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№4 (119) 2018

A. A. Alimov:
Sustainable development and environment on the Eurasian economic space
Interview with Alimov Andrey A. – Ph.D. in History of Science, associate professor of the World Politics sub-faculty of St. Petersburg State University, Head of the Master’s Program “International Cooperation in the Field of Environment and Development”
Zakharov E. A.
The practice of integration entities in the creation and functioning of the R&D services markets as a reference point for the creation of a single market of R&D services in the EAEU
Kononenko O. V., Chudinovskih M. V.
Legal approaches for regulation of crypto-currency in the Eurasian Economic Union
Labut D. A.
The practice of the Commission on the limits of the continental shelf: the international legal analysis
Afanasjeva M. A.
The role of international organizations in cooperation of regulation of foreign investment in the sphere of development and implementation of innovation
Antonow W.
International legal aspects of the use of preventive self-defense against the emerging threat posed by the US missile defense system in Eastern Europe
Shakirova R. I.
Mixed criminal jurisdiction: analytical review of the establishment of existing hybrid tribunals and internationalized courts
Martirosyan E. G.
Features of legal regulation agricultural policy in the EU
Isaeva M. Kh.
International legal aspects against the smulling of migrants within the European Union
Martirosyan D. G.
EU migration policy and its impact on Russia:legal aspects
Guliyev I. A., Markin. A. S.
Russia-Norway transboundary fields development cooperation perspectives in the Barents Sea
Bolova A. V.
Features of the family law of Finland
Shevchenko L. I.
Concept, meaning and ways to ensure energy law and order in the Russian Federation
Kotlova A. V.
French doctrine concerning maritime delimitation in the Arctic region on the example of Denmark and Iceland
Kicha M.V.
Features of the implementation of justice in the legal systems of the states of the Middle East
Dzhandubaeva T. Z., Erofeeva K. Yu.
Legal regulation of management of forest resources of Brazil
Sorokin A. I.
Comparative legal analysis of the Institute of public trading in foreign countries. The consequences of challenging the contract concluded at auction
Veretennikov N. N., Khodeeva U. A.
The procedures for the impugnment of administrative acts in the Russian Federation and the Czech Republic:a comparative-legal analysis
Menzyuk G. A., Umitchinova B. A.
Comparative-legal analysis of reorganizing customs agencies:foreign experience and the Republic of Kazakhstan
Drobyshevskiy S. A., Rostomashvily M. N.
On the characteristics of a breaking of law and a legal responsibility
Shubin N. N.
On the cross-sectoral nature of the legal entity
Adygezalova G. E.
Legal myth as part of the legal system
Iljin I. M., Yashin V. N.
Problematic issues of development of the legal status of commissions on juvenile Affairs in municipalities
Kirillova T. A.
General characteristics of the state of linguistic norms of law:theory and practice
Kozlova I. P.
To the question of the basic principles of legal responsibility for violation of the legislation on elections in authorities
Kiseleva E. Yu.
The diversity of Protestant doctrines and their state-legal approaches to the interaction of the state and the church
Kirillova T. A.
Correlation of language and legal norms in legal translation
Tretyakov A. V.
Legal status: modern and alternative perception
Karapetyan L. A., Morozova O. G.
On actionable civil legal proceeding principles in Russia at the turn of the 19-20 centuries: stating the issue (part 1)
Lunin S. V.
On the succession of Stoglav and St. Volodymyr’s Cathedral in 1273 (1274)
Khalifaeva A. K., Shafiev M. M., Abdurakhmanov A. F.,
Asadulaev K. A., Sultanov A. R.
On the formation of substantive and procedural law on the example of Dagestan (historical and constitutional aspects)
Rybchenko A. G.
The criminal and legal regulation of elements of property crimes and responsibility for their commission in the Moscow state of the 17th century
Stepanova A. A., Fayrushina R. D.
Measures of prosecutor’s supervision over enforcement of legislation on road safety
Rogov A. C.
Executive power in Brunei
Komarova O. N.
Administrative responsibility as a measure to counter illicit drug trafficking
Keramova S. N.
Public control as a way of ensuring the rule of law in the sphere of executive power
Kucherova I. A., Kalashnikova E. B.
Customs control of goods containing intellectual property objects
Marianov A. A., Aliev A. M.
Features of administrative responsibility of minors
Nedvedskaya V. A.
The implementation of the principle of fairness in the appointment punishment on affairs about administrative offences
Nurgaleev M. S.
The problem of counterfeit medicines in Russia
Danilov N. F.
Qualification of administrative offences in the field of protection of marine biological resources associated with violation of fishing regulations
Pasechnik O. S.
On the issue of implementing regional environmental policy in the sphere of ensuring environmental safety on the example of the Republic of Crimea
Ryshkova L. V.
Ecologization of certain branches of the RF law:legal problems
Shinkarev V. V.
Contesting cadastral value land
Petrov I. V., Dementeeva I. I.
Concept and essence of pre-legal responsibility on civil legislation of the Russian Federation
Prizhennikova A. N.
Crypto currency is the object of civil rights?
Saprunov A. G., Chapurko T. M., Narushevich A. S.
Political and legal view on the problems civil-legal or criminal-legal liability on the fact of “findings”
Kudinov S. V.
Responsibility of state bodies and officials for illegal actions
Marianov A. A., Mirzaev Z. M.
The role of guardianship bodies and guardianship in the system of protection of rights minors
Aliev M. A., Huseynova L. V.
Issues of correlation of freedom of contract in Russian and foreign legislation
Gadzhiakhmedova M. N.
Historical background of the legal structure of the unified real estate complex
Senicheva V. N.
Non-commercial organizations as corporations on Russian civil law
Ulaeva N. L.
Differentiation of defects of professional medical activity at the provision of medical services as a civil legal category
Churakova E. N., Loshkarev A. V., Kuzmina A. V.
The issue of the information code of the Russian Federation
Gadzhiemenov T. B.
Joint bankruptcy of individuals
Gadzhiakhmedova M. N.
The place of the uniform real estate complex in system of objects of real estate
Zakharov V. V.
The concept of the civil law term
Ksionstik L. V., Rodionov L. A.
Invalidity of transactions made with flaw in the will
Nilov I. L.
Consumer extremism in the sphere of banking services
Fatikhova L. M.
The problems of responsibility of successors of the enterprise for the testator’s debts
Ondar Ch. A.
State institutions providing protection and defense of the right to privacy
Fatikhov R. V.
Economic partnership as form of implementation of venture activity in the Russian Federation: legal features and prospects of development
Adzhieva Z. M., Suleymanova S. A.
Civil-law problems of challenging extraordinary transactions
Gadalov G. A.
Resolution of investment disputes by domestic courts:the current practice
Iljin N. L.
Problems of making individual transactions with the object of unfinished construction
Gayfullina I. R.
Features of bankruptcy of individuals who do not carry out entrepreneurial activities
Petrova E. V.
Actual problems of the Russian pension system
Galeev A. V.
Standings after the revocation of the license of the credit institution
Prizhennikova A. N.
Blockchein and legal relations: current issues
Novikov A. S., Karitskaya A. A.
The central bank of the Russian Federation:controller vs financial market participant
Nemenova D. L.
Tax benefits provided to individuals in the tax system of the Russian Federation
Shinkarev V. V.
Non-cash monetary circulation in the system of tax payments
Dzikonskaya S. G.
Public danger of action as the basis of criminalization in international criminal law
Levashova O. V., Goricheva V. L., Ziborov M. M.
Peculiarities of the system of punishment, prepared for the performance transport crimes acting Criminal Code of the Russian Federation of 1996, and the practices of their application
Legostaev S. V.
On the issue of the role of the prosecutor in the stage of initiating a criminal case
Osadchaya N. G., Arajyan M. G.
The essence of motives as a sign of the subjective party of the crime composition
Cherkesov S. Kh.
Criminal liability for the Commission of computer crimes
Yaroshenko S. A.
Basics of organization of operational maintenance of federal vehicle road vehicles on general crimes
Balashov S. M.
The criminal-legal design of the “helpless state of the victim” and the criminal legal defencelessness
Golovastova Yu. A.
Additional backbone features of the criminal-executive law
Kulikova D. A., Vasilev D. V.
Historical and legal aspect of the development of the doctrine of forensic examination of handwriting
Kashaev N. Kh.
Practical aspects of “integration of knowledge” while conducting a comprehensive examination in the field of customs
Kosarev K. V.
To the question of establishment of the place of commission of crime, the persons serving sentence in the form  of imprisonment with use of mobile devices of cellular communication
Kuzhuget T. K.
Systematization of the ways of the criminal evasion of excise taxes
Alekseeva K. M.
Concept, the essence of criminalistic diagnostics and prospects of its use in disclosure and investigation of crimes
Lonshchakova A. R.
Actual problems of use of special psycho-physiological tools in the criminal proceedings
Lysenko N. A.
Actual problems of legal linguistic assessment
Timofeeva O. V.
Legal analysis of judicial practice on the protection of rights and legitimate interests of stakeholders in the implementation of urban development
Ulendeeva N. I.
Information component of the penal correction system
Ismailov M. Ch.
Judgments as sources of law
Bodyanchuk K. V.
Origin and development of the intellectual property court in the Russian Federation
Dikova I. V.
Justice as form of realization of judicial power: respect for the principles of legality and justice
Rakishev K. Kh.
The public danger of violations of copyright and related rights in the Internet
Karpysheva Yu. O.
The Prosecutor’s office of Russia as a subject of ensure of internal national security
Timofeeva O. V., Kazankova E. V.
The role of the Prosecutor’s office in the mechanism of control over the costs of public and other employees
Kozachenko B. P., Shmaeva T. A.
The influence of advisory acts of international organizations on the Russian legislation in the sphere of human and civil rights
Ogneva E. A.
Human rights organizations in the mechanism of implementation of direct democracy: the peculiarities of legal regulation
Beglaryan K. S.
The need for international cooperation to combat crimes against humanity
Karpov I. Yu.
Enforcement in the system of counteraction to threats of national security
Pozigun V. I., SarkisyanV. G.
To the question of ensuring information security of minors in the Russian Federation
Salakhova Zh. V.
Separate aspects of counteraction to distribution of extremist materials on the internet network
Fedosov A. V., Abdrakhimova I. R.,
Sabirzyanov R. R., Mukhyarova G. F.
Improvement of the state policy in the field of industrial safety
Drokin S. M.
Religiosity as an integral part of the formation of a moral personality in the Russian folk pedagogy
Popov I. V.
Modern lecture as a form of active learning in law school
Pilipenko N. A.
Linguistic analysis of the text as a factor of formation communicative competence of the lawyer
Brynza N. S., Kinchagulova M. V.,
Khayrullina N. G., Mehrishvili L. L.
Social policy in the sphere of labor motivation of medical personnel
Mayer V. V., Kolesnik E. A.
The management of professional motivation of university students as a factor for their success
in educational activities
Kizko I. P., Garifullin A. A.
The dynamics and tendencies of the patriotic spirit development in the Russian society
Nefedova M. B., Nefedov B. I.
States and entities frequently claimed to be states. Part 1. Distinctive features of a state and characteristics of microstates
Shonin N. E., Yusupova R. R.
On the role of the language as an instrument of geopolitics (Рart 2)
Krutin D. V.
The system of public administration bodies in the sphere of providing living quarters for military mеn and their families (by the example of the Ministry of defense of the Russian Federation)
Ishtuganov N. N.
Civil society
Maksimkin K. I.
Modern theories of the origin of the state
Tolikova E. E., Zhuravlev M. S.
The directions of development of multilateral cooperation of Eurasian Economic Union states-member with the international organizations in the sphere of industrial integration
Amirkhanova L. R., Bikmetov E. Yu., Golikov S. V.
To the question of the transformation of the bureaucratic apparatus in the management of corporations
Andreyuk V. S., Ageeva O. A.
About of the organizing trips on toll roads. Analysis of the world experience and Russian practice and increase of efficiency
Gorchak M. O.
Economic and mathematical methods of measurement of labor productivity in the enterprise
Gaifullina M. M., Gilyazeva A. Kh.
Methodological approach to estimation of efficiency of purchasing activity of oil companies
Dautova T. A., Musina Yu. R.
The current state of small and medium business in the Republic of Bashkortostan
Kalmykov S. P., Karmanovich K. O.
Perspective directions of customs administration in the framework of the EAEU
Samorodova E. M., Marchenkova L. M., Ilyukhina I. B.
On account of the economic and social efficiency of functioning of state enterprises in the process
of implementing structural reforms in the public sector
Sergeeva O. Yu., Khodkovskaya Yu. V., Zakirova L. F.
Problems and ways of solving social entrepreneurship in Russia
Yuldasheva O. N., Galimullina N. A., Batyrova A. N.
Assessment work of employees in establishments of social service of the population
Galkina S. V.
Example of calculation of optimization of construction project risk management
Gaysina A. V.
Directions postformation transformation of the economy and societ
Zemlina N. S.
State analysis as a tool for gathering information to assess company’s sustainability
Muratshin T. F.
About the usage of the financial potential of Russia’s oil companies in order to provide its national state interests
Sergeeva O. Yu., Safin R. M.
Digital currencies as a tool of use in nanoeconomics
Spasskaya N. V.
Profit as a source of financing of investment activity of the enterprise
Kharisova A. Z., Gaysina A. V.
Human capital as an institutional component of the country’s competitiveness
Istamgalin R. S., Iseeva E. R.
Continuity as the characteristic of social evolution: the historic and philosophical reconstruction of the conceptual range
Popov V. V., Maksimova S. I., Lichman I. D.
Features of alternative development in the context of forecast future
Goncharov N. V.
A critical analysis of theoretical-methodological bases of some aspects of existential philosophy
Lyashenko P. V.
To the question of the conceptual grounds of utopia in medieval christian philosophy
Kozlov M. I.
The evolution of orthodox violations on social justice in the preventional period
Kolosova O. Yu.
Social information in the control system: social and philosophical analysis
Mazurenko E. A.
The impact of the public space to the aggravation of experiencing social loneliness
Sharov K. S.
«All Israel shall be saved»: a study of the Newtonian theory about the restoration of the Jews and the last age of humanity
Yashin A. N.
Historical and philosophical assessment of the role and importance of the sovereign in domestic justice
Kudashev R. K.
Patriotism as a universal idea: social-philosophical aspect
Markevich A. G., Zaripov N. A., Zaripov A. A.
Humanitarian education as a factor in the development of modern society
Kharitonov E. V., Silivanets F. V.
Incentives, resources and risks development of modern man
Galimova L. R.
Value`s bases of personality formation in the process of socialization
Goncharov V. N.
Social and anthropological doctrines about information:philosophical analysis
Gimkaeva A. D.
The evolution of the concept of «self-development of a personality»
Urakov S. A.
Main features of modern Orthodox anthropology
Chaplinskaya Ya. I.
Alienation as process of loss by the person of professionalism: sociocultural and legal aspects
Kharitonov E. V.
The dominants and determinants of social life: the experience of sociocultural analysis



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Право международной безопасности

Инсур Фархутдинов: Цикл статей об обеспечении мира и безопасности

№ 4 (104) 2016
Московский журнал международного права
Превентивная самооборона в международном праве: применение и злоупотребление (С.97-25)

№ 2 (105) 2017
Иранская доктрина о превентивной самообороне и международное право (окончание)

№ 1 (104) 2017
Иранская доктрина о превентивной самообороне и международное право

№ 11 (102) 2016
Стратегия Могерини и военная доктрина
Трампа: предстоящие вызовы России

№ 8 (99) 2016
Израильская доктрина o превентивной самообороне и международное право

7 (98) 2016
Международное право о применении государством военной силы против негосударственных участников

№ 2 (93) 2016
Международное право и доктрина США о превентивной самообороне

№ 1 (92) 2016 Международное право о самообороне государств

№ 11 (90) 2015 Международное право о принципе неприменения силы
или угрозы силой:теория и практика

№ 10 (89) 2015 Обеспечение мира и безопасности в Евразии
(Международно правовая оценка событий в Сирии)

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