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Интервью с Алимовым Андреем Алексеевичем – кандидатом исторических наук,
доцентом кафедры Мировой политики Санкт-Петербургского государственного университета, руководителем магистерской программы «Международное сотрудничество в области окружающей среды и развития».

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№1 (116) 2018

M.Kh. Mataeva:

From constitutional ideas to th econstitutions of Kazakhstan and Central Asian countries
Interview with Mataeva Maigul Khafisovna, Ph.D. in Law,
Vice-rector for research and commercialization of new technologies of the Kazakh Humanitarian Law Innovative University, Semey

Shumeyko E.G., Mishalchenko Yu.V.

Public-private partnership analysis in the international and Russian legal frameworks
Bekyashev D.K.
The flag state’s role in combating illegal, unreported and unregulated fishing: international legal aspects
Abdulkader K.
Specificity of organs of the executive power in Syria
Alieva M.N., Makhmudov M.R.
The resolution of internal armed conflicts as an implementation of the principle of the peaceful settlement of international disputes in modern realities
Zyablitceva S.A., Kuzmenko Yu.A.
Expansion of the boundaries of a materic shelf
Isaeva M.Kh.
International l egal aspects against the smuggling of migrants within the United Nations
Andriyanov D.V.
Flag state responsibility for violation of human rights in the light of the practice of the European court of human rights
Kotlova A.V.
Legal analysis of the treaty between the Russian Federation and the Kingdom of Norway concerning maritime delimitation and cooperation in the Barents Sea and the Arctic Ocean
Kvachakhiya R.G.
The concept of forced migration
Rakhimov K.H.
The Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) as an international intergovernmental organization

Begicheva K.Yu.

Record keeping by EU financial institutions: the regulation of activity

Maksurov A.A.

Coordination standards in the Charter of the Autonomy of Catalonia
Romanovskaya V.B., Gorylev A.I., Haddath E.
Implementation of the norms of Islam in the constitutions of Muslim States
Shamsutdinov R.R.
Information security legislative provision in the USA
Byrledianu D.V.
Specific of the admission to the bar in the United States
Grigorjeva M.A.
Countering corruption in Latin America
Makarenko A.K.
European systemic risk board
Haddath E.
The origin of the Amazigh: the early history of the Algerian state

Snetkov V.N., Mokhorova A.Yu.

Some aspects of implementation of migrant employment rights in CIS countries

Abrosimova E.A.

The concept of obligations in the law of Russia and foreign countries
Sarkisyan L.R.
The use of legal fiction in the laws of the United States and countries of the continental legal tradition

Abdujalilov A.

Conceptual approaches to general law paradigm of the internet
Jamborov A.A.
The concept of extremism and extremist activities in the Russian legislation and legal doctrine
Kuli-zade T.A.
Enforcement activities and models of decision-making in the legal sphere
Alekseev Yu.G.
The relationship and interaction between politics and morality
Kazanchyan L.A.
The concept of «personality» in the context of the legal status of the individual

Klimov I.P.

Anti-corruption regulations in the Czarist era
Aibatov M.M.
Land-legal relations in the North Caucasus in XIX century
Evseev I.V.
Concerning the formation of the soviet penal system in 1918–1930s, taking into account territorial peculiarities of the Urals
Migda N.S.
Normative and staffing support of government body in Moscow state
Petrenko M.N.
On theoretical bases and permissibility criteria of state-legal coercion
Safin A.Z.
Entry of the bashkir people into the Russian state: historical and legal aspects
Musayev S.A.
Features of the formation and development of Azerbaijani legislation in the Russian Empire
Yusupova Z.F.
Historical aspects of development of institute of inheritance of real estate in the russian civil law. (Part 1)

Temiraev A.V.

Problems of the direct effect of the Constitution of the Russian Federation
Zhamborov A.A.
Constitutional and legal bases of counteraction to extremism (by the example of the legislation of subjects of the Russian Federation)
Zlobina E.A.
The effectiveness and necessity of the state ideology

Bulaev M.A., Arslanbekova A.S.

Problems of legal regulation of the national payment system of the Russian Federation
Veretennikov N.N., Еkhokhina E.S.
The principles of equality and competition of parties during the consideration of the rulings (decisions) on cases of administrative offences
Kadyrov A.A.
The content of water relations
Komarova O.N.
Legal and administrative measures against illegal trafficking of drugs in the teenage environment
Sudakova O.V.
Codification of the transport legislation: problems and ways of solving them

Gornev R.V.

Principles of legal regulation of interaction between local governments and public associations
Shirshov K.A.
On the question of the effectiveness of the judicial protection of the rights of local self-government

Mehdiev E.T., Amantasheva A.T.

The main sources of environmental pollution in the activities of oil producing and refining enterprises

Tagaeva S. N., Alamova S. M.

Specifics of real estate as kinds of the contribution to authorized capital of limited liability company
Evstafjeva I. V., Rodionov L. A.
To the question of the conceptual apparatus of Art. 146 of the criminal code from the standpoint of civil law
Murtazaliev M. K., Osmanov O. A.
Ownership of religious organizations
Antonov V. F.
Moral issues of legal regulation
Galimov E. F.
The enforcement of the contract
Ochirov E. B.
Provision on the pledge of rights under bank account agreement in Civil Code of the Russian Federation
Papulov A. G.
The concept of the method of civil rights protection
Rustamov P. A.
Problems of civil rights in Russia and abroad

Malkerov V. B.

Some problems of development of science of labour law
Mokhorov D. A., Demidov V. P.
Some problems of labor migration in the conditions of development of the modern russian state
Shchennikov V. A.
Some problems category financial liability in the Russian labor law

Bayramov V. M., Bayramov S. V.

Professional standards in the field of physical culture and sports: controller-manager

Bagautdinov B. V.

Features of supervision over the activities of credit institutions
Korobova A. P., Azarkhin A. V., Kuzmina A. V.
To the question of financial responsibility in the system of legal liability

Proshin V. M.

Features of preventive work on tax crimes
Zatsepin A. M., Filippova O. V.
Delimitation of extortion from robbery, robbery and arbitrariness
Zaynullinа Z. F.
Features of the qualification of smuggling, stipulated by art. 200.2 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation by an official using his official position
Gadjeva A. A., Balachova A. D.
Responsibility for assault: a critical assessment of the latest changes
Levashova O. V., Goricheva V. L.
Forms and methods of social prevention of juvenile delinquency
Magomedov M. I.
Guilt in crimes in the sphere of currency treatment, provided for by art. 193, 193.1 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation
Yanovskiy R. S.
Legal regulation of additional checking of crime report
Gichibekov M. S.
To the question about the subject of crime
Gadjeva A. A., Magomedov M. I.
Problems of improving criminal liability for kidnapping:regional aspects
Fasolya P. V.
The use of the institute of community service in criminal law of foreign countries

Agasieva A. R.

On the concept of a suspect in the criminal process of Russia

Ivanova S. V., Burasheva D. K.

Psychology and pedagogical conditions of correction and resocialization of convicts as means of their future socialization
Korobova I. N., Davydova I. A.
Control over the activities of institutions and bodies executing punishment: problems of legal regulation
Strigin M. Yu.
The conditions for the deferment of serving the punishment for the addict

Baychorova F. Kh.

Criminological characteristics of the situative type of the personality of women-crimes

Vinogradov A. A.

Especially the disclosure of the stolen car in hot pursuit
Voevodina I. V.
Urgent investigative actions in the legislation of Russia and the Russian Federation: a retrospective comparative legal study
Bondar A. G.
Problematic issues in the field of detection of crimes and offences for suppression of illegal gambling activities
Radzabadieva M. G.
About criminalistic characteristics of tax crimes
Tatarinov R. A.
About problems of application of article 5 of the Federal law of 12.08.1995 No. 144-FZ “About operational search activity”, in part destruction of the phonograms and other materials received as a result of listening of telephone and other negotiations of persons at fight against corruption crimes
Adelgildina M. Z.
The investigator and a psychologist – procedural and non-procedural interactions during the investigation of crimes involving minors
Bagautdinova A. I.
Criminalistic characteristics of murders committed by juveniles with special cruelty
Davletov A. I.
Features of carrying out a search in the investigation of extremist crimes

Globa M. V.

On the structure of the judicial legal position
Marchenko S. V.
The expressive impact of laws logic in the speeches of trial orators
Podusovskaya V. V.
«Competition of claims» for the protection of property rights
Shalamova I. A.
Realization of the rights of citizens to an equitable proceeding
Tsyganova T. A.
The role of the Court of the Russian Federation in the legal policy of the state
Burenkova E. A.
Procedural hurdles in the decision-making system qualification collegiums of judges

Vlasov D. A.

On the effectiveness of measures to combat corruption crimes
Belotserkovich D. V., Banina V. S.
Legal analysis of the regional legislation of the far eastern federal district regulating the procedure of anti-corruption expertise

Sheriev A. M.

The role of the prosecutor’s office for the coordination of activities of subjects of combating extremism and terrorism (in the example of the Kabardino-Balkarian Republic)

Aripshev A. M.

The danger of extremism for the society
Izotova A. N.
Certain issues of ensuring the secrecy of communication
Golubchikov S. V., Novikov V. K., Baranova A. V.
Legal framework for the protection of sensitive information
Mayorov V. I., Polyakova S. V.
Creation of the threatening situation as the risk of safety of road traffic participants
Gorovenko S. V.
Managing the risk of the incorrect first aid in traffic accident
Aripshev A. M.
Extremism as an element of terrorism
Kumysheva M. K.
The problem of motivating suicide bombers

Romanovskaya I. V.

Psychological and legal grounds for the manifestation of aggression by employees of operational units
Tomas A. V., Zhelonkin V. V., Vasilkova E. V.
Application of the functional all-around technology for the physical improvement of future police officers
Gedugoshev R. R.
Improvement of skills in possession of firearms by police officers

Golubev A. G.

Problems of teaching economy enrolled in the direction of preparation “jurisprudence”
Karimov Z. Sh., Karimova G. R.
On the essence of formation of cognitive motives in the conditions of modern federal state educational standards
Maremukov R. B.
Pedagogical workshop and its importance in the educational process of educational organizations of the MIA of Russia

Abramov S. G.

Ontological foundations of social norms and economic basis in the implementation of strategic public administration.(theoretical hypotheses of social systems development)
Akimov N. A., Yashchenko V. V., Konaykov M. A.
Development of normative legal regulation of the sphere of public procurement in the Russian Federation from the position of application of best international practices
Belocerkovich D. V., Vlasov V. A.
Problems of the institute of appeals of citizens to the public bodies of executive power and ways of their decision
Gabieva S. M., Abakarova Z. A.
The interaction of the State Duma and the legislative bodies of the Subjects of the Russian Federation
Kichalyuk O. N., Egorov A. O.
To the question of the legal status of the authorized representative of the president of the Russian Federation in the federal district
Lanovоy V. G.
Typology and classification of states: the concept, problems and value
Vildanov R. R., Fayzullina I. I.
The formation of the modern russian parliament –the Federal Assembly
Kravets Yu. A.
Application satellite navigation system “era-GLONASS”

Tolikova E. E., Zhuravlev M. S.

Cluster approach to innovative development of Eurasian Economic Union state members
Gorbova I. N., Karaeva E. N., Tomilina Yu. V.
Demographic and social factors of improve of competitiveness of the region
Gudyreva L. V.
Effective communication technologies as instrument of increase in competitiveness of the organizations of culture and leisure
Koreva O. V., Sinitsyna E. V.
Legal aspects of development of investment activities in the conditions of innovative development and formation of digital economy
Akchulpanov Yu. K.
Economic development of the region: theory and problems of evaluation of its level
Matveeva N. V.
Features of the customs procedure of customs transit at the present stage
Maksimova K. L.
The labor market of the Far East: changes from theperspective of the creation of “Territories of rapid socio-economic development” and free port “Vladivostok”
Ponomareva T. K., Vasiljeva Yu. P.
World oil prices and their impact on Russia’s monetary policy
Sergeeva O. Yu.
Bitcoin as a tool of the world payment system
Takmakova E. V.
Classification of social standards, norms and regulations
Gorlova I. R., Musina D. R., Boldyrev E. S.
Improvement of procurement procedures in oil and gas enterprise
Kamilyanova A. R.
Demographic policies: the case of the Republic of Bashkortostan

Bondarenko V. N.

Issues and problems of contemporary russian philosophy(article first)
Bondarenko G. V.
The principle of objectification of human being in the G. W. F. Hegel and Karl Marx’ theories in the light of onto-materialist conception of the world and the human being (Part 2)
Popov V. V., Muzyka O. A., Maksimova S. I.
Alternatively, future and social transformation
Lyashchenko M. N.
The phenomenon of loneliness of human development in the modern globalizing society: trends and “the future”
Khaziev Z. A., Neganov F. M.
Science as an organizer of a dialogue between man and nature
Gazizov R. R.
The power of emptiness and simplicity as a measure of progress towards the information universe
Evdokimenko M. V.
From the «pricelessness» of legal nihilism to the «value» of law
Galimova L. R.
Activity of the subject as a manifestation of the social dynamics of identity formation
Makartetskaya Yu. A.
The problem of subjective experience
Maksimova S. I.
Social transformation, instability of development and “service state»
Spartakyan N. S.
Personality development in terms of self-identification in the surrounding community
Shuralev A. V.
Modern methods of resolving conflicts between state and church, science and religion in the Russian Federation
Yakhin M. S.
Multi-ethnicity in terms of tolerance

Kirilenko V. P., Mishalchenko Yu. V., Alekseev G. V.

The american exceptionalism: from Monroe to Trump
Review for a monograph Farkhutdinov I. Z. “American doctrine of preventive strikes: from Monroe to Trump: international legal aspects”. - M.: EURASNIIP, 2017. - 338 p.
Gavrilov V. V., Dremlyuga R. I.
United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea: A Commentary /ed. By Alexander Proelss. C. H. Beck, Hart, Nomos, 2017. 2617 pp.



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Стратегия Могерини и военная доктрина
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Израильская доктрина o превентивной самообороне и международное право

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Международное право о применении государством военной силы против негосударственных участников

№ 2 (93) 2016
Международное право и доктрина США о превентивной самообороне

№ 1 (92) 2016 Международное право о самообороне государств

№ 11 (90) 2015 Международное право о принципе неприменения силы
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