activity of divisions on Affairs of minors of the internal Affairs bodies of the Russian Federation as a means of protecting the rights of the child
Safonova Yu. S.
Cooperation of low enforcement and supervisory authorities at countering the legalization of criminal revenue
Tsyndrya V. N.
Actualization of the research of issues of law enforcement services provided by the police

Kiyaykin D. V.

Indicators of indicators for the formation of skills of legal writing for students of educational institutions of higher education
Popov I. V., Vorobyev V. I.
Methodological and conceptual aspects of distance education development in the conditions of introduction of new educational standards
Khasanova G. M., Abrarova Z. F., Kilsenbaev E. R.,
Khasanova A. N.
Prevention of drug abuse among adolescents in urban and rural areas

Shayakhmetova R. R.

The concept of state and the russian programme on the health of young people

Leibert T. B., Khaliullina I. F.

Process-oriented management accounting in the system of controlling in holdings
Rudneva Yu. R., Ganieva A. A.
Analysis of the peculiarities of the system of the material-technical supply of a subsidiary oil transport company as a controlling object
Peskova D. R., Rossinskaya G. M.
Shadow economy/households interaction:peculiarities of shadow economy analysis
Achmetzyanova I. M., Gareeva Z. A.
The internal audit of income and expenses
Asadullina A. V., Ishmuhammetov N. S.
Cross-country comparative analysis of the effectiveness of the partner and conventional banking model
Klyavlina Ya. M., Bobkov V. V., Samofieev N. S., Gaynanova E. S.
The development of the construction sector of the russian economy in crisis
Iskhakova E. I., Kireeva O. A.
Problems of development of environmental accounting in Russia and in other countries
Gareeva Z. A., Samofieev N. S., Fedotova Z. I.
The development of housing mortgage lending in Russia
Gerasimova M. V., Khalikova M. A.
Development of the methodical approach to the management of an oil company based on the key performance indicators
Klyavlin M. S., Klyavlina Ya. M., Gaynanova E. S.
On the need to move to modern project management systems in the construction sector
Ishmuhammetov N. S., Telyasheva E. A., Shestakovich A. G.
Analysis of the effectiveness of the import into the Russian Forest Code of the institutions of the Canadian model of forest management
Molodetskaya E. Yu.
The concept of Supply Chain and its application in macro format
Polyakova O. I., Khachatryan O. A.
An innovative approach to the assessment of the quality of human capital of the faculty
Khalikova E. A., Abrarova I. F.
Financial instruments working capital management in the company
Safina R. R., Vildanova G. R.
The content characteristic of the algorithm for forming the internal standard for the process of transfer pricing
Sergeeva O. Yu., Said-Battalova T. Sh., Ishkildina D. F.
Import replacement as a tool of economic safety in oil and gas industry of Russia
Solovjeva I. A., Avdeeva L. A., Dyakonova E. S.
Economical and legal problems of subsurface use and way of their decision
Khalikova E. A, Dautova D. E.
Model of formation of the financial plan of the enterprise and its relationship with strategic plans
Chugunov I. V.
Anti-recessionary instruments of effective management of finance in regions
Fatkhullina I. M.
Evaluation of efficiency of management of social and economic development of municipalities

Nikolaev A. S.

Change the world with the development of nanotechnology:philosophical aspect
Mayatskaya O. B., Abrarov I. I.
Not identified human being: the aspects of new antropology
Dmitriev S. S.
The right of choice as an illusion of perception of freedom
Zagirnyak M. Yu.
Features of the interpretation of conciliarity in social philosophy of Sergius Hessen
Kasatkin P. I.
Education as an integral element of culture
Ravochkin N. N.
Modern family in transforming society conditions
Shayakhmetova R. R.
The philosophical conception of health and health behavior
Fazletdinova N. B.
The moral consciousness of society and its alienation
Chudina-Shmidt N. V.
Human`s propensity to extremality
Yarkeev A. V.
Human rights in the discourse of biopolitics
Bondarenko A. V., Gindullin N. F., Kadyrova G. F.,
Lukiyanov M. Yu.
"Rhetoric" of Aristotle as a source in teaching all-humanities elective disciplines in a technical University

Biryukov P. N.

Review for a monograph Farkhutdinov I. Z.
“American doctrine of preventive strike: from Monroe to Trump:international legal aspects”. – M.: EURASNIIP, 2017. – 338 p.
Sidorov V. N.
Review of l. I. Zakharova’s textbook “International sports law”(International sports law: a textbook for bachelor students /editor-in-chief k. A. Bekyashev. M.: Prospekt, 2017. 272 p. ISBN 978-5-392-24103-3)



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Превентивная самооборона в международном праве: применение и злоупотребление (С.97-25)

№ 2 (105) 2017
Иранская доктрина о превентивной самообороне и международное право (окончание)

№ 1 (104) 2017
Иранская доктрина о превентивной самообороне и международное право

№ 11 (102) 2016
Стратегия Могерини и военная доктрина
Трампа: предстоящие вызовы России

№ 8 (99) 2016
Израильская доктрина o превентивной самообороне и международное право

7 (98) 2016
Международное право о применении государством военной силы против негосударственных участников

№ 2 (93) 2016
Международное право и доктрина США о превентивной самообороне

№ 1 (92) 2016 Международное право о самообороне государств

№ 11 (90) 2015 Международное право о принципе неприменения силы
или угрозы силой:теория и практика

№ 10 (89) 2015 Обеспечение мира и безопасности в Евразии
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