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№2 (117) 2018

A.A. Galushkin:
The honourable law yer of Russia

Interview with the Honorable lawyer of Russia, academician of  RANS, Deputy Chairman of the Presidium of the Moscow city Collegiumof advocates “Moscow Guild of lawyers”, Chairman of the Department of “Global transformations in education, culture and art”, the Academy of natural Sciences

Brovka G.M., Khatsko V.A., Czyzowicz W.

Priority directions of legislation development for economic and environmental safety in the light of implementation of customs policy in the development of eurasian integration

Kartashkin V.A.

Modern international law and its fundamental principles
Abashidze A.Kh., Kiseleva E.V., Osipova M.N., Bukuru J.-B.
The complex and interrelated nature of human rights and the need to take this into account in international human rights activities
Smirnykh S.E.
International and national aspects of subjective rights of taxpayers
Chernyavskiy S.I., Mehdiev E.T.
A comparative analysis of OSCE and NATO commitments on international peace and security
Beglaryan K.S.
The need for international cooperation to combat crimes against humanity
Nuriev B.D., Zulkarkaeva E.Z.
Energy diplomacy of Turkish Republic: chinese direction
Novikova O.I., Rudman M.N.
International law and the doctrine of universal human values (part2)
Chattaev A.R.
On the question of determining the content of the principle of the prohibition of the use or threat of use of force in the law of international security
Labut D.A.
The legal status of the Commission on the limits of the continental shelf: some controversial issues
Melshina K.Yu
Special procedures of the UN Human Rights Council in countering extremism
Sokova E.A.
The jurisdiction of coastal states in international airspace
Sanka M.
Historical foundations of the idea of self-determination of peoples
Shakirova R.I.
Some questions of the functioning of hybrid tribunals and internationalized courts

Kintsler D.N.

Legal aspects of creation and functioning of the European Banking Union

Alipuly Ye.

Legal aspects of certain types of cargo transportation in the Republic of Kazakhstan and in other countries

Abdulkader K.

Local administration system in Syria:prospects for development
Hashim S.J.
Implementation of the norms of international environmental rights in connection with the situation in the bulls of Iraq

Adzhieva A.N., Gaybatova K.D.

Comparative analysis of the regulation of hereditary relations under Russian and American law

Panchenko V.Yu., Sabirov A.M.

Qualified silence in law-making
Zaretskiy A.M.
Culture of dogmatic positivism in russian system of justice
Kovaleva V.V.
The effectiveness of enforcement: from the causes to the search criteria
Kadieva M.A.
Ways to increase effectiveness of monitoring of normative and legal acts

Aibatov M.M.

Some approaches to the study of traditional state legal systems of the peoples of the North Caucasus
Gavrilov S.O., Kolmogorov S.A.
The activities of the bar associations on the territory of Western Siberia in 1927 – early 1930’s. (on the example of the Kuznetsk´s district association)
Saidova M.Z.
From the history of the union of united mountain peoples of the North Caucasus and Dagestan
Kiss S.V.
Prerequisites for the formation of the social state in Russia in 1917-1920: theoretic and legal aspect
Skryabin I.V.
Principles of customary law as a brake on capitalist development of Tula village in the second half of the XIX century
Odinaev S.D.
The Declaration on the transformation of Tajik ASSR to Tajik into the Tajik SSR and its historical significance
Yusupova Z.F.
Historical aspects of development of institute of inheritance of real estate in the russian civil law. Part 2

Khamizova S.A.

Legal problems of attracting road users to administrative responsibility for failure to pay an fine within the statutory period
Fedotova Yu.G.
Development directions of administrative legal regulation of patriotic education in Russia
Akimova I.V., Protopopova T.V.
Legal basis of signing and abrogation of a contract according to the Federal law “On the contract system in state and municipal procurement of goods, works and services”

Ryzhenkov A.Ya.

The principle of providing a combination of the general and individual approaches to establishment of measures of state regulation in the field of environmental protection: theory questions

Timofeeva O.V.

About some theoretical juridical aspects of concerned person’s legal status in urban planning legislation

Vladimirov N.N.

Specifics of establishment of rents in the lease contracts of the land plot under the legislation of the Russian Federation and CIS countries
Pavlova K.G.
Legal consequences in case of violation of the terms of construction within the framework of lease contracts for land plots in the state property of St. Petersburg

Alikieva A.M., Savchenko S.A.

To a question on some modern problems of civil-law regulation of relations in the field of rent of the earth in Russia
Bashirina E.N., Firsova N.V.
Mortgage agreement: theory and practice
Modanov V.V.
Legal characteristic of rationality as estimated category of civil law of the Russian Federation
Kayumovа Z.D.
Some features of the civil law regime main pipeline
Rodionov L. A.
To the issue of legal regulation of the processing of personal data of a deceased person
Senicheva V. N.
Liquidation of legal entities as a result of insolvency (bankruptcy) in the Russian legislation
Sudakova O. V.
Optimization of transport legislation for the effective functioning of a transport complex of Russia
Solomatina E. V.
Legal regulation of relations in the sphere of Internet services
Bagautdinovа A. N.
Feautures of impugnment procurement results
Biyukov E. A.
On the question of the relationship of the legal regime of a trademark, method of addressing and domain name
Iljin N. L.
Features of judicial practice in matters related to the acquisition of title to unfinished construction

Minasyan G. M

Special determinations in civil process
Stolbova L. A.
Careful, kids! Problems of participation of a minor under the age of 14 in civil proceedings

Efimova Yu. S.

The bases of emergence of the right of the general share property on property of mutual investment Fund
Pushkarev M. S.
On the question of the concept of «Digital economy»
Ovchinnikova L. I., Volkovskaya E. A.
The features of the legal regulation the rights of consumers of banking services

Chekotkova A. V.

Tax benefits in the field of culture in the Russian Federation

Vasilenko M. M.

«A criminal offense» and «crime» in the history of law:historical and comparative legal aspects
Galyukova M. I.
Legal aspects of rendering medical care to the patient by means of telecommunication technologies: achievements and gaps of the legislator
Kuliev I. B.
The concept of murder in the criminal law of the Russian Federation
Radchenko O. V.
On the issue of establishing the age of criminal responsibility under the criminal legislation of the Russian Federation
Stepanov V. V.
Legal genesis of a misdemeanor
Shuyskiy A. S.
Conditionality of counteraction to terrorist acts through criminal law with dualprevention
Yaroslavskiy M. A.
Social aspect of causing death in a state of extreme necessity

Ponomarenko S. I., Samoilov I. N.

The problem of the duality of the status of the suspect and the accused
Abramenko A.A.
To the question of the prospect of conferring the prosecutor on the procedural direction of the investigation
Gamidov A. M., Abakarova D. S.
Features of the termination of criminal prosecution in the criminal procedural law of Russia
Lyatifov R. G.
Procedural procedure for extending the term of detention of a person who is to be extradited and located in the territory Russian Federation
Tsebekova G. V., Ulyumdzhiev Z. V., Hartskhaev V. V., Vorobjev A. V.
Term of the preliminary consequence as a procedural guarantee for implementation of criminal proceedings

Golovastova Yu. A.

The institution of the criminal-executive law: concept and features

Gayday M. K., Gerasimova Yu. R., Galtsev S. A.

Some criminological characteristics of juvenile convicts serving sentences of imprisonment
Bajchorova F. Kh.
Characteristic of the personality of women with anti-community behavior
Zatsepin A. M., Filippova O. V.
Characteristics of signs of the objective party of illegal actions in bankruptcy

Oldeeva D. A., Aytaeva Yu. V., Ubushaev S. S., Namruev S. B.

The purpose and procedure of the examination during the preliminary investigation
Nester I. S.
On the question of the concepts of “competent persons” and “subjects of the use of special knowledge” at the stage of initiation of criminal proceedings (under the legislation of the Republic of Belarus)

Burenkova E. A.

The formula of the disciplinary misconduct of a judge as a key part of organizational-legal mechanism for disciplinary liability of judges
Hamidov A. M., Abbasov N. Sh.
Institute of jurors: application of topical problems and prospects of development
Magomedova M. A., Ibragimov F. E.
Simplified production as a form of implementation of justice in the arbitration process: problems and prospects of development
Khvan T. S.
Issues of execution of non-custodial criminal punishments for foreigners and persons without citizenship convicted of a crime

Akhmedov R. A.

The Prosecutor’s Office is guarding the labor rights of a person and a citizen
Shibina A. V.
The legal basis for prosecutorial supervision of the observance of citizens’ rights to health care

Temiraev A. V.

The right of citizens to judicial protection

Kislitsyna N. F.

The adoption of the Federal law banning the propaganda of nontraditional relations among minors from June 29, 2013 – necessary measure of the state aimed at protection of health and morals

Boziev A. T.

Russia – the guarantor of independence and security in Abkhazia and South Ossetia
Kumysheva M. K.
Measures against organized crime in the Karachay-Cherkess Republic
Dubrovin M. A.
Features of the mechanism of providing state functions in the conditions of globalization
Cherkesov S. Kh.
Cybercrime as a threat to the national security of the Russian Federation

Zhukov A. Z.

Pedagogical technology in the organization of educational process of educational organizations of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia
Tarchokov B. A., Gavryushkin Yu. B., Kozakov A. Kh.
The interaction of law enforcement bodies in combating illicit trafficking in narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances
Sheriev A. M.
The role of the Public Council under the MIA for the Kabardino-Balkarian Republic in strengthening the rule of law, combat crime and increase public confidence in the internal affairs bodies
Tsyndrya V. N., Stecenko N. V.
Basic going near classification of state services, given by organs of internal affairs

Maksyutov S. R.

Features of social-humanitarian education in technical university

Abramitov S. A.

Some questions of legal regulation of evaluation of the effectiveness of the local government activities connected with environmental protection
Abramov S. G.
Ontological foundations of social norms and economic basis in the implementation of strategic public administration (algorithms of measures for the construction of the future socio-economic and legal space)
Jamborov A. A.
Socio-legal nature of the Institute head of the municipal education (topical issues of interaction of local governments with public authorities)
Doktorova A. T.
Responsibility of the head of municipality to the population(based on the Republic of Sakha /Yakutia/)
Molchakov N. Yu.
Regionalization as an approach for the reform of territorial constitution: issues of terminology
Trotsenko O. S.
The problems of implementation of public-private partnerships at the regional level (Sverdlovsk region example)
Shonin N. E., Yusupova R. R.
On the role of the language as an instrument of geopolitics (Рart 1)
Ishtuganov N. N.
Problems of reconsideration of the developed ideas of civil society in the Russian Federation
Uchakaev A. M.
O the question about the concept and ways of ensuring legality in public administration

Boziev A. T.

15th June 2017 President of Russia V.V. Putin’s «direct line» speech (linguistic aspect)

Girfanova I. N., Sibagatullina R. M.

Analysis of the financial results of enterprises activities
Nizamova G. Z., Gayfullina M. M., Mukharmetova E. N.
Assessment of market value of the petrochemical enterprise
Avdeeva L. A., Solovjeva I. A., Levkiv A. V.
System of power management as factor of increase in the energy efficiency of the oil companies
Zubareva Yu. V.
Features of formation of management goals in agriculture
Kirilova O. V.
Innovative levers for the strategic management of precision technologies in the digital environment
Kuznetsova A. S., Prasolov V. I.
Specifics of risk management in startup projects
Akchulpanov Yu. K.
Methodological aspects of regional strateging
Khodkovskaya Yu. V., Fomina E. A., Insapov I. I.
The use of additional methods of evaluation of business projects in the oil and gas industry
Samigullina A. F., Khayrutdenova D. R.
Features of state support of small and medium business in the Republic of Bashkortostan
Ponomareva T. K., Vasiljeva Yu. P.
Features of monetary policy of Muslim countries
Khodkovskaya Yu. V., Sergeeva O. Yu., Mukhametshin E. I.
Business strategies of organization of russia’s competitive oil and gas market
Shapovalova V. N.
Customs regulation of food commodity markets in the Russian Federation
Tsybulevskiy S. E., Murakaeva A. I.
The territory of advanced socio-economic development, as a pilot site approbation mechanism for the implementation of a single object of tax accounting of the results of scientific and technical activities for enterprises of innovative orientation

Vildanov Kh. S., Bikimbetov R. G.

The nature and essence of modern ethical relativism
Itkulov A. M., Lukyanov A. V.
Historical space-time of the ethnic group in its relation to the procedure being
Sahibgoryaev V. H.
Radical islamism in the global world
Ponkina E. S., Andreeva L. M.
Prerequisites for interethnic conflicts in the youth environment: social and cultural analysis
Ravochkin N. N.
Context role in social and political representations formation
Aktanaev V. I.
Cultural policy of the Republic of Mari El:regional peculiarities
Ignatova E. S.
Three foundations of french national dignity
Naumov-Khoteev V. E.
The concept of the existence of G. Marcel and M. Heidegger
Shuralev A. V.
Atheism and religion in the modern world
Sagitova L. V.
The relationship of language and thought in the history of philosophy
Khalirakhmanov D. K.
Tolerance of Muslims in the Holy Writ and Islamic Law
Fazletdinova N. B.
Classification of values of modern Russian society (Socio-philosophy analysis of the structure of elements)
Yashin A. N.
Historical and philosophical context of the collectivity problem in domestic justice
Yakhin M. Sh.
Multi-ethnicity in modern Russia: questions of theory and practice
Gazizov R. R.
Law and information law in the context of interaction with artificial intelligence: social and philosophical aspect
Dmitriev S. S.
The impact of political security on liberty in society
Bondarenko V. N.
The problem of identity in contemporary russian philosophy (philosophical and socio-cultural aspects)





Выпуск 4 - 2007

Владимир Васильевич АЛЕШИН,

заместитель начальника Правового управления Аппарата Совета Федерации Федерального Собрания РФ, начальник отдела административного, уголовного и процессуального права, доктор юридических наук, профессор

Рубен Амаякович КАЛАМКАРЯН,
ведущий научный сотрудник Института государства и права РАН, доктор юридический наук, профессор, профессор Юридического института им. М.М. Сперанского Владимирского государственного университета им. А.Г. и Н.Г. Столетовых

Вячеслав Николаевич КУЛЕБЯКИН,
профессор кафедры международного права Московского государственного института международных отношений (Университета) МИД России, кандидат юридических наук, чрезвычайный и полномочный посланник МИД России

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Право международной безопасности

Инсур Фархутдинов: Цикл статей об обеспечении мира и безопасности

№ 4 (104) 2016
Московский журнал международного права
Превентивная самооборона в международном праве: применение и злоупотребление (С.97-25)

№ 2 (105) 2017
Иранская доктрина о превентивной самообороне и международное право (окончание)

№ 1 (104) 2017
Иранская доктрина о превентивной самообороне и международное право

№ 11 (102) 2016
Стратегия Могерини и военная доктрина
Трампа: предстоящие вызовы России

№ 8 (99) 2016
Израильская доктрина o превентивной самообороне и международное право

7 (98) 2016
Международное право о применении государством военной силы против негосударственных участников

№ 2 (93) 2016
Международное право и доктрина США о превентивной самообороне

№ 1 (92) 2016 Международное право о самообороне государств

№ 11 (90) 2015 Международное право о принципе неприменения силы
или угрозы силой:теория и практика

№ 10 (89) 2015 Обеспечение мира и безопасности в Евразии
(Международно правовая оценка событий в Сирии)

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